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The TAI Robotic Indicator App has been out for several weeks now, weeks that have been very profitable. We were honestly quite surprised as to how profitable this software has turned out to be. At first, while we did not think that it was a scam, we were also not 100% sure about how effective TAI Robotic Indicator Software would be. Also, there were a couple of issues which we had previously not addressed. Well, let’s just say that this trading service has turned out to be absolutely phenomenal.

It truly is a groundbreaking advancement in the field of BO and Forex trading. Some really innovative and sophisticated aspects have been included in this software to make it one of the highest earning and most reliable trading platforms available to the public to date. We are sure that you probably have a whole bunch of questions about this software. So, today, our TAI Robotic Indicator review is going to take the form of a questions and answers seminar. After we are done here, you should not have any more questions about this system, and if you do, you can feel free to ask us anything!

  1. What Can I Trade With TAI Robotic Indicator Trading System?

One of the things that many people have been wondering about this trading system is what exactly can be traded with it. There has clearly been some confusion here, so let’s try and get to the bottom of this mystery. This service allows you to trade binary options or BO for short. It also allows you to trade Forex, which is short for foreign exchange or foreign exchange currency pairs. However, unlike most other trading services out there, this one can still do a lot more. With this system, you can also trade plain old stocks, commodities, and indices too. It is very rare that you will come across any trading platform that can trade all of those things.


  1. Do I Need To Be In Front Of My Computer To Trade With TAI Robotic Indicator Software?

One of the things that many people have been wondering is if they need to constantly be at attention and physically in front of the computer to execute trades with this software. The answer to this question is both yes and no, and is a little complex. This system does have a fully automated mode, which means that you can set the settings to your liking, click on the auto-trade button, and the system will go into full drive for you.

When you use the fully automated feature, you can walk away, go have a snack, watch a movie, and come back to a trading account with more money in it than before. IN other words, no, for the full auto mode, you do not need to be constantly present. However, there is also a semi-automated mode to the TAI Robotic Indicator trading system. This mode gives you more control over the trading proceedings but does require you to execute each trade manually. The same is true for the social trading aspect, where you have to click on the trade button each time in order to make any and all trades.

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  1. Where Is TAI Robotic Indicator Available For Use?

This is definitely an important question that needs answering. The fact of the matter is that many people have been using this trading service. Those people have been coming from a multitude of countries and various areas of the world. Luckily for most people, this trading service is available in mostly all countries of the world, but not all of them. Generally speaking, you will be able to use this software wherever you happen to reside.

However, Canada is one country where you cannot use this software, and also, the U.S.A is a little iffy here. There are only some states in the U.S.A which allow for the use of TAI Robotic Indicator software, but those are unknown at this time. If you live in the U.S.A, you will have to go through some trial and error to see if this service is available in your state.

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  1. What Are The Recommended Settings For TAI Robotic Indicator?

If you want to make some really good money with this system, there are a few different setting choices that you need to follow. If you set the TAI Robotic Indicator program to the following settings, you will have no trouble generating a really handsome amount of cash on a daily basis. The thing is that this software does have multiple settings and setting options, so if you do not use the right ones, your potential for will be greatly decreased.

First off, in the trading strategies sections, you need to choose both correlation and high-frequency trading. Sure, both strategies work fine on their own, but putting them together to work simultaneously will increase profits greatly. Second, in order to maximise profits, you need to choose medium risk trading. High-risk trading does have a higher profit potential, but will also lose more trades. The low-risk option will lose fewer trades, but also has lower profits. The clear way to go is with the medium risk level.

Moreover, when it comes to expiry times, you should check off all of them. These times include 60 seconds, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, end of day, and long term trades. Selecting all of these at once is a great way to generate money across the board. Finally, you should set the daily stop loss level to 200, the currency investment to 100, and the daily investment to 700. If you follow all of these tips, as outlined in the image below, you will have the biggest chances of making as much money as possible.

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  1. What Are The Recommended Trading Hours For The TAI Robotic Indicator App?

If you really want to make some good money using this software, you need to make the trades at a certain time of day. There are different trading hours and periods, some of which are better than others. You want to use this program when the market volume of trades is at its highest. The recommended trading hours to use this service are between 9 am and 7 pm GMT. This is because that is the timeframe when both the New York and London stock exchange markets are open and when there are the most trades being made. If you trade during this period, you are sure to make a fair amount of profit.

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  1. How Much Money Can TAI Robotic Indicator Generate?

From our personal experience, we have been able to achieve ITM rates as high as 88% with daily profits anywhere between $500 and $800. That is very good considering that you can just turn the software on and let it run on its own. As you can see from the image below, we were able to make upwards of a 70% return on mostly all trades that we executed.


  1. What About Making Money Withdrawals?

One big problem that many people seem to experience when using any trading program is that of making withdrawals. There are many systems out there which make it look like you are generating a profit, but then when you go to withdraw money, it just never happens. Well, people, those are what we like to call scams. This software, the TAI Robotic Indicator app, is not a scam and it definitely allows you to withdraw money. We have been using this system for quite some time now and we just went to withdraw some cash. Guess what, it works fine. We withdrew our first $800 just a couple of days ago and it works just fine. It does take anywhere from 2 to 4 days for the money to get into our bank account, but that is no big deal. The important thing to note here is that it is definitely possible to withdraw money.

  1. How Can I Increase My Profitability? THE BROKERS

There is a really good way for you to increase the possibility of making money. Everybody is assigned to a specific broker, which takes place in the regular account. Just on a side note, all of the brokers used by this software are reliable brokers which are regulated and licensed, so there is no issue with that. However, you can indeed upgrade your account to a VIP TAI Robotic Indicator account. This means that you can connect to more than one broker at a time. We would highly recommend doing this as the chances of making a profit are astronomically increased.

TAI Robotic Indicator Review – Q&A Conclusion

There they are, the most important questions about TAI Robotic Indicator software with the best answers that we could muster. This is undoubtedly an awesome trading program, not some pile of junk scam. SO, if you want to make some good money or just a supplemental income with Forex or Binary Options, we would obviously recommend using this prime piece of computer engineering.


If you would like to trade in BO or Forex and want to use a good program, you can try using TAI Robotic Indicator. This is a relatively new trading service that has been extensively tested by the group of experts here at Binary Options Army. TAI Robotic Indicator Software can help you generate over $800 per day with ITM rates anywhere between 82% and 89%.

IMPORTANT: If you have any questions, issues or you experience any problems please email us and we will be glad to assist you. Our contact customer support email is: bin[email protected] If you register with this service from our website then you will always have our full free support in case you run into any issues or problems. Remember that you are not alone, with us you will always be safe!

To date, we have settled close to 2,000 trading disputes and we will not stop until we put every last scam out of business! If you have been cheated out of money or scammed by any fraudulent trading service, we encourage you to reach out to our complaint centre for free help. If you need help, we will provide it for you!

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