Trade Tracker Pro Scam Review- Trade Tracker is proven, SCAM and Fraud?

Trade Tracker is misleading and filthy binary options scam service made by pro-scam artists in the field. The bearded guy in the video who supposedly quit his job tries to convince viewers that Trade Tracker Pro software will change our lives for better. In this detailed Trade Tracker Pro scam review we will expose these scammers and put them where they belong- in our Scam and Black List. Please continue reading our Trade Tracker Pro scam review in case you received an email invitation from these online criminals. We promise that you will NOT make $80,000 per month with this bogus service.

Trade Tracker Pro Scam Review

When we landed on website we were pretty disappointed. Simple website with black background and misleading Trade Tracker Pro video presentation by alleged Derek Stone didn’t convince us at all.

Derek starts sales pitch video by telling us that he has just quit his job. Apparently people behind this deceptive trading solution offered him a life time opportunity to use Trade Tracker Pro for free. Supposedly creators guarantee Derek that he will be generating at least $80,000 profits per month. Despite the fact that Trade Tracker Pro is offered free of charge at no cost Derek took this wonderful opportunity which turns out to be nothing more than illusive fairy-tale.

Frankly pitch video was kind of hilarious and humorous at the same time. Well, would you personally believe that intelligent guy would give up his fancy office job for some suspicious “get rich quick” scheme developed by shady creators behind it? I don’t think so. In addition to that how the hell Derek Stone knew that Trade Tracker Pro system is easy to use and that no binary options or Forex trading experience is needed before he was using this software for 1st time? All this simply doesn’t make any significant meaning or sense. This just triggers that Trade Tracker Pro is scam and fraudulent and fake trading platform/ scam service provider etc. Call it any way you want.  There is absolutely no proof of profits or any verification that you will generate any profits or any winning amount of signals with Trade Tracker Pro.

Furthermore, Derek confidently claims that Trade Tracker Pro system executes millions of trades and your investment will be continuously moving from one stock to another so that you will not be exposed to any potential losses with this software.  

There are many elements in their doubtful sales video which clearly shows that these guys don’t even understand how binary options trading even works. These scammers simply hired cheap actors, provided them with a script with made up shiny background story and that’s it. People behind Trade Tracker Pro didn’t even bother developing a proper website; this once more proves that scammers these days are getting super lazy in my opinion.

Another nonsensical claim by Derek was that Trade Tracker Pro was launched on 25th January 2016. Honestly that’s a complete lie, because according to search domain was only created on March 1st 2016.

I just love the part when they say that with Trade Tracker Pro autotrader it’s absolutely impossible to lose money. This statement is absurd. There is no binary options autotrader in the whole World that will only generate winning ITM trades. Even the most accurate autotrader in binary options will still generate some losing trades.

Creators keep hypnotising us with the fact that Trade Tracker Pro is free of charge, but if that was the case why they have 60 days’ money back guarantee? And why the hell Derek made a deposit of $250? It doesn’t make any sense AGAIN J. Apparently you will be required to make $250 deposit to use this autotrader.

Verdict: Trade Tracker Pro is Scam system, Stay Away, Why?

By using Trade Tracker Pro scam service you will simply lose your deposited $250. We have received many emails from people who lost their money. Users also have tried to contact Trade Tracker Pro customer support but they never reply to any queries or emails. Looks like their customer support doesn’t even exist. On top of that Trade Tracker Pro is synced mainly with scam & blacklisted binary options brokers. Please be safe and stay away from this bogus service.

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Binary options trading involves some level of risk but it’s a great opportunity to make money, however make sure that you are on the safe side, therefore you should stay away from offers that engage in false advertising and fishy/ bogus activity such as the subject of this review. We are here to debunk and expose the many scams we stumble upon and we encourage you to subscribe to Binaryoptions Army Blog to receive our latest warnings.   

For other alternatives we encourage you to visit our Best Signals Services page where you will only find tested and trusted binary options trading service providers.  

Please contact us anytime if you have any questions or issues :[email protected]

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