Nuvo Finance Versus Penny Millionaire – A Side By Side Comparison

Both Nuvo Finance Software and the Penny Millionaire app are great binary options platforms, each of which come with some big cash generating potential. It is very rare to find two different binary trading programs that work, heck, it’s already hard enough to find one reliable program, let alone two of them.

We all know that binary options is a pretty risky business and it comes with a chance of losing your investment, but that risk can be greatly minimized with the right automated trading program. We’re here to talk about two very much used programs called the Lexington Code trading system and the Penny Millionaire trading system. Both have been proven to be reliable, they have been proven to work, and they have be proven to be profitable too.

However you probably don’t want to have to use two separate trading programs, so we’re here to find out which of the two programs is the best. Sure, they both work, but which one is the one that you should use before anything else? We’re going to talk about all of the important factors which make up a good trading program and how well each of the programs rank in terms of those factors. This is the Nuvo Finance versus Penny Millionaire report for 2017.

Nuvo Finance vs. Penny Millionaire – The Men Behind The Programs - *DRAW*

One very important aspect in terms of identifying the best trading program to go with is who is in charge of them. In the case of Nuvo Finance, Peter Millen is the man with the plan, and for Penny Millionaire, David Forrster is the man behind it all. Now, it’s always important to know who is behind a trading program because the credibility of those at the top will go a long way in determining the overall credibility of the program itself.

Well, when it comes to both Nuvo Finance software and the Penny Millionaire app, both Peter Millen and David Forrster, respectively, check out to be legitimate people that we can trust not to steal our money. We have done a whole lot of research into the backgrounds of both of these men, and both of them turn out to be the real deal. Both men came from virtually nothing, they used their intelligence to create awesome programs, and they have been helping us generate a good income ever since the inception of each program.

We really can’t come to a conclusion in regards to which trading program is the best based on the people behind them, because both Peter and David are as reliable as the other. In our eyes, if we would have to pick a better program between the two based solely on the reliability of the creators, we would have to call it a draw because both men are guys that we would definitely trust our money with.

Penny Millionaire vs. Nuvo Finance – Ease Of Use

Another important aspect of any good trading program is how easy it is to use. Well, the long story made short is that both Nuvo Finance software and the Penny Millionaire app are very easy to use, and thus this section of the comparison also results in a draw.

For both of these programs, all you have to do is to sign up for an account, make the initial deposit, and begin trading. Both programs simply need to be set to their fully automated mode and you can just let them trade by themselves. In terms of user friendliness, both Penny Millionaire software and the Nuvo Finance app really could not be any easier to use, and both come out at about the same level here.

Ease Of Use - Winner - NUVO FINANCE! 

Each of these trading programs are great for beginners to use, but one thing that does need to be said is that Nuvo Finance is oriented more towards beginner traders, where as Penny Millionaire is not. Sure, both programs are relatively easy to get the hang of and have a solid interface, but Nuvo Finance seems to be a little easier to get the hang of.

Penny Millionaire vs. Nuvo Finance – How Do They Generate Money?

One of the most important things to consider when trying to figure out which of two trading programs is the best, is how they actually function to generate an income. Some trading strategies and overall money generation methods are better than others, so let’s figure out whether Penny Millionaire software or Nuvo Finance Software employs the better strategies.

Penny Millionaire 

Penny Millionaire software is quite an interesting piece of trading technology because it does not really follow the normal trading tactics that other programs use. Penny Millionaire does employ a few different strategies at once in order to identify which trades are the best to be made, and it actually does quite a good job at it.

Penny Millionaire software uses a highly advanced algorithm that analyzes several different market vectors to come up with a list of trades which have the most potential of being profitable, trades which it then automatically executes. However that is really only a small part of how the Penny Millionaire app generates money. Most of the money that Penny Millionaire software makes comes from the compound interest method it employs.

Simply put, every time Penny Millionaire makes a winning trade, it takes one single cent from that trade and puts it in a compound interest account, an account which doubles in amount every day. Therefore if Penny Millionaire makes 5 winning trades in a day, not only do you get those profits, but you also get the advantage of a compound interest savings account too. That being said, for this whole strategy to work, Penny Millionaire needs to actually make a lot of winning trades, something as you will see, Nuvo Finance is just a little bit better at.

Nuvo Finance 

This program also employs a highly advanced algorithm to execute profitable trades and the strategy employed by Nuvo Finance software is actually not that different than that of Penny Millionaire software. The Nuvo Finance app uses many different trading strategies in tandem in order to identify winning trades. It analyzes a long list of market vectors, it analyzes market conditions and trends, and it uses several different methods to identify potentially profitable trades.

