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Step2Wealth software, or S2W as it is known in short, is a brand new binary options trading scam that is hell bent on stealing your money. Richard Williams is the man behind this scam and boy is he ever an untrustworthy character. This fraud starts out the Step2Wealth presentation video by telling us that he makes over 40 thousand dollars per day, that he is part of some awesome S2W financial group, and that using this trading program can have you earning up to $10,000 every single day, 7 days per week.



He claims that this junk software actually has the ability to generate up to 3.6 million dollars every single year while using Step2Wealth software. This is the Step2Wealth scam review and we are here to tell you why you absolutely need to stay away from this garbage trading system. Everything about this trading program is completely fake and fabricated. You literally cannot believe a single word that comes out of the mouths of any of the crooks in the presentation video. Keep reading this S2W scam review because you definitely do not want to miss out on anything that we have to say about it.

S2W Group & Richard Williams

The person who we are lead to believe is the brain behind the Step2Wealth program is supposedly named Richard Williamson, an obviously made up name fabricated out of thin air. This fraudster claims that he has been generating over $40,000 per day in the financial market, which is why we are supposed to trust him. Moreover, he claims that he is part of some awesomely profitable trading group known as the S2W group, an exclusive partnership of the world’s top traders, each of whom earns over $2.5 million every day. He gives us some spiel about how nobody can actually join the S2W group except by exclusive invitation, up until now that is.

Do we really need to say it? There is not a single shred of evidence anywhere out there which would confirm any of the claims made by Richard Williamson, nor is there any evidence which confirms that Richard is who he says he is. First of all, we searched everywhere we could and we realized that this so called S2W group does not actually exist. There is simply no such thing, and the same thing can be said for Mr. Williams himself.

This guy turns up no search results except for those related with the Step2Wealth Scam. In all reality, the only reasonable conclusion to come to is that Richard Williams is a phony scam artist, or more likely a low tier actor hired to read a script that he aimlessly babbles through without understanding it in the least. As for the $40,000 per day that Rich earns, there is also nothing to confirm that claim. We don’t know about you, but we aren’t about to invest any sum of money with these crooks when we know darn well that nobody we have seen is a genuine personality.

Step2Wealth Program & More Paid Actors

The Step2Wealth presentation features literally dozens of people who say that S2W has generated tens and hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars for them in a very short period of time. The sad part about all of the Step2Wealth user testimonials is that every last one of them is totally fabricated. The user testimonials were written by the same scam artists selling S2W and they are read in the presentation video by voice narrators and paid actors, none of which have ever used Step2Wealth or even know what it does.


Step2Wealth Software & Profits

One of the most ridiculous things that we are told about S2W software is that it can help us generate over $10,000 per day, every single day, which translates to $360,000 per month and 3.6 million dollars per year. We are not sure about you, but even if those numbers were possible to achieve with any trading program, the math still does add up in the end.

The simple fact of the matter is that stock markets are not open on the weekend, which means that no program including Step2Wealth software, can’t work for 8 days out of every month. Well, that completely destroys the whole 3.6 million dollars per year claim doesn’t it?

Another thing that definitely needs mentioning is that there is no trading program out there that can muster a profit of $10,000 per day. It just is not possible. The best of the best trading programs out there can generate maybe $800 per day at the most, which is only a small fraction of what Step2Wealth software claims to be able to generate. This is nothing more than a giant lie to lure you in! There just is not any computer program in existence that can pull in over 3.5 million bucks through the virtue of doing nothing at all.

On that same note, Richard Williams, the phony paid actor, claims that S2W software is absolutely risk free, which would mean that every trade that this program places is going to be a winner. Do we really need to tell you that risk is inherent in the market? Do we also need to tell you that there is not a single trading program out there that can achieve a higher ITM rate than 85%? It just is not possible to remove the risk out of the trading market, yet another lie told by the criminal minds behind the Step2Wealth trading system.

Step2Wealth Software Scam Review Conclusion



To be perfectly honest, we really only scratched the surface on this one. There is much more evidence which we could bring to light that would confirm that Step2Wealth software is a scam, but we have mentioned the most important parts by far. Besides the phony owner, the paid actors, and the ludicrous promise of profits, this junk software also uses fabricated trading results, horrible scamming brokers, and cheap marketing tricks too. Stay away from this bogus trading system at all costs.

There are however some good trading programs out there for you to take advantage of. One of the best programs out there at this very moment is called UTN or United Trading Network, and is closely followed by Nuvo Finance. Both of these trading programs are shown to be highly profitable, have a minimum ITM rate of 83%, and have both been tested by our team of experts and confirmed to be the real deal.




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