Tesler 2 Scam Review – RIP OFF??

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The Tesler 2 app is just another scam in a long line of binary options scams that will rip you off. It is supposedly hailed as being one of the most reliable and highly profitable BO trading services out there. Claims of being able to make over $5,000 per day with a near perfect ITM rate, and much more, are all going to be debunked very soon. In fact, we already did a big scam review on the Tesler app, which was fraudulent from front to back. Well, this is the Tesler 2 software scam review, one where we will cover the so called upgraded version of the original system.

Make no mistake about it, this new version, Tesler 2 software, is virtually no different from the first version. It is simply the exact same scam, with the same name, and everything else meant to look like something new. These scam artists simply repackaged an old scam and are trying to pass it off as something new. Keep reading our Tesler 2 scam review because there are a great many details that you need to be aware of. If you wanted to wake up this morning and come face to face with a dangerous program that could ruin your life, you have come to the right place.

Who Is Behind The Tesler 2 Trading System

The man whom we are led to believe is in charge of this monumental blockbuster of a thieving scheme is known as Steven Abrahams. We are told that he is some big time day trader who has made millions of dollars in the world of Forex and binary options. Apparently, he owns a small investment firm, which is how he funded the creation of the Tesler 2 program. He seems like a nice enough guy, but he definitely does not look like the real deal, something which we were able to confirm with just a little bit of research.

As it turns out, this Steven Abrahams guy is the exact same person who brought us original Tesler app, one which we already chopped down to size. We revealed how Steven Abrahams was a paid actor the first time around. Well, these fools did not even bother to change the name of the guy, nor did they even change the low-grade actor used to portray him. The clowns behind this scam must think we are really dumb to try and trick us into falling for the same thing over again. Steven is a paid actor, hired from a really crappy actor for hire service, he is not in charge here, he did not create this app, and he certainly does not know the first thing about binary options.

How Does Tesler 2 Scam Software Work?

The really interesting part about this total rip off is that it has not even changed the way that it “operates”. In terms of how this app works, we are told that it uses super speed mainframes and high tech super computers to analyse market trends. Moreover, it is said to be able to do this with more speed, reliability, and efficiency than any other trading service on the market today. We want to know exactly which trading strategies are being used here!

This is obviously bogus because some lowdown trading app is not going to have better or faster tech than world leading investment firms and trading businesses. This has to be a lie and nothing more than boasting something that is just not true. Saying that we are faster and better than all of the competition, is simply not a good enough explanation for us!


How Much $$$ Can Tesler 2 Trading Software Generate?

Well, we are “informed” that this supposed amazing piece of trading software can generate over five thousand dollars per day, every day. Apparently, the Tesler 2 program uses some really advanced and sophisticated state of the art technology to make really profitable trades around the clock. At one point, the phoney actor in the video even tells us that we can make closer to $6,000 per day. Moreover, as far as the presentation is concerned, this app has the power to operate virtually risk-free without ever losing a trade, except for the odd one every now and then.

We can’t believe that these snake oil salesmen would try pulling the wool over our eyes a second time in the exact same manner in which they failed the first time around. We already busted these ridiculous claims the first time around, so why they would try it again is really beyond our comprehension. The simple fact of the matter is that even the best of the best BO trading programs can only pull in around $800 or maybe $900 per day, tops. There is no way any service could go beyond that, especially with a very minimal investment. It is simply unrealistic and wholly unachievable.

Furthermore, claiming to operate without risk and win all trades made, or pretty much every trade, is just as absurd as making $6,000 per day. A good BO or Forex platform can indeed be profitable and reliable, but only to a certain point. The Tesler 2 trading system would literally have to be able to tell the future in order to eliminate the risk of loss to win all trades. There is no BO trading service in the world that can exceed an 88% ITM rate.

That is reality and that is the truth. The claims made by the anonymous criminals behind the Tesler 2 trading program are nothing more than downright boldfaced lies. This is all beside the point that no reliable brokers are in use here, and therefore you will never be able to withdraw any cash anyway.


Tesler 2 Scam Review – Conclusion

The bottom line is that Tesler 2 trading software is a scam of epic proportions. It is here to steal your money, not to help you make it. This system is jam packed with giant lies and unrealistic expectations. JUST STAY AWAY FROM IT!


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