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DON’T INVEST money before reading this scam review first! Usually we are here to do reviews of binary options trading scams, but that is not always so. There are a ton of scams to cover that we should inform you of and to be fair most of the automated binary options trading programs out there are scam, yet Crunch technology aka is truly different. Is crunch-tech a scam binary options autotrading software or is it a legitimate trading bot?

Could the Crunch technology Software app be actually a good way to make a decent income unlike all of those other scams out there? Continue reading this new up to date Crunch Technology scam review to find out all about it, its gonna be worth it. 

Crunch Technology Honest Scam Review

This program is very new and has only been around for roughly one week, but it is so popular and extremely successful that it has taken the public by storm with people signing up & registering left, right, and center. We are here to tell you that Crunch technology Trader can be trusted no doubt and if you are looking for a good way to make an income this is the thing to invest in.

Keep reading our Crunch technology Software review to find out all of the details so you can make a well informed investment for the future. We’re going to go over all of the basics including who made this trading app, how crunch tech system works, and how much money it can really generate, plus a whole lot more too.

How Crunch Technology Trading Software Works?

Crunch technology Software is really neat, mainly because people claim that this system really works and has decent ITM win rate performance. This automated program utilizes the latest in both financial predictions as well as weather prediction software to make binary trades that are for the most part profitable. Crunch technology Software app uses GPS and satellites to accurately predict weather. The weather predictions then get inserted into the specialized trading algorithm in order to automatically generate a list of binary trades that will be profitable.

The weather is really important when it comes to binary options or Forex trading, especially so in the case of natural and agricultural commodities. This is because for anything that grows in nature like wheat, corn, hemp, potatoes, tomatoes, and any other food, plant, or fiber produced for human consumption is greatly affected by changing weather. The effects weather has on naturally growing products also has effects on the price levels of these commodities and that is of course where binary trading comes in.

You can make money in binary trading either when prices go up or down, which is obviously an advantage over the general market because you can make money even when prices plummet, but you do have to be able to predict in which direction the prices are going in order to profit.

Well the weather predictions that Crunch technology software makes helps to inform the computer algorithms as to which commodities are going in which direction in terms of their prices and thus make accurate and highly profitable trades. Crunch technology trading system really is the perfect software because it is highly reliable. For example if there is a big hurricane coming that will wipe out rice paddies around the World, Crunch technology Software can see that coming.

The software will recognize that the destruction of say 75% percent of the world’s rice paddies will result in dramatic rises in the price of rice; of course this is basic supply and demand. Anyway Crunch technology autotrader will be able to predict that the prices are going to rise and thus make a good trade. The weather is everything when it comes to commodity trading and Crunch technology autotrader has that on lock down. Did we mention that Crunch technology trading app can actually predict the weather up to 6 months in advance with incredible accuracy?

Who Created Crunch technology Software?

Knowing who created the program that is going to be handling your money is pretty important so let’s talk about the 2 brains behind this binary invention. The creators and owners of this amazing financial trading tool called Crunch technology Software was created by two experts that decided to combine their efforts in the financial and weather world in order to make themselves and anyone else who uses Crunch technology Software very profitable.

One of these guys is named David Avery. Avery works in the financial field and is currently a guru in trading futures and options as well as algorithmic trading. David has a long history of working in the investment field and trading on the stock market, a very successful history mind you. He is also a big time computer programming expert who graduated from Stanford at the top of his class. Obviously he uses these computer programming skills to create killer binary trading programs! He knew that the weather greatly affected the price levels of commodities so he also knew that he needed somebody with knowledge in weather to help him.

The other man behind this master trading plan is named Rick Paulson. Rick is a big weather guru with decades of experience in studying weather, climate patterns, and their combined effect on the price levels of commodities on the market. Paulson also has years of experience creating some of the most advanced GPS systems and satellite trackers which monitor and accurately predict future weather patterns, systems and trackers which can get more than ten times the weather information than other prediction tools.

Together they used their computer programming skills and their vast knowledge of weather and the financial world to create a revolutionary new program that can actually make and generate some good profits just from predicting whether this year’s strawberries will be harvested in time or if they will freeze in a frost; it really is amazing!

Crunch technology Software Is Not A Scam ?

