Way To Freedom Scam Review

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Way To Freedom Software is yet another scam to become available to the public recently. It has managed to make quite a big splash in the financial world, but that splash has not been a pleasant one. The Way To Freedom app is supposed to be some ground breaking, never before seen, high powered trading platform that uses a revolutionary algorithm to generate awesome trading signals for you.

However, there is a lot of confusion here, mainly due to the fact that these crooks are very vague and don’t provide us with very much info about this trading service. Moreover, the information we are provided with is obviously bogus and totally made up out of thin air. Make no mistake about it folks. The Way To Freedom app is totally fraudulent, not credible or trustworthy, and it certain is not profitable either. We’re here doing a Way To Freedom review to tell you all about his super malicious and highly dangerous trading platform.

What Exactly Is The Way To Freedom App?

Well, this is the first point of confusion because whoever is in charge here never once bothers to inform us exactly what this bogus system is meant to trade. Yes, during the presentation video and all throughout the website, it is boasted that the Way To Freedom app used awesome algorithms and trading strategies in order to execute highly successful trades for us.

However, not once are we told whether this is for binary options, Forex, stocks, commodities, Indices, Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other kind of cryptocurrency. You could definitely see why we are concerned. A trading system like this one, which never specifies what it trades in, is definitely something to arouse our suspicions. This should be one of the most basic things about the Way To Freedom system, yet we are never informed of it.

How Does Way To Freedom Software Work?

Another telltale sign that a scam is afoot here is that we are never told how exactly this software works to generate profitable trades for us. Even if we knew what exactly this program traded in, we still don’t have a clue how it accomplishes that. Yes, we are told that the Way To Freedom app uses highly sophisticated and revolutionary algorithms and trading strategies to be one of the most accurate apps in history.

However, we are never told what these trading strategies or methods are, or what the algorithm does either. These are all crucial aspects of any trading system that we absolutely need to be aware of. Not providing this info to us is a big mistake because it is more than enough to make us pack our bags and send us running for the hills. How can we possibly trust the Way To Freedom app with our money when we don’t have a clue in hell what it does or how it does it?

Way To Freedom Software – Same Scam, New Name

Another surefire way to tell that the Way To Freedom system is a total rip off is by looking at past scams. Well, we discovered that there are several different scams, a few of which we busted recently, all of which look exactly the same as this one.

Various other binary options and cryptocurrency scams such as 50K A Week, Pattern Trader, and Cryptosoft look exactly the same as this new scam. In other words, the same scumbags looking to rip you off before are back at it again. They were too lazy to change the look of their new scam, just the name, but we are observant and were quickly able to tell that this is just a new rehash of several old scams that we already took down.

Who Is In Charge Of Way To Freedom Scam Software?

During the presentation video, we are greeted by some nameless grease ball of a man who looks like he’s ready to pick pocket your wallet. He goes on and on about how he’s a millionaire thanks to Way To Freedom software and how you could be too. Sure, he wears a nice suit, but other than that, we know nothing about this guy. He never tells us his name, the name of the company he owns, and he never gives us any contact details either. In other words, this system is totally anonymous. This is obviously a huge problem because we need to know who is in charge of it all.

We want to know the person’s or people’s credentials, their experience, and if they are trustworthy or not. Refusing to tell us who is at the helm of it all is as good as anything else in terms of letting us know that the Way To Freedom app is indeed a phony bologna scam that is hell bent on stealing your money. On a side note, all of the user testimonials on the website are totally fabricated. They are nothing more than fictitious characters and made up quotes.

Way To Freedom App – Anonymity, Licensing, & Brokers

The final thing that definitely needs mentioning here is the problem of anonymity. As we mentioned before, the Way To Freedom app is 100% anonymous. Well, this is a huge issue in terms of licensing and regulation. Only companies with real people at the helm, credible people with no criminal record, could ever hope to get the required licensing to perform this kind of activity.

Yes, providing signals is considered providing financial advice, something which needs licensing. To keep things short, Way To Freedom software is not licensed and therefore not legally allowed to handle your money. At the same time, this system is connected to only one broker, which is also unlicensed and unregulated. This is a one way ticket to having your deposit stolen and your trading account drained of all funds. You need a reliable broker!



Way To Freedom Scam Review – Conclusion

At the end of the day, the only thing that any sane person can label Way To Freedom software is a scam, a scheme, a total rip off, and an absolute waste of time.


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