If you think that the Tera App program looks like a good trading system for crypto, you are sorely mistaken. While the promise of making $440,000 every single month definitely sounds attractive, it is also undoubtedly a lie. Do you really think that any kind of cryptocurrency trading platform can produce those kinds of results? That is not the only lie and scam factor that we found when examining this Tera App system.

There are tons of clear indications and red flags that came to our attention in terms of this Tera App scam software. Sure, it is possible to make a decent income through crypto trading, but not when you are using a total scam system like this Tera App software. Every single last thing that you see and are told about this horrible trading scam is a complete lie. The bottom line is that this is a total rip off and this Tera App review is going to prove it once and for all. Let’s keep going with this Tera App scam review and provide you with all of the necessary details about this obvious crypto scam. On a side note, this is actually the same scam as the Terabit Trader, but it just has a different look to it. 

Tera App Software Leadership – Richard Heffner

One of the first things that came to our attention about this Tera App scam is that the alleged leader of it is a totally phony. We are led to believe that the man behind this crypto trading software is named Richard Heffner. He looks like an OK guy, but he is not a real person. Ok, so he is a living person, but he is not genuine. What we mean to say here is that Richard is not the man’s name, he is a fictitious character, and he is an actor being paid to portray this person.

The fact of the matter is that we have seen this actor in multiple other scam videos, including the presentation video for the Tesler Scam App. Whatever the case may be, we know that Richard is just a scapegoat for the real crooks running the show here. The bottom line is that the real crooks running the show know that this Tera App software is illegal and fraudulent. Richard is a buffer to stop them from going to prison.


Tera App User Testimonials & Results – Fake!

Yet another red flag we came across is that we know for a fact that the user testimonials, so called happy members, and the results they have achieved are all totally fake and made up out of thin air. The pictures used for the Tera App are stolen stock images from random websites.

At the same time, these images are combined with completely fake names to create these happy users. Also, the results it shows that these user have achieved are also bogus. Don’t trust the Tera App user testimonials because they are not genuine in the least.


Tera App System – Fraudulent Free Trial

The next indication that there is a scam afoot here has to do with the free trial that we can supposedly use to test this Tera App software out for ourselves. However, this is nothing more than a crappy marketing ploy and a really cheap trick. We are told that we can use the free trial without having to pay any money, and if we like it, we can then sign up and pay money for a full subscription to the service.

Well, the fact of the matter is that the free trial is completely rigged to win. Unlike carnival games that are rigged to lose, the Tera App free trial is made to win. However, the results hold no bearing whatsoever in terms of what trading with the full system is like. It is designed to only show winners and to display only positive results. This is all totally predetermined and meant to make the Tera App look good. It’s just a trick to lure you in so you pay money for the full version of this crypto trading scam.


Tera App Software – No Licensing

We know for a fact that this Tera App software is not licensed to provide signals or to use your money to trade. These licenses are only given to the most reliable, honest, and transparent of companies and trading systems. Seeing as the Tera App system is completely fraudulent in every way possible, it stands to reason that it is not licensed to provide signals or trade with your money.



The Tera App system is completely unregistered as a business, it is not licensed to trade, and is therefore operating illegally. However, technically speaking, the Tera App software never executes trades at all, so it actually does not need a license. The main purpose of this system is to simply steal your money as soon as you deposit it into the trading account.

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Tera App System – Impossible Profits

Another thing worth mentioning about the Tera App system is that the numbers they tell us do not match up, plus they are impossible either way. We are first told that this crypto trading app can provide us with $440,000 per month, every month. However, just a little while later, we are told that this Tera App software can generate close to $2,000 per day.

Well, we are pretty good at math and $2,000 per day, multiplied by 20 business days of trading per months, results in a profit of $40,000, not $440,000. These crooks lie to us about how much money the Tera App system can generate, while also not being able to keep their own lies straight. Trust us when we say that it is all one big lie and that you will never earn a single penny in profits if you make the mistake of trusting Tera App scam software.


Tera App Scam Review – Conclusion

At the end of the day, the only important aspect of the Tera App system to keep in mind is that it is a crypto trading scam, a rip off, and a scheme meant to steal as much money from you as humanly possible.

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