™Lexington Code Honest Detailed Scam Review

™Lexington Code Honest Detailed Scam Review

Official Website: Lexingtoncode.com


  • Lexington Code is Available in most countries: Yes
  • Fishy browser popups used on Lexington website: No
  • Lexington Code Promises unrealistic profits: No
  • Lexington Seems legit software: Yes
  • Realistic profit gain: Yes
  • Price: Free of charge (for limited time Only)
  • 100% Autotrader (manual signals also provided)
  • Manual or Auto Signal Entry Function: Yes
  • Listed brokers are all trusted and regulated: Yes
  • Highly Responsive customer support: Yes


Lexington Code trading system is a binary options trading app that has just been released to us and you know what that means, it’s scam review time! Michael Lexington is the man behind this master plan and he presents to us the Lexington Code in all of its glory through a series of fantastic little presentation videos.

This is The Lexington Code scam review and we are here to find out whether or not this trading application is legitimate, credible, trustworthy, and most important of all, whether or not it is profitable. It is no secret that binary trading is a fantastic way to make some cash, but that being said, it takes a good trading program to make that money.

The fact of the matter is that most binary trading programs out there are complete scams with one goal and one goal only, which is to empty your trading account and line the pockets of the criminals behind it with gold and silver.

However in this rare Lexington Code system review, as we were astonished to discover, we realized that this is a trading program that really does have the potential to fill up your bank account, and quite rapidly too.

We did all of the heavy lifting here, and through hours of digging we came to a solid conclusion about Lexington Code app, and unlike our usual conclusion of THIS IS A SCAM, today we are proud to announce that we have finally found a trading application that is reliable.

Once you have read this Lexington Code scam review, we think that you might just be tempted to test and try it out, because in all reality, it is probably worth it!


A Quick Lowdown

Just so you aren’t completely in the dark, the Lexington Code is a binary options trading application headed by Michael Lexington, the CEO, as well as Barry Storyk, the lead programmer and algorithmic developer. Together these two men worked to create the Lexington Code, perhaps the best binary options trading system out there at this very moment.

They spent a few years doing programming, they did a lot of private testing, they made refinements, and now after much deliberation they are ready to release it to us, the public. We don’t want to spend too much time talking about either Michael or Barry, because all you need to know about them is that their credentials check out all the way.

These guys aren’t just some paid actors or scam artists looking to steal your money, after our research it turns out that these guys are real and legitimate personalities. They don’t use fake names, they aren’t paid actors, they did go to school to learn their respective trades, after which they created the Lexington Code with good intentions. These two guys are men that you and we can trust.


Trustworthy Brokers

Something that we definitely want to quickly discuss in this Lexington Code scam review has to do with the brokers which this trading software uses to execute its trades. Of course the brokers are an integral part of any trading system, and which ones the program in question uses will go a long way in deciding its legitimacy.

We need to point out the obvious fact that most binary options programs out there are scams and therefore they don’t use any kind of legitimate or credible brokers. Sure, they all have to use some kind of broker in order for you to deposit money, money which the shady brokers make disappear into thin air, money which then finds itself in the pockets of those very brokers and the pockets of the crooks behind the binary scam.

However that is not the case for The Lexington Code trading system, because it uses verified and world renowned brokers that are surely not going to rip you off. Unlike all too many binary options scam out there, the brokers used by the Lexington Code trading application are all located in well known financial hubs, and moreover they are all governed by very strict regulations, laws, and procedures.

In other words, these brokers are strictly monitored to ensure that they are not doing anything illegal, committing fraud, and stealing your money. The same cannot be said for true scams that only use brokers in highly unregulated countries, brokers which through loopholes and a lack of laws have the opportunity to steal your money.

We really like the fact that the brokers of Lexington Code bot are trustworthy people who will not mishandle our money and that is something that speaks to the credibility of this one in a million binary trading applications.


Real Lexington Code User Testimonials

The next aspect of the Lexington Code bot we need to talk about is the appearance of user testimonials on the Lexington Code application’s website. All too often it is the case that binary options trading scams will manufacture user testimonials straight out of thin air, testimonials that are overwhelmingly positive and also overwhelmingly fake.

Yes, it is of course important to go with a trading service that has some outside verification from people who have already successfully used it, but more often than not, those testimonials are written by the very same people who are trying to sell you the snake oil in the first place.

We are quite pleased to announce that after an extensive amount of research, we discovered that every single last one of the testimonials on the Lexington Code website are real and were written by genuine people.

We had to look up who the people that wrote the testimonials are, all of which had real and long running social media accounts, plus a few other search results too. So, unlike those horrible binary options trading scams out there, The Lexington code only features credible testimonials from people who have already used the program.

Not only do we really like the fact that all of the Lexington Code user testimonials are real, but we also really like the fact that there are so many people who have successfully used it. Both of these aspects definitely put in a positive word for the Lexington Code program!


