The Centument Project 2 scam Review

Stop right there! New Centument 2 trading software is not legitimate and is not to be trusted. This is just a fake remake of previous version named Centumet Ltd autotrader. Keep reading this Centument Project 2 scam review to find out about SHOCKING TRUTH behind it!

Official Website:

The Centument Project 2 Trading software background

According to creator and developer Gerald Reed Centument Project 2 is automated trading system which supposedly will trade binary options on behalf of the trader generating over $20k per week without any work. Here comes the best part! The alleged Gerald continues to say that 90% of actual users are able to make such profits. What a joke!

If you read our blog and you are a subscriber then you may remember 1st version of Centument Ltd which was released earlier this year. As you may remember it was pretty good success at beginning. However it’s ITM performance rate dropped under 60% after first month or so. If you have been trading or if you have some level of experience in binary options then you know that 60% ITM performance it is not enough to generate steady profits.

BEST autotrader (as claimed by subscribers)

Furthermore the alleged Gerald continues his fake looking presentation by telling us that he has been working closely with World’s best software engineers, mathematicians and scientists for over 9 months. All this work was done to create this amazing binary options autotrader.

Another unbelievable statement was when Gerald Reed claimed that Centument Project 2 has unique ability to recover loses almost immediately. This is so bizarre claim, because there is no software in the whole world that can do such a thing. He should simply say that Centument Project 2 will never ever make a losing trade! This will obviously sound like another lie but at least it will not sound like this trading system is designed to cheat brokers. On the other hand there is always certain risk involved when trading. Anyone who claims that there is No Risk involved or that their system can cheat the brokers is simply bogus lier. Stay away from such trading gurus and save your hard earned money.

Centument Project 2.0 Not Scam?

When looking at their website which (not to mention) has been just recently registered, we also found so many dodgy scam type elements.

Fake badges:

Are they serious? The Centument Project 2 has never ever been associated with Bloomberg, CNN Money, Forbes or Time news portals and channels what so ever. First of all none of those badges are clickable, and second of all when we did our research we found no connection between any news websites and Centument Project 2 scam software.

Stolen Stock Pictures:

When we did a background check regarding these photos it turned out that they are all simply stolen from other websites. Search for those images in Google image box and you will see. 

Fake Video Testimonials:

The worst part is the video testimonials that can be found on the bottom of their website. You may ask why? If you go to freelancer website and search for video testimonials you will see that all 3 people are offering 1 minute video testimonials for as little as $5. How legitimate is this? Please stay away from this scam binary options service.

VERDICT: Centument Project 2 is scam binary options auto-trading platform

Centument Project 2 is full of misleading and bogus claims and statements. If something sounds too good to be true, then it means that we are facing a Scam. These scam artists claim that we can make $20,000 per week with initial deposit of $250. Honestly guys, this is purely impossible, stay away from these scammers.

During our in-depth research we didn’t find any positive review written by actual people who have used Centument Project 2 trading software. Furthermore we seen a ton of negative responses from people who claim they deposited their hard earned $250 into this scam service and the money was gone within 2 days, be aware!

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