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Binary Copier Software is yet another anonymous scam brought to us by some unknown criminal entity. It supposed claim to fame is that it can analyze the market and make trades much faster than any other binary options trading program out there. However, we have found a ton of evidence which contradicts those claims and renders them completely meaningless.

Yeah, binary options can be a decent place to make money in, but not if you use a total pile of trash like Binary Copier scam software. These crooks would have you believe that Binary Copier software is the most profitable and reliable trading tool out there, yet we have found many disturbing pieces of evidence which show this to be totally untrue. This is the Binary Copier scam review and we are going to show you exactly why you need to stay away from this ridiculous money grabbing scheme at all costs.

How Does Binary Copier Scam Software Work?

The clowns behind this program would have you think that Binary Copier software is an excellent fully automated trading device. They want you to think that this program does a fantastic job at analyzing the market, looking at trends, and that it uses some kind of super speed and highly accurate algorithm to execute successful trades. The reality could however not be further from these claims.

The fact of the matter is that Binary Copier software does not use any real trading strategies, there is no awesome algorithm involved, and the whole program is totally void of any good indicators or analysis tools. As the name indicates, Binary Copier software does nothing more than copy potentially successful trades made by other people. This is not what a fully automated program is supposed to do, nor is it a very effective or legitimate way of making binary options trades.

The trades that Binary Copier scam software copies could be bad trades and not profitable in the least. How does this software tell which trades to copy? The answer to that is one which we do not have nor are we given even a remotely good answer to. The bottom line is that this is not at all an automated trading program, and the method it uses to make trades is fundamentally flawed down to its core.

Who Are The Leaders Of Binary Copier Scam Software?

One of the most important things that we always want to know when it comes to any program that is going to be handling our money is who is behind it. Who created Binary Copier software? Who is the CEO, programmer, owner etc.? There is no chance, not even in a frozen over hell, that we would ever invest money in any program when we don’t know who is behind it.

Well, guess what, Binary Copier never gives us a face or name in terms of the owner or CEO. All we are ever graced with is a totally anonymous voice narrator who gives us a quick rundown of the Binary Copier scam. As far as we can tell not even the narrator has a name. This is just too much for us.

There is only one good reason why the thieves behind this program would choose to remain hidden. It is because they know darn well that what they are doing is highly illegal. They know that if their true identities were ever discovered they would land in jail faster than Martha Stewart after she engaged in insider trading. Don’t invest money with Binary Copier scam software because you have no idea who is putting their grubby little hands on it.

Binary Copier Scam Software & Shady Brokers

Yet another giant red flag which tells us to keep away from Binary Copier software is that they obviously use shifty brokers that are bent on draining your trading account. When you go to sign up for an account with Binary Copier scam software, you do not get a choice of broker. You are forced to sign up with one specific broker, one that we are not even told the name of.

We have gotten several complaints already from people who made the initial $250 deposit with the unknown broker, then as fast as they had signed up, their deposit had been emptied out of their account. There is only one way in which this can happen, and it is because a thief of a broker is the one handling your cash. Binary Copier software obviously uses a broker located in a financial safe haven that does not prosecute them for their fraudulent actions.

Therefore they can steal your money with any consequences and you have no legal recourse to do anything about it. Whatever you do, do not invest a single penny with this rubbish heap called, because its only purpose is to rob you of your hard earned money the very second you make a deposit.

Binary Copier Scam Software & Concerning Disclaimers

If all of the information we have provided you so far is not enough to scare you off, maybe this will finally do the trick. The Binary Copier website contains several concerning disclaimers, one that clearly indicate that it is nothing more than a money stealing scheme. One of the disclaimers reads “DUE TO THE HIGH RISK NATURE OF TRADING, ‘Binary Copier’ EXPLICITLY DOES NOT MAKE ANY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES OR GUARANTEES THAT USERS WILL MAKE ANY PROFIT OR THAT USERS WILL NOT LOSE ANY OR ALL DEPOSITED INVESTMENT FUNDS”. In other words, these guys are more or less telling you that you will never make profit with Binary Copier software and there is nothing that they will do to remedy your losses. You can rest assured that you will lose your money!

Binary Copier Scam Review Conclusion

There is no doubt in our minds that this program software is one of the most illegitimate, non-credible, fraudulent, and thieving pieces of programming out there at this point in time. This junk was designed to steal your money, and that is the bottom line.

If you do want to engage in binary trading, and you want to use a profitable and legitimate program, we would recommend using Pro Binary Bot, a relatively new piece of software. Pro Binary Bot has been tested by yours truly for consistency and reputability, and it has shown to be very profitable. An 85% ITM rate and daily profits between $400 and $800 are things you can expect from Pro Binary Bot.


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