Blazing Trader 2018 Scam Review: DANGER!


The Blazing Trader 2018 app is a new trading system for BO and FX that has left many people in shambles. Not only has this BO trading scam managed to screw tons of people out of their money, but it is not the first time it has made an appearance. This Blazing Trader 2018 system actually made its debut 2 years ago. It had a different name back then, but it scammed tons of money from people none the less.

The point here is that the Blazing Trader 2018 system is just an old scam with a new name. Nothing else but the name has changed. It is still out to steal as much cash from as many people as possible. This is our Blazing Trader 2018 scam review and we are here to give you fair warning about the very real threat posed to you by this complete rip off.

Blazing Trader 2018 App: Same Old Scam – New Name

One of the very first indications that this Blazing Trader 2018 system is a scam, is that we have already seen it before. This is an old scam that we already busted a while back. The scam had a different name back then. It was called the Polygraph Millionaire App. This was a terrible trading scam that managed to rip off countless people. There are thousands of people who were scammed by it.

Well, the Blazing Trader 2018 app is literally the same exact thing. It has all of the same features and scam factors as the Polygraph Millionaire scam had. It looks the same, it has the same actors, the same lies, the same faults, and even the same promised profits. These crooks got really lazy and decided to repackage and rename an old scam and pass it off as a new automated trading system. The bottom line is that it was a scam back then and it is still a scam today.


Blazing Trader 2018 Scam – Johan Strand

Another clear sign that there is a scam afoot here has to do with the fake leader of this Blazing Trader 2018 scam is that the so called leader and owner is still a fraud. We are told that the owner, CEO, and founder of this trading system is named Johan Strand. Well, this is the same guy who we saw in the Polygraph Millionaire scam, which is already a bad sign.

We know for a fact that Johan is not the real leader or owner of this scam system. He already was a paid actor back then, just like he is now. This guy is a fictitious character with absolutely no relation to this Blazing Trader 2018 scam, besides being the actor for it. We can confirm this because he has also been the actor for several other scams, ones where he did not even change his name.

In fact, this Blazing Trader 2018 scam system is totally anonymous. We have no idea who the real leaders and owners of it are. This is not a good thing in the least. Folks, never trust any kind of anonymous trading system that wants you to deposit money. Scams like this Blazing Trader 2018 app will steal your money, and because you don’t know the identities of the crooks who did it, there is nothing you can do about it.


How Does The Blazing Trader 2018 System Work?

Yet another thing that stands out as being really suspicious here is that we have no idea what or how the Blazing Trader 2018 system does. Yes, we are told that this is a fully automated trading system for binary options and FX, but that is about it.

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We want to know all about the trading strategies involved, what kind of algorithms are in use, and what kind of analysis tools and market indicators are being taken advantage of. However, past “this system rules”, we don’t get any comprehensive explanation, which is a big problem for us. It makes it impossible for us to trust the Blazing Trader 2018 app when it refuses to inform us of how it works.



Fake Blazing Trader 2018 User Testimonials

The next aspect that is indicative of a scam here is how all of the Blazing Trader 2018 user testimonials are totally bogus. There are plenty of reviews and testimonials on the site, but all of them are overly positive, which is already a really bad sign. No matter what, there is always someone with something bad to say about any trading system.

Next, we know for a fact that all of the Blazing Trader 2018 user testimonials feature fictitious characters, just like Johan Strand. These people are bogus and consist of nothing more than fabricated names and stolen pictures from random websites. These people have never used the Blazing Trader 2018 scam app and they have certainly never made a profit with it.


Impossible Profits Of Blazing Trader 2018 Software

Perhaps the most ridiculous aspect of this Blazing Trader 2018 scam app is the fact that we are told that it is almost 100% accurate and has monthly profits of over $440,000 per person. This is totally absurd to say the least. It simply cannot be true at all. First and foremost, eliminating the risk of losing a trade totally is literally impossible. No matter what, there is not a single automated trading app in the world that can manage to achieve a near 100% win rate. Heck, even 90% is hard to achieve, let alone 99%.

Furthermore, even if the Blazing Trader 2018 system did have a perfect win ratio, sucking in close to half a million bucks per month is not possible either. This would mean that this app could take in $110,000 per week, or somewhere over $20,000 per day. No matter which angle you look at it from, this is simply not something that any BO automated trading platform can achieve. If you think that the Blazing Trader 2018 app can actually provide you with these results, you are very sorely mistaken.

Blazing Trader 2018 Review - Conclusion

This was a scam 2 years ago and still is today. Please stay away from this Blazing Trader 2018 scam because it will steal money from you when given the chance.

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