Nuvo Finance VS. United Trading Network

United Trading Network and Nuvo Finance are both fairly new binary options trading programs, with United Trading Network being the newer of the two. It is not all too often that we come across two separate trading programs which both actually work to generate a profit for you. However this is one of those rare times when we can say with one hundred percent certainty, that bout Nuvo Finance and United Trading Network are each great automated trading programs.



Of course you probably don’t want to waste your time using two different programs when you really only need to be using one. And moreover, you definitely want to be using the best trading program out there, which is exactly why we are here today. This is the Nuvo Finance vs. United Trading Network review, and we’re going to find out which one is the very best for you to be using.




Round 1 – The Trading Method

One of the very most important aspects of any automated trading system is what methods it uses to make a profit. Without a solid algorithm, a good choice of assets, and a solid trading strategy, there is no way that any automated trading program can make a profit. Let’s take a look at the individual trading methods of UTN software and Nuvo Finance Software. Keep in mind, each of these do have proven trading methods, but which one is better?

Nuvo Finance 

Now, it is no secret that Nuvo Finance software uses an amazing trading method that has been proven to be fairly profitable in the long run. You see, different programs will use different trading strategies, which are the ways in which the algorithm of the system decides which assets are most likely to be the most profitable.

Well, The Nuvo Finance program actually uses a wide variety of strategies to get the job done, kind of like a version of swarm technology. Nuvo Finance software has several strategies which work independently from each other in order to individually identity the best possible trades to make. The algorithm then analyzes the preliminary results of each strategy, combines those results, and chooses the signals which were identified as profitable by the majority of strategies.

For instance, if the algorithm sees that 3 out of 4 strategies identified a certain asset as a profitable trade, it will pick that asset over the one that was only identified 2 out of 4 times. This is definitely a proven trading strategy, one that we can’t possibly argue with, but is it as good as the strategy of United Trading Network software?


United Trading Network 

UTN software also uses the same proven trading strategy as Nuvo Finance. In fact, this program also uses various different trading strategies which work independently to identify the best possible trades to make. The overall algorithm then analyzes the results of each strategy, and then puts together a list of the trades which were identified as profitable by the majority of strategies.

Just like with Nuvo Finance, United Trading Network uses the same proven method, but there is a little more to it than that. United Trading software is actually a social trading platform, which is something that goes a very long way in helping you make successful trades. UTN gets input from the most successful traders out there in the sense that the most successful trades of the highest earning traders are instantly recorded for others to see.

The best traders can vote on assets, leave notes, and give advice. In other words, if you don’t want the program to run on fully automated mode, you can use the expert advice provided to you to make even more successful trades than ever.


Round 1 Winner – United Trading Network – The Superior Trading Method

In terms of which program has the better trading method that results in the biggest success rates, The United Trading Network platform is hands down the winner. Sure, the both use the same base method of utilizing various strategies at once, which work separately to identify winning trades.

However, UTN stands out because of its social trading aspect, something that adds a whole new level of trading security to any asset you trade. The social aspect of UTN makes it the clear winner here.




Round 2 – Ease Of Use & Functionality

Another thing that needs to be compared is how easy each program is to use, and what can actually be done with them in terms of trading assets. Let’s compare UTN and Nuvo Finance in terms of their functionality.




Nuvo Finance 

This program is fairly simple and straight forward to use. All you really need to do with it is sign up, make a deposit, and begin trading. More or less, you can set Nuvo Finance software to its fully automated mode and let it start making trades for you. It really could not get any easier than that. Nuvo Finance does give you the option for making long or short term trades, you can choose the maximum amount to invest in each trade, and you can set how many trades you want it to make each day. Over all, the Nuvo Finance Platform is fairly simple to use, yet it does not offer the user all that much choice.


United Trading Network 

The UTN is just as easy to use as Nuvo Finance, if not even more so. UTN also requires you to sign up and make a minimum deposit, which is an obvious part of any trading program. However UTN offers you quite a bit more choice than Nuvo Finance. United Trading software allows you to choose between Stox, Forex, Indices, and even more. Moreover, the United Trading Network platform allows you to choose between short term, medium length, and long term trading sessions too. Furthermore, UTN lets you choose between a fully automated mode, a semi-automated mode, and the social trading mode where you rely on other successful traders to execute trades.


Round 2 Winner – UTN – The Better Platform

When it comes down to it, both Nuvo Finance and United Trading Network are fairly simple to use, but the big difference is that UTN definitely has the better platform. The fact of the matter is that United Trading Network offers you a much wider variety of choices in several different respects. Sure, Nuvo Finance may be simple to use, but the lack of choices when compared to United Trading Network leaves it in second place without a doubt.




Round 3 – The Profits

Perhaps the most important aspect of any binary options trading program, aside from everything else, is how well the program works to generate a profit for you. After all, that is the whole point of any trading program in the first place. So, which trading program makes more money for you, The Nuvo Finance program or the United Trading Network program? Keep in mind that we have tested both programs for several days or even weeks, so this judgment is heavily based on our own trading experiences.


Nuvo Finance 

Nuvo Finance software does use a great trading method, one that turns out to be fairly profitable. The bottom line is that this program, off of a $250 investment, can generate on average between 400 and 600 dollars per day. This does of course depend on market volatility. For some reason, we noticed that Nuvo Finance was much more profitable several weeks ago than it is now. Recently we have only been able to generate around $400 per day, which is good, but not great. Moreover, we noticed that in the past few weeks, the average ITM rate of Nuvo Finance software has dropped from an average of 85% to around 80% even.


United Trading Network 

The United Trading Network appears to be an extremely profitable program and that is no joke. We discovered that as of now, the average profits that can be generate per day, on a $250 investment is anywhere from $500 to $750. In other words, United Trading can provide you with up to 300% profits every single day, and the numbers are holding steady as of now. Moreover, UTN has an average ITM rate of 83%, which right now is holding steady at that number.


Round 3 Winner – United Trading Network – Higher Profits

Without a doubt in our minds, the winner between the two programs in terms of profits is United Trading Network. The simple fact of the matter is that UTN has a higher average ITM rate than Nuvo Finance, plus the average daily profits are better as well. Money is the most important part of any trading program and UTN serves to generate more of it than Nuvo Finance on any given day.





Nuvo Finance VS. United Trading Network – Conclusion

When it comes to all 3 aspects that we have looked at here today, the trading method, ease of use and functionality, and overall profit capabilities, the United Trading Network is better in every single respect. It is easy to use, it offers a whole lot of trading choice, it has a revolutionary new trading method, and the profits are out of this world. If you want to use one and only one trading program, we would definitely recommend that you use United Trading Network software!

#1: Winner “United Trading Network”



#2: “Nuvo Finance”

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