Crypto 301 Scam Review - Bogus ICO?


Crypto 301 software is supposedly a brand new ICO or initial coin offering for various cryptocurrencies. It is apparently a high powered cryptocurrency mining tool that can offer you up to 800% in returns on your investment in just 7 days. Yes, it is no surprise that there are so many new automated programs related to these cryptocurrencies popping up now. After all, the prices of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other digital currencies have been drastically increasing in value. Of course, this means that scams like the Crypto 301 app are also popping up like daisies out of the snow. The Crypto 301 app should help us make a huge profit, but that is anything but the truth.

There is a lot of shady stuff we discovered going on here, all of which points to the fact that this is a very dangerous and malicious program. There are a lot of false promises made here, most of which are just downright lies. This is a totally ridiculous and ludicrous cryptocurrency ICO scam that has the nerve to call itself the real deal. Keep reading our Crypto 301 scam review because there is a lot to know about this trash heap of a program. Oh, and did we forget to mention that it is obviously a Ponzi scheme?

Who Owns Crypto 301 Software?

The fact that we don’t have a clue who is in charge of the Crypto 301 app is a big problem. Sure, the website looks fairly legit, and they even have a little presentation video, but we are never informed of who is at the helm of it all. Whenever we encounter any kind of binary options, Forex, or Bitcoin trading or mining system, we definitely want to know who owns and operates it. If you can’t trust the people in charge, you definitely cannot trust your money with those anonymous crooks.

We are never told the name of a person or company in charge, where the Crypto 301 app is headquartered, and we aren’t provided with any contact details either. This is a huge problem. The fact that this system is anonymous is a telltale sign that it’s a scam. The only reason for the people in charge to keep their identities hidden is because they know what they are doing is illegal and they want to avoid a prison sentence when they inevitably steal all of your money.

Crypto 301 App – The Issue Of Anonymity

Being anonymous is not only a problem because we do not know who is in charge of Crypto 301 software, but also because of reasons related to licensing. Operating a digital currency, taking investments, and mining cryptocurrencies are all activities which require licensing to perform in the realm of legality. Well, since the Crypto 301 app is totally anonymous and without contact info, there is no chance in hell that it has the required licensing to perform these tasks legally.

We did a quick look-up, and sure enough, this system is not licensed and therefore is illegally doing these things. This might be somewhat beside the main point though, because we highly suspect that no mining is ever done anyway. You can also rest assured that there are no reliable brokers involved here either. Reliable brokers will only connect to licensed programs, something which the Crypto 301 app is surely not.



Crypto 301 App – Unachievable Profits

Yet another surefire way that we can tell that this Crypto 301 system is a scam, is due to the unrealistic promise of massive profits. The word on the street is that this Bitcoin mining system can generate up to 800% in returns in just 7 days. Of course, this would be absolutely phenomenal, if it were not for one small issue, or rather, a very large issues, which is that it is wholly impossible to achieve these kinds of returns.

There is not a single trading app, program, or system in the world that can provide you with 100% ROI in 7 days, let alone 8 times the original investment. The best systems in the world simply can’t manage this. There is simply no way, not even in a frozen over hell with flying pigs, that any program like the Crypto 301 app could ever generate this kind of income for you. It’s a lie. The only purpose of this scam is to get you to invest your hard earned money directly into the pockets and mouths of the crooks running the show. Any and all results these scumbags show you are fabricated and made up out of thin air.

Crypto 301 Software & A Fake Creation Date

Another clear indication that a scam is afoot here is that the alleged creation and inception date of this system is not true at all. We are told that the Crypto 301 app was released roughly 470 days ago, in which time it has been able to generate massive profits. Well, first off, this system does not do any mining at all, and second, we did a quick and simple domain registry check. The Crypto 301 website has only been around for a couple of months, not 1.5 years. Everything you see here is a total lie!

Crypto 301 Software – Clearly A Ponzi Scheme

The final thing that we definitely need to mention about the Crypto 301 system is that it is definitely a Ponzi scheme. Never does this app actually do any mining of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. It simply keeps sucking in new money from unsuspecting victims. It might pay out a little bit to old members just to keep them happy and potentially to get them to invest more.

However, these minute payouts are not possible due to mining, but thanks to using new investments from new members. This is a classic Ponzi scheme, using money from new investors to pay small sums to old investors, while the crooks running the show keep the majority of the money for themselves. These clowns engage in a lot of affiliate marketing to try and get you to sign up for other scams they are involved in, plus they have plans to try and get you to make your friends sign up too. Once again, the Crypto 301 app has the format and look of a classic Ponzi scheme.

Crypto 301 Scam Review – Conclusion

There is not much left to be said here. The Crypto 301 app is a classic Ponzi scheme and its intention is to rip you off, rob you blind, and wondering why the heck you ever decided to invest money with such a huge pile of horse crap.

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