The Lion Fund – Terrible Forex Scam

If you have never heard of the Lion Fund program before, it’s a horrible Forex scheme that for some reason still has not been buried under the pile of other scams out there. This terrible Forex trading program came out several months back, at which point we had already done a big review on it to let you know exactly what it was all about, mainly that it is a total money stealing scam. However, for one reason or another Lion Fund software has managed to stay alive, and the results have been appalling.

It has been reported that hundreds and even thousands of people have lost massive sums of money to Lion Fund software, and that there is nothing anybody has been able to do about it. For this reason we are here to do another Lion Fund scam review, to remind you that this bogus trading program only has one real purpose, and that is to steal every last penny that you invest in it. This is the Lion Fund scam review for 2017, and you definitely need to read it before making any kind of serious investment decision.

Who Is Behind The Lion Fund Program?

This is one of the biggest problems that we had with this trading program all along, and it is a problem that still exists. The fact of the matter is that we have no idea who is behind this junk software. There are a plethora of people who portray themselves as successful users of Lion Fund software, but as we already know, all of those clowns are nothing more than paid actors. Seriously, the actors who try to vouch for this software sound like a 5 year trying to explain macro-economics. These fools are definitely the lowest grade actors that the bums behind this fraud software could find.

They can’t even get through a single sentence without stumbling, let alone actually sound convincing or sound like they even understand what they are trying to say. Every last person giving a testimonial is a complete fraud and just does not exist. Moreover, we never get to meet anybody who is supposedly in charge of Lion Fund software. All we ever get to hear is some boring guy and his voice narration, which is not convincing in the least. So, everybody we get to see in the Lion Fund presentation video is a complete phony, and the people we actually want to see, the bosses, are nowhere to be found. This is definitely not what we want to see in a trading program.

How Does The Lion Fund Program Generate Profits

Now, the really interesting thing about this pile of garbage is that we are expected to believe that it can actually be profitable without ever being told what it does or how it works. Sure, the phony voice narrators give us some convoluted and long-winded explanation of Forex, but they never actually tell us how Lion Fund software works.

They simply throw a whole lot of financial rhetoric and Forex horse crap at us in the hopes of sounding fancy and confusing the average reader to the point where they believe everything. By no means do we ever get a serious, comprehensive, or even intelligible explanation as to how this program works. We have no idea how the Lion Fund trading app works, what it does, what kind of trading it does, or what strategies it uses. We literally don’t have a clue what this program is all about and that is a big problem, one that is a definite sign of a scam.

Lion Fund Scam – A New Name For An Old Scam

Something else worth noting about this junk software is that it was already released earlier with a different name. This program was first called LionFXFund, an exact match to this Lion Fund scheme. The creators of this program were obviously too lazy to come up with a new scheme and an original name, so they literally repackaged an old scheme and gave it a slightly different name. We already busted LionFXFund and we already busted Lion Fund Forex in the past as well. We honestly have no idea how this total crap program even managed to survive for this long.

Creation Date Lies – Lion Fund Lies Again

Yet another thing that is a clear indication of a scam is how we are told that Lion Fund software has been in use for over 4 years now, and that a huge number of people have managed to become millionaires with it. Well, this is obviously not true, because based on our very own domain registry search, we confirmed that the website was only registered in January 2016. We may not be expert mathematicians, but we do know that January of last year was not 5 years ago. It is lies like these that confirm the fact that this program is clearly a money making hustle.

Lion Fund Trading System & Missing Money

The final thing we want to mention is that there have been a multitude of complaints lodged against this program. There have been hundreds of people who have complained about their investment disappearing right under their noses, and not because of bad trades. This bogus scheme program actually requires a ridiculous $3,000 investment, an investment which the criminally shady brokers at the other end simply drain out of your account before you ever get the chance to do anything with it. This program has a huge required minimum investment, one that simply gets robbed from you, something that is obviously unacceptable.

Lion Fund Scam Review Conclusion

There is not a single good reason to trust these total crooks with your money. The only result you will see from investing money with Lion Fund software is your investment being flushed down the toilet. Stay away from this scam because it will cost you dearly.

Now, if you actually want to invest in a great trading program, you should try out the United Trading Network, or UTN for short. This program has a proven ITM rate of around 83% (depending on current market conditions), and will help you make a serious profit. UTN has been personally tested by our team of experts and will definitely generate an income for you.



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