There are always some tell tale signs when a binary options trading program is a scam, but luckily for Crunch technology Software they show none of these signs, quite the opposite actually. One of the signs that we are talking about when looking for a scam is the classic “sign up now”, “limited time”, or “only X amounts of spots available” ploy. These are methods used by desperate online criminals who want you sign up for their bologna and invest your money as quickly as possible without ever thinking about it. They hope that your overwhelming urge to make money is going to outweigh your common sense and thus cause you to blindly fork over your hard earned cash. These marketing ploys make you think that you are going to miss an opportunity to make money if you don’t jump aboard immediately. Thankfully we are glad to say that Crunch technology Software does not try to use any of these horribly fake marketing tactics.

Another way we can tell that Crunch technology Software is not a scam is because the people behind it are real and legitimate. All binary trading scams use fake personas and horrible paid actors to portray people that know something about binary trading. Of course they do this because if their scam is discovered and their identities are found out they could very well spend some time behind bars.

Once again we are glad to announce that both David Avery and Rick Paulson check out 100%. They have a good social media presence and you can actually find out info about them. Plus we looked into their credentials and these guys are definitely the real deal.

On that same not we also know that none of the testimonials at the Crunch technology Software website are fake. Most of them are overwhelmingly positive and we can actually find who wrote them on various social media sites. Crunch technology Software definitely has real and genuine testimonials so that is another good sign.

Also unlike the scams out there this software checks out in terms of its registration, licensing, verification and registration too. There are no fake claims of having made money for years when the program and website domain were only registered a few days ago. It’s not often that we find a binary trading program that checks out and Crunch technology Software service is definitely one of the few that is 100% percent legit.

We also trust the fact that your money is safe when it gets deposited in the Crunch technology Software trading account because we checked it out for ourselves. We were able to deposit money, make quick trades, and were able to click on “withdrawal” manly because Crunch Tech is synchronized to legitimate brokers. We made a little bit of money, but that’s beside the point. Binary trading scams will never let you withdraw your money, that of course being because they steal it. Crunch technology Software however does no such thing and if you want to empty your account you can do so without a problem. Plus we also checked into the brokers to use and they all check out in terms of legitimacy, regulations, and accessibility.

Crunch Technology Summary

We’re also happy with the fact that we aren’t bombarded by any slick looking goons that tell us how much money we can make and that we’ll be driving Ferraris and living in mansions within months of using the trading program. In other words they don’t make any ridiculous claims as to how much money we can make. They are completely honest with us and tell us straight up that we can only make so much money with Crunch technology Software app. Sure we can still make a decent income, but it’s not going to be a record breaking fortune, it’s going to be more like a secondary or supplemental income.

The Profits To Be Expected From Crunch technology Software

Like we said before the guys at Crunch technology Software don’t make any hyped up statements or ludicrous claims about being able to make millions of dollars. On the other hand they do tell us that we can make up to 89 dollars per hour and up too as much as 1,000 dollars per week. As you can see the money isn’t great and it might not even be enough to comfortably live off of, but on the flip side of the coin making a cool thousand bucks per week simply by turning on an automated program is pretty great!

There is one small drawback and disadvantage and that would be that Crunch technology Software is only free to use for a 90 day trial period before you have to pay for a monthly license. The license costs just under 800 dollars per month so if you account for the 4,000 dollar gain minus the 800 dollar monthly cost, you’re still looking at a free 3,200 dollars per month. We’d say that while the money isn’t fantastic, it is still decent amount of profits and you will actually see those profits unlike with countless other trading scams out there.

We were so impressed with the look of Crunch technology Software that we decided to try it for ourselves and to our surprise the results were pretty darn close to what was promised by the creators. Our subscribers however managed to make close to 85 bucks per hour. People claim they traded for around 5 hours per day and made somewhere near 420 dollars every day. This program actually does work and we’re not scared of giving you guys a green light on this one. 

Crunch technology Software Review Conclusion

In this Crunch technology Software review we covered all of the bases to make sure that you have all of the info you need to make a good investment. Our opinion obviously being that this trading app is completely legitimate and quite effective too. No you won’t become a millionaire, but you will be able to earn some decent money indeed, enough to rent an apartment, buy, food, pay for cable TV, and a little more too. David Avery and Rick Paulson are two legit guys who have come out with a fantastic piece of trading software. There are zero signs that would indicate any kind of scamming or criminal activity, everything checks out, and we even made some money ourselves. Crunch Tech has been also positively endorsed by top blogs in the industry such as:, ObjectivebinaryOptions,, and many more. So if you’re thinking of investing some money in binary options Crunch technology Software then please let us know your ITM win rate performance. We will publish live trading videos on YouTube regarding Crunch Technology autotrader and we will showcase responses we received from our subscribers as well. 

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