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New CodeFibo: If you haven’t already heard the news, CodeFibo software is a brand new binary options trading app that has taken the market by storm. We are well aware that there are a ton of automated trading apps out there, and of course most of them are completely bogus services created my online scammers. Yet we aren’t so sure about CodeFibo software because it seems to actually be a pretty legitimate binary trading app. We aren’t going to say anything for sure because things are never quite what they seem to be, but there are definitely some positive aspects we found when doing our research on the CodeFibo software app. It has some legit people behind it, it has some pretty good results (according to our subscribers), and the ITM performance rate is quite good too. This is a CodeFibo software scam review and we have a feeling that this review may not be all bad unlike all of our other scam reviews. 

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What You Get When You Sign Up With CodeFibo Software?

We are really pleased to tell you that there are a lot of advantages and benefits to be had from using CodeFibo as your number one binary trading option to go with. Let’s talk about some of the best parts of CodeFibo system.

CodeFibo app is highly user friendly

One of the best parts about the CodeFibo system is that it is easier to use than any other binary trading platforms and autotraders out there. It doesn’t matter if you have never placed high number of trades before because even the most newbie traders can use this app with ease. It’s easy to use because it has a very simple interface that lets you control the trading actions easily. Not to mention that it is an automatic trading app which means that it pretty much does all of the work for you. There are a few settings you can choose to change in order to give yourself some control over the program, but there really isn’t much that you need to do apart from registrations process and getting your assigned brokers account fully synchronized with the system autotrader.

Placing and Executing Trades process can be fully automated

We really like this new autotrader because lets a user choose whether to run on the fully automated (Full-auto) mode which means that you barely have to do any work. However for anybody that knows a thing or two about binary trading, you can also take some more control over CodeFibo. There is a setting which turns off the automation and lets you do everything yourself which can increase ITM win rate performance. All you need to do is to pick the signals from manual signals table you want to trade with and pick in which direction you think that they are going to go in by using technical and fundamental analysis. Something that you should know is that unless you have extensive knowledge of binary options or Forex trading, you probably shouldn’t do the trading yourself, instead just let CodeFibo system do the work itself. Its better to be safe rater than sorry. We are going to publish many CodeFibo Live trading videos on our YouTube channel, Please Subscribe.

Number of Trades

The next thing that we really like about the CodeFibo trading software is that it places an astounding number of trades per day. Many automatic trading platforms, in fact most of them, only place a few trades per day, something which we aren’t a fan of. Quality over quantity but little number of trades is not enough especially if you only invest minimum amount per each trade. What we are a fan of when it comes to this automated trading software is that it places 80 trades per week. That translates into 16 trades per day, each of which has a fantastic chance at generating a profit for you (75% -85% ITM rate on average). The more trades are placed on your behalf, the higher your chances of making some good money.

ITM performance rate & accuracy

Another thing that is really impressive when it comes to this autotrader is that it has an outstanding performance rate. Most legitimate binary trading platforms have a performance rate of about 60% percent which of course is not very high. Some of the best binary options autotraders can achieve a performance rate of 70% or even 80% ITM, but that does not happen very often. Something that also does not happen very often is that automated trading platform actually has over 60% ITM performance rate which is needed to profit. That is because most of the autotraders we review are bogus and scam services.

That is definitely not the case with CodeFibo trading because it has a performance rate of 75% up to 93% ITM. We aren’t just saying that and we definitely aren’t taking CodeFibo’s word for it. We tested the app ourselves and were blown away by the fact that it actually does have an absolutely amazing performance rate. Depending on the day you can even reach an ITM rate of 94% (on high market volatility situations), something that was thought to be impossible up until now. Once again we actually had to test this autotrading app for ourselves and since it did just come out today we could only test it for a few short hours, but the signs are definitely positive. We made a fair amount of money (few hundreds), nothing huge, but we still managed to turn a neat little profit.

How Does CodeFibo Work?

We aren’t going to go into too much detail as to the specific algorithms and inner workings of the CodeFibo App because quite frankly it is all pretty boring. What we are going to tell you is that the CodeFibo autotrader relies on the Fibonacci Retracement as well as the golden ratio to fuel an algorithm that is nearly guaranteed to turn a profit. The Fibonacci numbers, a sequence of numbers with many practical applications, combined with the golden ratio, is a virtually unstoppable combination which makes this automated program a force to be reckoned with.

The CodeFibo app uses these number sequences to measure current and past market conditions to predict future trade. Most binary trading scam autotraders out there give us some kind of incoherent and convoluted explanation as to how their program works, but that isn’t really the case here. The information we are provided is fantastic, comprehensive, and actually makes sense to us.

Who Is Behind The CodeFibo App?

The man behind this masterful piece of software is named Matthew Louise. Matthew Louise is actually a professor of business and economics and he is a brilliant man indeed. He spent many years doing nothing more than being a professor and teaching people the ins and outs of the world of money.

Not only did he teach these things, he also spent several years doing in depth research of the financial markets, especially trading signal pairs. Matthew looked far and wide for the best binary trading programs that had the highest performance rates and worked well in various market conditions. He was also looking for the best algorithms and numerical sequences which would generate the most money. Well instead of hijacking another program he actually decided to create one of his own.

He wanted to know absolutely everything that there is to know about binary options trading. We’re pretty sure that this guy knows more about binary trading than anybody else on planet earth, something which comes in quite handy when you are trying to make a program that generates money out of thin air.

Matthew Louise’s motivation for creating a binary trading program that pretty much anybody can use is that he was tired of watching his students struggle financially. He hated seeing the multitude of low income students struggling to get by and having to pay off student loans for years to come. He really did not like being a professor of economics and being forced to watch students flounder around in a bad economy. For that reason he decided to create the CodeFibo app, something that would help his students generate some decent passive income.

Of course Matthew Louise is only a financial expert and not a computer programmer, so he needed someone to help him. Matthew needed an expert computer programmer to help him put together the number sequences and all of the data he found in order to create a comprehensive trading algorithm.

The lead programmer of CodeFibo is named Carl Leary and the man is a borderline genius. He spent several decades creating some extremely sophisticated computer programs, both in the financial world and in other places too. Carl Leary and Matthew Louise worked together to create a stellar automated trading system that we can use to turn a pretty big profit.

Both of these guys check out as far as their credentials and background are concerned. We did our research and both Carl and Matthew have solid alibies. What we are trying to say is that unlike with so many binary scams out there, the men behind CodeFibo are completely real, legitimate, and trustworthy

Verdict: CodeFibo App is NOT a SCAM

We definitely think that you should try out the CodeFibo software for yourself because it seems to be more than trustworthy. All of the research we have done and all of the evidence we have found suggests that CodeFibo software is not a scam. It sounds weird coming out of our mouths because we usually only review and talk about scams, but that isn’t the case here. Everything we have found is positive and according to our subscribers and other users CodeFibo software has 75% up to 93% ITM win rate. We can’t say for sure that you are going to make a huge profit, but with profits ranging from few hundred dollars per day on average according to other users, this autotrader is highly recommended.

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