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Binary Options trading scams ruin lives on a daily basis, and even with our best efforts to shut them all down, more keeping popping up. The Multiplexer System 2 app is one of these fraudulent BO scams hell bent on ripping you off. Sure, on the outside, Multiplexer System 2 software might seem like a legit BO trading opportunity, but when you dig a little deeper, it becomes painfully apparent that it is not.

We’re here doing a Multiplexer System 2 scam review and it’s to tell you about the very real danger that this terrible malicious trading scam poses to you. We did a whole lot of research and all of the facts point to one single conclusion, which is that the Multiplexer System 2 app is a total rip off. There is not a single reliable or trustworthy piece of info provided by these goons. Everything that comes out of their mouths is an absolute lie. Keep reading our Multiplexer System 2 review because you need to be warned about this pile of trash masquerading as a binary options trading platform.

Multiplexer System 2 App & Cheap Marketing Tricks

One of the first and most obvious signs that a scam is afoot here has to do with the marketing ploys employed by this group of scumbags. On the website, there is a timer which tells us that we only have 30 minutes “to take advantage of this exclusive offer”. Apparently if we don’t sign up within 30 minutes of accessing the website, we will no longer be able to use Multiplexer System 2 software for free and will have to pay a steep price to gain access to it.

Well, this is obviously a boldfaced bluff because whenever you refresh the website, the timer starts back at 30 minutes all over again. Each time you refresh the site, the timer refreshes as well. Therefore, the timer is totally meaningless and the so called “offer” never runs out. It’s just a crappy marketing ploy meant to put you under pressure and get you to sign up before “time runs out”, which it of course never will.

Who Is In Charge Of The Multiplexer System 2 Scam?

This is an interesting question, one which we always want a real answer to whenever we investigate automated BO software. Unfortunately, it’s not a question that we have an answer to when it comes to the Multiplexer System 2 app. Sure, there is a presentation video with some pretty good looking and well put together dude doing all of the talking.

He seems legit enough at first, but once it gets to the end of the video and he still hasn’t told us his name or what company he owns/works for, it all falls apart. This man never tells us anything about himself, nothing at all. How are we supposed to trust a trading app like Multiplexer System 2 software with our money when we don’t even know who is in charge?

Clearly, these scumbags are using a paid actor as a decoy or scapegoat to protect their own identities. The real people behind this criminal thievery want to stay anonymous so they can avoid criminal prosecution when you complain about your stolen money.

Multiplexer System 2 Software – The Anonymity Problem

A huge issue that arises out of the Multiplexer System 2 app being headed by anonymous people is that of licensing and regulation. The kind of trading and signals provision which this app supposedly engages in requires lots of licensing, oversight, and regulation. However, an app like this can only acquire the proper licensing if there are real, legit, and credible people running the show. Since the Multiplexer System 2 app is anonymous in all rights, there is no chance that it could ever get the required licensing to operate within legal boundaries. If this trash heap of a trading app does provide signals and execute trades, it is doing so totally illegally.

On that same note, there is also no chance in hell that the Multiplexer System 2 app is connected to a licensed and regulated broker. Reliable brokers will only dare to connect themselves with equally reputable and legit trading programs. If the program is not legit, then you can rest assured that the brokers associated with it are also not legit in any way, shape, or form. The only reason why these brokers are in place is because they have easy access to your trading account so they can drain the funds right out of it.



Multiplexer System 2 Software & Profit Generation

Yet another surefire way that we can tell that this Multiplexer System 2 system is a scam, is because it refuses to tell us how it works. Sure, we are told that this BO trading platform can generate $850 per hour or up to $20,000 per day, but how it does that we are never informed of. We want to know what trading strategies and algorithms are incorporated into this system in order to execute profitable trades. Neglecting to inform us of the inner workings of this system tells us that it is just an empty shell. It never makes trades at all. It’s simply a system where you deposit money and the crooks running the show take it from you.

Also, the claim of being able to rake in $850 per hour is totally bogus too. Even the best trading systems in the world can’t do that. In fact, the best trading systems out there can make between $850 and $1,250 in a whole day, which is not bad, but they can’t do it in a single hour. This promise of massive profits is always a big indication that the system in question is fraudulent. It just is not possible to make that kind of money with an automated trading app like Multiplexer System 2 software.

Multiplexer System 2 Scam Review – Conclusion

The Multiplexer System 2 app is chalked full of over-exaggerations, false promises, and downright lies. There is not a single trustworthy aspect to this whole thing, so just stay away from it!

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