Just like Penny Millionaire, it uses a variety of strategies at the same time, but it uses a good amount more than Penny Millionaire. Nuvo Finance employs a large variety of trading strategies, each of which work individually to identify winning trades. The signals which are identified the most times by individual strategies are those which are then executed.

This is a very sound method of trading, because only those signals which are identified by the vast majority of strategies employed by Nuvo Finance are then acted on, thus greatly minimizing the risk of losing a trade. We are big fans of this type of trading method because based on past results, it has been proven to be very effective time and time again.

Trading Method – Winner = Nuvo Finance Software

In our eyes, the clear winner in terms of the better trading method between the two programs is Nuvo Finance. While both of the programs employ the same strategies of identifying winning trades, Nuvo Finance simply utilizes much more market information and a large a variety of individual strategies to identify the best trades.

In other words, Nuvo Finance software has the better chance of actually executing the right trades when compared to the Penny Millionaire app. Sure, Penny Millionaire does use compound interest to increase profits, but it does a worse job at actually winning trades, therefore rendering the compound interest feature somewhat useless.

If Penny Millionaire can’t win as many trades as Nuvo Finance, then the compound interest function does not come into play nearly as much as we would like to see. Therefore, the winner here is Nuvo Finance software without a shadow of a doubt.

Nuvo Finance vs. Penny Millionaire – Which Has The Better Profits?

These are both binary options trading programs, so obviously the number one most important deciding factor in terms of which one is better, is going to rest on which one has the bigger profits under its belt.

Penny Millionaire 

The profits for Penny Millionaire would at first appear to be larger than those of Nuvo Finance, but that is only the case for the early stages of the program. Like we discussed before, Penny Millionaire software does have the potential to make some big gains, especially thanks to the compound interest savings account feature.

However, in our opinion, Penny Millionaire relies too much on that interest feature to make a profit, a feature that still requires winning trades to function. Well, as far as we can tell, both from our own experiences with the program and from third party sources, Penny Millionaire can make somewhere around $500 to $800 per day depending on market volatility and investment per trade on average, with a few cents going into that interest account. Moreover, the average ITM rate for Penny Millionaire software seems to rest somewhere around 78%, which is not bad, but it is not great either.

Nuvo Finance 

While Nuvo Finance software does not use any kind of compound savings mechanism, the overall chances of making winning trades are a fair amount higher than that of Penny Millionaire software.

Nuvo Finance has let us generate around $850 dollars per day based on the trades alone, which is roughly twice as much as Penny Millionaire allowed for. Furthermore, the ITM rate for Nuvo Finance sits at around 84 – 87%, which is excellent and much better than the ITM rate for Penny Millionaire. In terms of real profits that we have seen in our trading accounts, Nuvo Finance is definitely at the top of the food chain.

The Best Profits – Winner = Nuvo Finance

While the compound savings mechanism of Penny Millionaire may allow for a technically higher profit potential than Nuvo Finance, the fact that it relies on this more than the actual trades themselves is not good, not at all. Sure, Penny Millionaire has the ability to make more money thanks to compound savings, the real time results are still in favor of Nuvo Finance.

The fact that Nuvo Finance wins on average of 10% more of its trades more than makes up for it not having Penny Millionaire’s compound interest feature. Penny Millionaire just relies too heavily on building interest rather than winning trades, and winning trades is what these programs are meant to do. If the Penny Millionaire app can’t win trades, then the compound interest feature is rendered virtually useless. Therefore, the clear winner in terms of real profits that we have seen is Nuvo Finance.

Nuvo Finance vs. Penny Millionaire – Which One Do People Like More?….. NUVO FINANCE!

The clear winner of this part of the comparison is Nuvo Finance without a doubt. This is not to say that People have not been liking Penny Millionaire, but just not quite as much. This is not to say that Penny Millionaire software has gotten any real complaints, but on the other hand, the praise received by Nuvo Finance is just much better. 

Yes, people like both of these trading programs, but it seems as though people are much happier with Nuvo Finance Software.

Conclusion….. THE WINNER – NUVO FINANCE!!!

There is only one clear choice to be made here in our eyes. There is no doubt in our minds that Nuvo Finance software is by far the superior trading program when compared to the Penny Millionaire app. Don’t get us wrong, both programs are good choices, but Nuvo Finance simply has more praise and has been shown to make a slightly larger profit. Moreover, Nuvo Finance software places a higher amount of trades than Penny Millionaire, plus it is also a little easier for beginners to use, both important deciding factors. At the end of the day, the amount of money a trading program can generate is by far the most important deciding factor, and Nuvo Finance generates on average more money than Penny Millionaire. It’s as simple as that.

#1 WINNER : NUVO Finance

#2nd Place: Penny Millionaire Software

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