Drexel Code SCAM WARNING, Shocking LOSSES!!!!

Drexel Code is 100% total SCAM service created in a fancy & expensive looking way. Everything associated with Drexel Code app is simply luxurious looking video production designed to steal your hard earned money. If you received email invitation to join Drexel Code software scam service/ system, then please read this scam exposure review until very end! -  You will literally save at least $200-$250.

Official Scam Website: Drexelcode.com

What is Drexel Code?

Drexel Code AKA drexelcode.com is new service that will allow people to trade binary options on complete auto-pilot. This means that you don’t have to do any fundamental or technical analysis in order to trade. Users are simply required to make a minimum deposit of $200 to $250 to get started. Main question here is “Does Drexel Code actually work?”.

Who is behind Drexel Code SCAM software?

Supposedly a guy named Cory Drexel is the founder & creator and President of whole Drexel organisation. When you visit their official registration login pitch page you will see Mr. Cory Drexel in action. Scam artists behind this another fishy and bogus trading service are smart. They use fancy and convincing looking elements such as:

-fake rented luxury cars,

- fake and expensive business building,

- fake secretary that appears to be cheap actress

- presenting a fake developer team (also cheap actors)

- fake beta testers presented in the sales pitch video


  • Fake Scarcity Counter: Yes
  • Paid Actor Testimonials: Yes
  • Impossible Revenue Gains: Yes
  • Browser Pop Ups used: Yes
  • Looks Authentic: No
  • Proof and Evidence of Profits: No (fake bank account statements used)
  • Chance of Being a Scam: Yes, 100 SCAM %
  • Price: Free

Lies, lies and more lies!

Creators of Drexel Code autotrader made a huge mistake by making it to look exactly the same as TrianaSoft scam service. Read TrianaSoft scam review HERE: . It can be clearly seen that Drexel Code fraud system is made by exactly the same online criminals who created TrianaSoft AKA Money Losing Junk.

Despite the fact that all of the beta testers you see in the video are fake actors, as well as the fake and fabricated bank account statements and broker accounts. This whole production is simply insane. Furthermore, creator Cory Drexel tries to misleadingly convince viewers that Drexel Code was and will be generating 100% ITM success rate. Well that’s extremely bizarre statement. If you have been reading our binary options scam reviews, then you know that there is no autotrading software in the whole World that can ONLY generate 100% winning ITM trades. This is just nonsense.

Read “BinaDROID vs “Copy BUFFETT” Software Review

Ok, even if Drexel Code’s ITM performance was so dam good, then why we couldn’t find any legitimate and verified background information in relation to Cory Drexel and his miracle Drexel Code? There is no information about this guy on any forums, news websites or social media platforms. Do you really think that if Drexel Code really was the best and most accurate autotrader generating 100% ITM performance rate wouldn’t there be any supportive and verified information regarding Cory & Drexel Code? Honestly there is only one verified explanation to this. CORY is fake actor and he is NOT the president of this organisation and has no relations to Drexel Code what so ever.

VERDICT: Drexel Code is SCAM & Fraud!

After we done our deep-research we are 100% confident to say that Drexel Code, Drexel System or Drexel autotrading program is misleading scam services created and developed by number of alarming internet criminals who are responsible for thousands of dollars in loses to people. We have received high number of Emails from people who claim that they lost their initial deposit of $250 within 20-30 minutes. Also Drexol Code has no email or customer support what so ever.

Everything you see in DrexelCode.com scam website is fake and fabricated. This scam trading service doesn’t have any credible information what so ever. That being said the President Mr. Cory is not even real President. Turns out he works for Fiverr.com offering featured freelancer services. If you visit Fiverr.com and search for Video Testimonials, you will find those guys from Drexel Code website.  They are quite cheap (30 Word Video for $5).

Please stay away from Drexel Code scam program and warn others who might be interested in it. 

If you are looking for Real and Tested Software without negative reviews all over the internet an automated binary options software with credible industry websites and binary options forums endorsing and supporting it, read or honest:

  1. Virtnext Software REVIEW
  2. Copy Buffett Software REVIEW
  3. Virtnext VS Copy Buffett (autotrader comparison REVIEW)

We have personally tested and confirmed Copy Buffett and Virtnext Software’s reliability and ITM performance. We are also using both autotraders on daily basis. There is a good reason why Copy Buffett & Virtnext has a ton of positive feedback from users; The reason being that their ITM performance is very consistent and reliable in the long run. We keep receiving positive emails from people who are continuously generating nice weekly profits with these services. Copy Buffett or Virtnext software will not make you millionaires obviously, but if you are looking for passive weekly income of $500-$750 per week then you might be interested in these leading autotraders.


If you registered with any of our services from our website you automatically will receive our full free support in case if you run into any issues or technical problems or if you are simply not happy with the results, we will help you out any way we can.

Please STAY AWAY from Drexel Code scam operation and warn others.

If you have any concerns or questions, please email us: [email protected]



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