Profit Insider Pro is FAKE SCAM, Warning!!!

New binary options autotrading software was launched yesterday named Profit Insider Pro. Unfortunately, we have received enough Negative emails from people who have lost their initial deposit of €250 already. Please read this detailed unbiased Profit Insider Pro SCAM exposure review before you consider signing up with these money stealing criminals. At the end we will provide you with applicable information on legitimate and fully authorised binary options signals services.

Website Being Exposed:

When visiting pitch website there was nothing that caught our eye. City background image with a video in the middle of the page and some fake testimonials on the bottom. The alleged Daniel Johnson aka Thomson scammer didn’t pay much attention to the details when he created this yet another bogus and fraudulent binary options trading platform.


Even though Profit Insider Pro scam has been only released yesterday we already received 24 Emails from real existing users of this unscrupulous service. 18 people claimed that they have lost their first initial deposit of €250 in their 1st day of trading with Profit Insider Pro bot. In addition, 6 people have deposited €500, half of their deposits has been wiped out already. When we receive such emails from our fellow readers and subscribers we always tell them to STOP the autotrader and to withdrawal all remaining funds as soon as possible.

On the other hand, users have tried to email and to contact Profit Insider Pro customer support team, but unfortunately it turned out that their support email doesn’t actually exist. That being said none of users were able to get any response from them what so ever. We also contacted their customer support to report their bad performance, but with no luck. Eventually we leaked Profit Insider Pro real and legitimate email address. When we did that  we contacted them straight away. Surprisingly we received only 2 emails from them explaining the situation. Eventually when we declared to them that we are fully CFTC regulated blog and that we are going to report their criminal and fraudulent activities to higher authorities they kind of stopped responding to us.

You see, this is how it works and this is how we take Forex scams, Binary options scams and other money making guru criminals out of business. We are really sick to see that so many people are getting scammed these days. There are certainly better ways to spent €250, that’s for sure. Some users have large families with children where food has to be provided on daily basis. Imagine how much food could you buy for the sum of €250 in Indonesia where average salary there is €150 per month for example? This amount of cash could be even equal to a salary working part time at the petrol station in United Kingdom. These are just a few examples so that people will understand that €250 is considerably large amount of money in any country around the World.

Lies, Lies and filthier Lies!

The alleged and fake voiceover actor Daniel Johnson aka Daniel Thompson tries to convince us that Profit Insider Pro fake garbage will make us at least €20,000 per month, every single month. Honestly that’s absolutely unrealistic to make €20k per month with €250 start-up capital. This clearly indicates that scam artists behind Profit Insider Pro rubbish service doesn’t have appropriate knowledge how Binary Options trading even works and what potential profits and risks are involved.

Even with best and most accurate autotrader Copy Buffett Software we are able to generate only up to $700 to $950 weekly profits being extremely risk averse and investing only minimum of $25 per each trade. Obviously the higher your investment the higher profit gain.

VERDICT: “Profit Insider Pro” is PRO SCAM and FAKE Money Robbing service

Fake testimonials, fake and cheap actors used in their official filthy website. Nothing in their pitch site is legitimate or verified by any authorities what so ever. Truth being that we received 24 legitimate and real emails from people who claimed they’ve lost their money in 1st day, we have no further doubts that Profit Insider Pro is huge scam operation that should be avoided. Furthermore, we have reported these scammers to higher authorities and hopefully these criminals will be taken down soon. Meanwhile please share this article and warn other potential victims who may fall for this unregulated and unlicensed money sucking service.

In case if you are looking for fully approved and regulated binary options autotrading service then check out Copy Buffett software REVIEW. We have been using Copy Buffett for about 2 months now and we are continuously able to generate 82% ITM performance. Copy Buffett has been also endorsed by most authority blogs in the industry such as,,,, and many more.

If you sign up with Copy Buffett software from this website, then you will receive our full free support in case you experience any problems or issues or you are not happy with the results. We are fully CFTC regulated blog and you can contact us any time: [email protected].

Thank you for reading this Profit Insider Pro scam review. Make sure to share this article.

In case if you got scammed by any binary options broker or trading service please contact our Complaint Centre and we will help you to get your money back at no cost.

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