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The Crytpo Binary app scam is also called Cryptobinary Limited and it is a big one. Crypto Binary is a supposed automated trading program in the world of HYIP of high yield investment programs that lets people make a ton of money in a very short amount of time. There are of course some good HYIP and Binary options automated apps out there which do let you generate decent profits, but Crypto binary fake scam system is definitely not one of them. When we did some research on Crypto Binary software, we quickly realized that this crappy app is plagues with false promises, lies, and fraudulent personalities. Every last thing about this money making scheme is fake, fraudulent, and completely untrue. Read our Crypto Binary scam review to the end and find out everything you need to know to keep your cash in your own pockets instead of in the hands of criminals.

Unregulated Brokers

The first thing that needs mentioning about the Crypto Binary scam app is that they use some of the shiftiest and shadiest brokers that we’ve ever seen. Legitimate, trusted and credible trading service will use trusted brokers that are located in places like North America or Western Europe, however that is definitely not the case here. All of the brokers used by Crypto Binary system are based on off shore platforms. This means that accessing your money is made near impossible due to the fact that these brokers are highly unregulated and don’t really follow any laws. Once your money is in their hands it stays in their hands. Stay safe and warn others!!!

The Ponzi Effect

To put it simply Crypto Binary is called a High Yield Investment Program and it promises ridiculous profits to anyone who invests. The reality here is that Crypto Binary is nothing more than a Ponzi scheme that will eat through your money before you ever know it. In a Ponzi scheme like this all of the money from the most recent investors is used to pay the more recent investors. In other words the money you invest is never used to make a profit, only to satisfy previous investors for the time being, but at the end of the day all your money is going to disappear and you’ll never see it again. This would also indicate that there is actually no trading program at all because it’s a Ponzi scheme and therefore there aren’t actually any new profits being made.

Filthy Liers and Cheaters!

Ok, so to seem more legit these horribly illegal scam artists tries to offer people several different investment programs that supposedly have higher profits the better then plan is. The first plan gets you 2 percent profits per day for 90 days with a minimum investment of 20 dollars. The second plan gets you a 2.5 percent revenue per day for 90 days with a minimum investment of 210 dollars. The third plan gets you a profit of 3 percent per day for 90 days with a minimum deposit of 5,000 dollars. And the fourth plan gets you a daily revenue of 3.5 percent for 90 days with a minimum deposit of 15,000 dollars. What a B.S!

Now these plans are just designed to lure in innocent newbie day traders of all financial capabilities and in reality they all offer the exact same returns, that being 0% percent. The fact of the matter is that as soon as you invest your money it pretty much vanishes into thin air without a trace, and thanks to the shady brokers you are never going to be able to find it again. This is nothing but a complete scam meant to steal your money right from under your nose, be careful! Scam Lifetime

Another thing that really set off some alarm bells for us is the fact that Crypto Binary and its owners claim that people have been using this program for nearly 12 years now to make millions of dollars’ worth of profits. However this is just a lie because we did our research and quickly realized that the website domain and the program itself was just registered earlier this year. Clearly it is impossible to be making money with a program for over a dozen years when it hasn’t actually existed for even as much as a few months. 

No Risk? 

One of the biggest lies that we are told about Crypto Binary creators is that there is absolutely no risk involved when investing your money and making trades. They say that their Crypto Binary program always makes winning trades and never loses a trade or any of your money. This is clearly just another fraudulent claim because there is no way that any computer program can eliminate the risk from trading, period!. Binary options trading and the stock market in general always contains risk, unforeseen events, and other factors which may instantly affect the price of something. Even the best binary trading programs can’t achieve a winning trade ratio of more than 85% ITM, and those are the trusted and regulated ones that really work and are able to generate daily/ weekly profits. The simple fact is that no amount of programming can remove risk from trading to the degree that Crypto Binary fake scheme claims.

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Fakes & Frauds

Another thing that we noticed when we did our research was that the people presenting this scam are all frauds. The people featured in the presentation video are just paid actors hired to portray a guy who knows a thing or two about making investments. It’s just a cheap guy reading a terribly written script, perhaps even worse than the script is the acting itself. Not even to mention that all of the testimonials and positive reviews that we see are also fabricated. The testimonials are written by the same crooks that are trying to steal our money and to try haphazardly cover their tracks they use random stock images from Google to try and convince us that the testimonials are genuine.

Concluding Lines

The simple truth behind Crypto Binary fraudulent scheme is that there is no truth. It’s all just one huge Ponzi scheme that is designed to steal all of your money before you ever notice it. If you want to invest in a real binary options autotrading system that will make a good profit you should check out NEO2 or Crunch Tech. We are personally using both and we have to say that they might be most accurate autotrades so far this year 2016. Average ITM win rate performance with NEO2 and CrunchTech app is around 78% to 80.5% which is much higher than any other autotrader in the market can offer. 

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