Direct Signals Scam Review – Real or SCAM?


Direct Signals Software is fairly new binary options trading program that is out to get you. The reality is that while binary options and Forex can be a good way to make money, that is not the case with this software. It is pretty rare that we come across a program that is so darn fraudulent, but it does happen. Direct Signals software is one of those programs. These guys claim to be the real deal, even though we have no idea who the people actually are. The crooks behind this program promise us huge profits and awesome ITM rates, both of which are not true at all.

There are so many red flags and clear indications of a scam here that we barely know where to begin. This Direct Signals scam review is going to cover all of the most important aspects of this monumental cash grabbing scheme. We are here to give you fair warning about this highly dangerous and extremely malicious piece of software. You need to know what is going on here and more importantly, you need to stay away from this software at all costs.

Who Is Behind The Direct Signal App?

One of the most obvious indications that a scam is afoot has to do with the creators of this trading platform. During the presentation video, which is very shoddy and low budget, we are greeted by some guy known as Peter Rice. He claims to be the owner, CEO, and creator of Direct Signals scam software. He spins us some big tale about his life, his upbringing, and why he decided to create his own binary options trading platform. Undoubtedly, everything that this guy tells us is completely bogus and not true in the least.

We could not find this Peter guy anywhere online. There are no comprehensive search results about him except for those in relation to this scam. He has no online presence whatsoever. We have no way of confirming his story or who this clown even is, and that is a huge problem for us. We can’t possibly trust this software when we know for a fact that the man in the video is a phoney actor being used as a scapegoat. This alone is enough to scare us away from Direct Signals scam software once and for all. However, there is still a lot more to be discussed.

Direct Signals Trading App – Bad Brokers

Another obvious sign that this is a total scam is that none of the brokers being used here is legit in any way, shape, or form. If we are to be expected to invest any amount of cash with any trading software, we want to know that the people handling our money, the brokers, are in fact reputable and honest. Well, trust us when we say that the Direct Signals brokers are anything but trustworthy. We did some research on the brokers being used here and all signs point towards a very negative result.

As far as we can tell, none of the brokers employed by this ridiculous piece of computer engineering is licensed or regulated. In other words, they are not allowed to be brokers, nor are they regulated or scrutinised by any real entity. These guys have free reign over you and your money. Once you invest in them, they can do pretty much whatever they want with your cash and there is no legal recourse for you to take. If you invest money with one of the Direct Signal app brokers, you will lose it all. These crooks will simply drain your trading account of all funds and leave you wondering what the heck happened.


Direct Signals Scam Software – More Paid Actors

Besides the phoney dude in the presentation, we also discovered that a few more paid actors were being used to try and further the criminal cause of this bogus trading system. To try and lure us in, we are shown a bunch of Direct Signals user testimonials, some in video form and some in written form. They may be different types of testimonials, but both are wholeheartedly fake. They are simply made up and fabricated on the spot. Not only are all of the reviews and testimonials way too good to be true, but we also know for a fact that these crooks used stolen stock images of people as well as paid actors to create them. It’s all just one big load of crap meant to deceive you and make you fork over your hard earned life savings.

Direct Signals Trading Software – Unreal ITM Rates

Yet another thing that shows this to be a ludicrous trading program is the promise of completely unachievable ITM rates. We are “informed” that Direct Signals software has winning trade rates upwards of 90% and that we can make thousands of dollars per day with it. We are told that this is a guarantee, but we definitely beg to differ. The best of the best trading programs in the world can only achieve ITM rates of up to 88%, and that is on a very good day. Moreover, generating anything over $800 or $900 per day at the very most is simply not possible. Why these guys would try to fool us with such a dumb promise is well beyond our limits of comprehension. They just promise big results in the hopes of luring in newbies and beginners.

Direct Signals Scam Review Conclusion

The bottom line is that Direct Signals is a terrible, horrible, and totally fraudulent trading system that will rip you off every chance it gets. This is a scam meant to defraud you of your money, with a nice side of the possibility of having your identity and banking info stolen. This pile of junk is dangerous and you need to keep as far away from it as humanly possible.

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