Real Profits & Great ITM Rate

Yet another thing that speaks to the legitimate nature of Lexington Code is that the profits that you can generate are very real. While the amount of money that this program can generate for you on a daily basis varies quite wildly, the fact of the matter is that it will without a doubt make at least a few hundred for you every day (depending on market volatility and investment per trade) with minimum investment of $250.

Michael Lexington, in his presentation video, tells us that The Lexington Code can make anywhere between 500 and 5,000 dollars every single day that it is in operation. Now don’t get us wrong, 5,000 dollars seems like an over exaggeration because there hasn’t been a trading application that can muster that kind of revenue unless you invest large sums of money per each trade, but on the lower end, $500 dollars per day with $250 investment definitely seems reasonably. Profits amount will always depend on market volatility and investment  per trade. 

Most credible trading applications out there can generate somewhere around $900 dollars per day at most, so a claim of a daily profit of $500 is not absurd in the least. We can definitely believe that the Lexington Code can generate some real cash according to the other active users. 

Even more convincing than a realistic profit margin is how Michael Lexington shows us some real screen shots from people’s accounts that have already used the program and managed to make a profit.

There are a whole lot of real people, and yes we verified that the user accounts are real, that have used The Lexington Code to make money, which is of course another very positive note in the story of this binary trading application.

On a side note, we are told that the ITM winning rate performance of The Lexington Code is excellent (from 83.6% to 89.8% ITM win rate on average), something that actually has to do with the algorithm as well as the trading strategy which it used.

No, not 100% of the trades you make will be successful, but we have it on very good authority that indeed the majority of trades made by this application turn out to be highly profitable.


A Good Presentation Video or fake?

Something that is also worth mentioning when it comes to The Lexington Code is that it features several high quality and in depth presentation videos.

Usually when we look at binary options scams they are riddled by low budget productions with horrible paid actors or even voice over narrators, cartoon figures, computer generated backgrounds, and all of that other stuff that you would see in a 9th grader’s school video production. That is not so when it comes to this binary options auto trading program.

We are not confronted with fake backgrounds, we aren’t made to laugh with paid actors, there are no voice over narrators, no cartoons, and no gimmicks. Everything about the Lexington Code trading software’s presentation video is spot on, it’s high quality, and it leads us to believe that this is indeed a reputable trading application.

The reason for this this because the high quality production of this presentation video shows that some good money went into producing it. It is a high budget presentation video that does a great job at explaining how the software works, it’s well thought out, and it doesn’t present us with any unsubstantiated claims or contradictions which binary options scams are usually filled with.

If we had to judge the Lexington Code based on the presentation video alone, or videos, because there are more than 1, we would have to say that we are 100 percent on board with it.


The Lexington Code Is Easy To Use

Something else about the Lexington Code that we definitely like is that it is very easy to use. During the presentation video we are shown a few snap shots and are even given a quick tutorial on how to use it.

The tutorial is all inclusive and it takes you all the way from the registration process all the way to the part where you get to see the money that The LexingtonCode.com program has managed to generate for you.

No, we aren’t going to give you step by step instructions on how to use this program, but we will tell you that it is as easy as can be. All you really need to do is sign up in the registration page, make a minimum deposit with your assigned broker, go to the trading interface, and start choosing which trades you want to make during recommended trading hours 9am to 7pm GMT time. Also make sure to avoid trading during 3 Bull news releases

Simply click on Full auto trading mode, the trades will be executed automatically, and you can watch this software rake in the profits. We aren’t saying that more complex trading applications aren’t good in their own right, but those tend to be for more experienced traders.

On the other hand, The LexingtonCode.com trading system is perfect for beginners who are just getting into the world of binary options, and it’s all thanks to its very easy to master user interface and operation.             


Free (for limited time only) & Very Profitable

The final thing we want to mention is that The Lexington Code is free to use for the first round of people that sign up but only for limited time only (remember that previous software Swarm-Intelligence was very successful and closed their doors for new registrations after one week, so be quick this time if interested). Now, usually we would see this is a trick to try and get people to sign up before they miss their chance to use the app for free, but we were actually able to confirm that there are indeed only limited spots available for free according to the research. After all free spots are gone you will have to pay to use this trading program. It’s not the worst thing in the world, especially if you are one of the first early bird spot holders to sign up. 

Lexington Code System Review: CONCLUSION

As you can see, there is absolutely nothing which would indicate that The Lexington code trading system is a scam service, a fake scheme, or a criminal enterprise meant to steal your money. Everything about this trading program checks out as legitimate and safe and all of the research we did tells us that Lexington Code software is in fact a trustworthy binary options autotrader for everyone to use either you are experienced trader or a complete newbie in trading. If you are looking for safe and trusted autotrader that will generate you a passive daily income from home then you should consider using Lexington Code. 


IMPORTANT: If you decide to register with ™Lexington Code from our blog then you will automatically receive our full FREE SUPPORT in case you run into any issues or problems or you are not happy with the results, we will always help you. Remember that you are not alone, we will always assist you, we always reply to all our emails.

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