50K A Week Scam Review – HONEST?!?

OFFICIAL SCAM URL: 50kaweeksw.com

There is no getting around the fact some BO trading programs like 50K A Week software just is not worth the trouble. It is no secret that binary options and Forex are both good avenues to walk along if you want to make some extra cash. However, for most people, a good trading platform is required to really excel and generate a good profit. Unfortunately for most, recognising a scam like the 50K A Week app can be nearly impossible, especially before it is too late.

The reason we are doing a 50K A Week scam review is definitely not to promote it in any way, and in fact is quite the opposite. Simply put, we found way too much info that points in a very negative direction. As far as we can tell, pretty much everything and anything told to us by the crooks behind this scam is a total lie. Not even the people themselves are genuine in any way. These guys are criminals and their scam program is here to steal your money. There are just no two ways about it. You need to beware of 50K A Week scam software because it is malicious and will take you for everything that you have. Keep reading because you need to know what is going on here.

50K A Week App – Repackaged Crap

One of the first things that we noticed about this ludicrous trading system is that it is nothing new. These clowns are advertising 50K A Week software as being a brand new Forex trading platform, but that is not true at all. This exact same scam, down to the name, the look, and all of the lies, was already released over 1 year ago.

We already busted that same scam back then, so we assume that they decided to slip back into the shadows until now that is. In other words, this is the same scam we already saw a year ago, just with a new website URL. These guys are just trying their luck again, but luckily for us and for you, we are ahead of the game and were quick to recognise repackaged crap the first second we saw it.

How Does 50K A Week Scam Software Function?

Another clear sign that 50K A Week scam software is here to rip you off has to do with the explanation we are given in terms of the inner workings. The unfortunate reality is that we are never really told exactly how this program functions to generate a profit. That is a huge problem for us. We are informed that the algorithm used is a very advanced and sophisticated one, one that can reach near perfect ITM rates and generate over fifty thousand dollars per week.

However, exactly what it does we are never told. We definitely do not feel comfortable investing money with any trading service when we do not actually know what it does. We are told that Wall Street brokers everywhere are using this same proprietary algorithm to execute their trades. That statement alone is enough to scare us away.

First of all, if this software was really proprietary, then how did numerous big time fat cat Wall Street Brokers get their hands on it? That is beside the point that if everybody were to use this same algorithm, it would effectively render 50K A Week software completely obsolete and useless. Something just does not add up here and that makes us feel very uncomfortable.


50K A Week Scam Software – Fake Owners

Yet another obvious red flag here is that nobody involved with this program actually exists in real life. Yes, knowing who is in charge and who runs the show is one of the most important things to know. If we know that the people at the top are criminals, then we can rest assured that the whole system is a total crock.

In the case of 50K A Week scam software, we get to meet a guy named Josh Harris. Josh claims that he used to work for an investment company known as GeniusTech, a high profile trading firm with lots of sway in the financial world. He then goes on to inform us that GeniusTech went bankrupt, but somehow he managed to get a hold of the algorithms and software which he would use to create this particular trading program. Something just does not seem right here.

Well, after some snooping about and digging around, we realised that none of this is true in the least. First off, there is not a single business registry in the world which can confirm that this GeniusTech business ever existed. Second, no company, even in the final stages of bankruptcy, is going to hand over proprietary algorithms to a guy named Josh, especially not for free. Finally, we also could not find a single shred of evidence which would confirm that Josh is a genuine person. The only viable reality here is that Josh is a paid actor hired to read a script, and his whole story is a just a big stinky pile of horse crap.


50K A Week Trading Program – What About The $$$$?

Perhaps the most obvious sign that 50K A Week software is a total rip off is the ridiculous promise of insanely high profits. To make a long story short, we are told that this software has a 100% ITM rate and can generate upwards of $10,000 per day, every day. That is all just so unrealistic that we don’t even really want to keep talking about it. Simply put, it is impossible to win all trades all the time and it making ten thousand bucks per day is definitely not achievable. This is just a package of lies meant to lure in newbie investors.

50K A Week Scam Review – Conclusion

There is really nothing more to be said about this horrible trading system. 50K A Week software is very obviously a scam and it will rip you off. Just stay away from it as far as you can because it is malicious and dangerous.



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