CodeFibo Software Tutorial & Supported Countries List

CodeFibo binary options auotrader is proven to be NOT scam in comparison to other automated services out there. But you may ask why? Please read this honest CodeFibo tutorial review to learn everything you need to know about this most up to date binary options autotrader 2016.

CodeFibo software tutorial 

CodeFibo autotrader is simple to use although there are several strategies that can be implemented. Depending on your trading style there are several options and features within this autotrading bot. Due to variety of trading styles users use, creator professor Matthew Lewis allows risk takers and risk averse people to use CodeFibo with ease.

Firstly before talking about the CodeFibo software and its strategies used by our subscribers, I want to give you a brief intro about

  • How does CodeFibo software actually work?
  • What trading algorithms CodeFibo is using? 
  • What the hell is Fibonacci retracement strategy all about? 

Fibonacci Strategies

In simple terms Fibonacci is an old tool used in Forex trading. More specifically it is excellent and simple to use charting tool which will help you to draw Support & Resistance lines, oversold & overbought volume lines, EMA’s (Exponential moving average lines) and so on.

Fibonacci is very powerful indicator especially if you can master it. If you are willing to use this indicator to maximize profits and to minimize loses then you can use the example below:

Go to, click on “Draw” and select indicator named “Fibonacci Retracement”. Then you must click and draw this indicator from “Highest” to “Lowest” point, in this case from left to right. After doing so you will see 6 lines on your chart. If you look closely then you will be able to identify Support & Resistance lines straight away. 

Fibonacci Retracement can be used to identify various levels on the charts. If you want to learn how you can benefit more from this tool, then please contact us and we will guide you OR we will publish educational article on this matter. There are tons of different strategies that can be implemented with Fibonacci. Alternatively please watch CodeFibo official video where creators explain in more detail how the Autotrader uses Fibonacci.

CodeFibo Scam Autotrader? Safe or Not?

So we gave you a little insight about Fibonacci, but you might ask why would CodeFibo system use Fibonacci strategies into their algorithm? And, is CodeFibo software legitimate or scam autotrader? Also does CodeFibo software work and can it generate any profits?

If you are our subscriber then you know that 90% of the binary options autotraders are scams. There are only handful of autotraders that can actually generate profits. In our previous CodeFibo Scam Review we did in-depth research and background check. After reading many positive reviews and user comments we came to definite conclusion that CodeFibo system is not scam, it is legitimate binary options autotrader which is completely unique.

There is no other Binary Options automated trading system that uses Fibinacci strategies in order to predict future price. After registering and using CodeFibo software app for over a week we are giving you guys a green light. After over week of testing we were able to generate around 80.5% ITM in the money win rate performance with CodeFibo software bot. This is extremely good result, although we have many subscribers who keep emailing us their CodeFibo software daily results, and some users are able to generate up to 84% ITM win rate. 

CodeFibo Supported Countries

Are you wondering if you can sign up and register with CodeFibo software from your country? Here is a complete list of all countries supported by CodeFibo autotrading system:

 Australia, United States,United Kingdom,Turkey,Thailand,Switzerland,Sweden,Swaziland,South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands,Spain,South Africa,Slovenia,Slovakia,Singapore,Saudi Arabia,Senegal,San Marino,Samoa,Saint Martin,Saint Lucia,Saint Kitts and Nevis,Saint Helena,Saint Barthelemy,Russian Federation,Romania,Reunion,Qatar,Puerto Rico,Portugal,Poland,Pitcairn Islands,Philippines,Peru,Paraguay,Papua,Norway, NewZealand,Netherlands,Netherlands,Nepal,Montserrat,Montenegro,Mongolia,Monaco,Micronesia,Mauritius,Mauritania,Martinique,,Malta,Maldives,Malaysia,Madagascar,Macedonia,Macau,Luxembourg,Lithuania,Liechtenstein, Latvia,Italy,Ireland,India,Iceland,Hungary,Hong Kong,Greenland,Greece,Gibraltar,France,Finland,Fiji,Faroe Islands,Falkland Islands (Malvinas),Europe,Estonia,Denmark,Czech Republic,Cyprus,Croatia,Cote D’Ivoire,Costa Rica,China,Chile,Cayman Islands,Canada,Bulgaria,Brunei Darussalam,British Virgin Islands,Brazil,Bouvet Island,Bosnia and Herzegovina,Belgium,Bangladesh.

If your country is not in list or you have any specific questions then please Email us: [email protected]


CodeFibo Features

CodeFibo trading system offers variety of features. Even though this is fully automated binary options software it also allows it’s users to use manual trading mode. What do we mean by that? Look at the image below.

Once “autotrade” button is selected, CodeFibo trading software will analyse current market conditions and will use Fibonacci retracement strategy to predict future price for particular asset. All trades will be placed and executed automatically on behalf of the trader on auto-pilot mode. Autotrading function is perfect if you are newbie trader, or if you are completely new to binary options in general.

Furthermore you can also use manual signals provided by CodeFibo. Although this is only recommended if you have experience in Forex or Binary Options trading. To use manual signals follow these steps:

  • Choose your asset from CodeFibo manual signals graph (choose only signals with over 70% ITM strength level)
  • Go to your brokers platform and place your chosen asset manually taking into consideration recommended expiry times
  • For best results please subscribe to our YouTube Channel where we do Live trading sessions and strategy videos


CodeFibo autotrader is not a scam. Creators and beta testers behind this software are real people. We keep receiving very positive emails and testimonials from other CodeFibo traders & users on daily basis. We are also correctly testing CodeFibo for over a week now, and we are able to generate 80.5% ITM win rate performance on average. Number of trades, signals and generated profits will be different every day. We would recommend to only use CodeFibo during recommended trading hours 9am to 7pm GMT time (Monday to Friday), and to switch it OFF outside those hours.


FREE SUPPORT: If you register with CodeFibo from our website you automatically will receive our full free support in case you run into any issues or problems. We always care about our subscribers and we will assist you any way we can.


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