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Modern Profit Professor Scam Review

If you are trading binary options you are definitely going to get a kick out of this. Rather if you are a fan of binary options trading through the use of automated platforms, you are going to love this little SCAM review that we have done. You are going to love us for it because chances are that reading this Modern Profit Professor scam review is going to save you a whole lot of money.

Modern Profit Professor is a brand new binary options trading system that is supposedly better than the rest and will have you as rich as Bill Gates in a matter of years. We found quite a bit of information on Modern Profit Professor and the results are not good in the least. By all means, the Modern Profit Professor software is nothing more than highway robbery designed to carjack you and leave you broke on the side of the road.

When Was Modern Profit Professor Scam Released?

One of the biggest problems that we have with this scam app is that they lie to us about their date of release. First of all, they claim that Modern Profit Professor was created and released for public use over 5 years ago in March of 2011. So if it has been around for over 5 years, why have we not heard a single thing about it until just now? This all seemed a little fishy to us so we decided to dig a little deeper.

When we used a few different domain and registry checker tools we realized that MPProfessor scam system has not been around for nearly as long as they would have us believe. Results showed that the Modern Profit Professor website was only registered less than one month ago. Clearly the scammers behind this binary options scheme want us to believe that this program is time tested and has withstood the evil forces of the economic world for over half a decade. It’s a lie and a cheap trick meant to gain credibility which up until now is definitely eluding this scam. 

Unregulated Brokers

Another thing that we discovered about Modern Profit Professor system bot is that their brokers don’t seem to be the most reputable of the bunch. Legitimate and trusted autotraders will only use fully regulated brokers, but that’s not the case with this fake software. After all when people are handling your money you want to use trustworthy people that aren’t going to steal your cash. That means having brokers based in developed countries that have strict regulations as to what they can and can’t do.

This autotrader however uses no such trustworthy brokers. In fact we don’t know which broker agency Modern Profit Professor trading bot uses. We can’t possibly be expected to trust our money with a bunch of crooks when we have no clue as to who is actually handling the money. For all we know we could be depositing money into an account just to have the brokers steal it and spend it on their next yacht.

The Complaints

When it comes to the brokers we definitely don’t trust them and neither do the very unsatisfied customers that have already lodged several complaints against this new scam application. There have been a multitude of complaints lodged against this scam by people who have lost a ton of money. Several unhappy people have said that they have deposited money into their trading account only to have the program tell them that it’s all gone. They deposit money and wake up the next day to find their accounts empty. In all reality the accounts aren’t empty because trades have been lost, but they are empty because the accounts have been drained of funds in order to fuel the party lifestyle of the criminals behind the Modern Profit Professor scam.

The Man Behind The Scam

The man behind the Modern Profit Professor software is called Marco Adessi and boy is he ever a character. By character, we mean that his fictitious personality seems to have lived quite the life. In the presentation video for Modern Profit Professor fake Mr. Adessi claims that he used to work at a high end hedge fund company in the United States.

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This hedge fund company is supposedly named, wait, we have no idea what this company was called because we are never told. Just as suspicious is the fact that the man who gave Adessi the job, an aptly named Mr. Glass has apparently been dead for close to 5 years, thus we can’t really look him up because there is no info on him.

To make a long story short, we have no idea who Mr. Glass is nor do we know what the infamous hedge fund company is called or if it even ever existed. Adessi claims that he wanted to make Mr. Glass proud and thus he created Modern Profit Professor autotrader in order to share the wealth with all of the unlucky people out there. Little do people know that if they use Modern Profit Professor scam service, their investment will be simply gone.

Mr. Adessi as we discovered is nothing more than a paid actor hired from a crappy actor for hire website that people use when they can’t even make infomercials anymore. We found his profile on and he’s not being paid more than 5 bucks to read us a script for a scam that can’t even get their stuff right.

VERDICT: Modern Profit Professor is Dangerous SCAM, stay away!!!

We aren’t even going to mention the problems that we discovered in terms of the profits that this autotrader claims to be able to achieve. All you need to know is that not only will you not be able to generate what is promised by these online scammers, but you won’t be able to make any money at all. This is nothing more than a scam designed to trick you into depositing money into a trading account that gets emptied the second you look the other way.

Safe Alternatives

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