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If you think that Automated Financial Markets software may be gold mine for profits, think again because it is a total rip off. This so called automated binary options trading platform is nothing more than a cash grabbing scheme being peddled by a bunch of anonymous crooks. We have honestly not seen such a faulty and fraudulent program in a very long time. We are here to do an Automated Financial Markets scam review and we want to reveal all of the dirty details to you.

This is a total money stealing scam intended to screw you over, drain your trading account, and leave you wondering why the heck you were every thick enough to invest any amount of money with this monumental pile of rubbish. Make no mistake, this is not a trading program, but a bank account in which you deposit money and wait for the criminals running the show to steal it from you. And think again if you want to use the free demo account because it is not free in the least.

How Does Automated Financial Markets System Work

The really sad thing here is that we are never given a remotely reasonable explanation as to how this total horse crap of a program is supposed to work. There are always important things that we want to know about any program before using it. None of those things are told to use here. Sure, we are told that Automated Financial Markets software analyses the market in record speed and then chooses the most beneficial trades to make, yet there is no evidence of that, none at all.

If we are expected to invest any amount of money with nay trading program, we want to know what indicators it analyzes, what trends it looks at, what info it uses to decide on trades, what it can possible do, how fast it works, what trading strategies are in use, and what the overall algorithm really does.

The unfortunate reality is that we know none of those things when it comes to Automated Financial Markets. There is no way, not even in a frozen over hell with pigs flying in it, that we would ever willingly choose to invest even a single penny with a program that flat out refuses to tell us how it works. What a joke!

Who Is The Crook Behind Automated Financial Markets Software?

This is another query to which we don’t have an answer to. Have you ever invested money into anything when you did not know who the people behind something are? The obvious and smart answer to this should be a definite no, because investing money into an unknown source is like throwing your money straight into the fire.

The whole Automated Financial Markets presentation video is filled with terrible graphics, fabricated results, fake accounts, and it’s all complemented by some really bad voice over narration. At no point during the Automated Financial Markets presentation video do we every get to see the face or faces of the person or people supposedly running the show. Heck, these buffoons are so cheap and lazy that they did not even hire a real paid actor.

We’re never informed of the name of the owners or CEO, we don’t get a company name, we don’t know who created, funded, or programmed Automated Financial Markets, or anything else for that matter. We are literally expected to invest our hard earned savings with completely anonymous people.

If you were wondering why these clowns choose to stay hidden, it is because they darn well know that they are doing something highly illegal. They know for a fact that I their real identities ever get discovered, they would land in a federal prison really quick. These guys, even though we don’t know who they are, are big time fraud committing thieves and they deserve to spend the rest of their lives in a maximum security penitentiary.

Automated Financial Markets – Disturbing Disclaimers Galore

One of the things that the presentation video for Automated Financial Markets makes clear is that this program is supposed to give us guidance and advice in terms of financial trading in the world of binary options. However that is not at all the case, as is obviously stated by the disturbing disclaimer we found hidden deep in the fine print. This disclaimer reads as follows “ is NOT an investment or financial advisor and does not provide investing advice”. This is a direct contradiction of what we are told in the video, and therefore we have no choice but to call this a total rip off.

Yet another terrible disclaimer that we uncovered pretty much absolves these crooks of any and all responsibility. This following disclaimer you are about to see pretty much states that Automated Financial Markets is in no way a real trading program, and that the results you see in the demo are not at all reflective of real results that you may incur.

The disclaimer reads as follows “Automated.FM features a “free play” demo of which its purpose is to demonstrate the functionality of the software in a high success rate scenario under simulated market conditions. Actual trading results for real money may differ based on market conditions and as such results may differ when trading live markets”. Read that carefully and read it twice. This is a clear indication that Automated Financial Markets software is a total scam.

Automated Financial Markets – Scam Review Conclusion

There is no chance that anybody here at Binary Options Army would ever invest with this total junk pile of a program and neither should you. This is a total scam of a program with the express purpose of making your life hell and stealing your life savings. It’s a totally anonymous program that does not work, does not have reliable brokers, and even tells us in their disclaimers that they aren’t a real trading service at all.

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