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FinTech Profits software is a horrible new binary options trading platform that is not worth the money it claims to generate. This crappy scam is brought to us a by a scheming crook name George, nothing else, he’s like Madonna or Cher, just George. George tells us that Fintech Profits software can generate a guaranteed $600 dollars per day at the very minimum, with maximum possible profits being somewhere around 2,000 dollars per day.

There is a reason as to why we are doing a FinTech scam review and it is because this is a total scam hell bent on emptying your trading account and robbing your of your hard earned life savings. There are so many dubious and downright impossible claims made by the people at FinTech Profits that we almost don’t know where to begin. This is the FinTech Profits scam review and we are going too chop these scamming criminals down to size, throw them in the wood chipper, and leave them or dead.

FinTech Profits Trading System – George?

Who the heck is George? George of the Jungle? The point we are trying to make is that we have no idea who George really is. Sure, he is the guy in the presentation video for FinTech Profits software, but other than that we really don’t know much. Seriously, how can we trust a guy named George when we don’t even get a last name? The only reason to try and remain anonymous is to hide his true identity and to protect the true identities of the real people behind this scam.

George claims to be some big shot millionaire who created the FinTech Profits app all on his own without any outside help. Now he says that he wants to share his program with all of us so we can become just as rich as he is. Sounds good right? Not!! This guy is a complete phony, a paid actor, a bogus made up personality that does not know the first thing about binary trading, something which we can clearly see by the way in which he haphazardly explains how FinTech Profits software is supposed to work.

Moreover, we know for a fact that this George guy is a paid actor because we have already seen him before. Not only have we seen him, but we have seen him in several other binary options trading scams. Each time he uses a different name, each time he represents a different trading platform, and each time he tries to rip you off in a new way. This George fellow is not to be trusted by any means, and the only conclusion that this brings us to is that FinTech Profits software is not trustworthy or credible either.

How Is FinTech Profits Software Supposed To Work?

That is another good question to ask, one which we don’t really have the answer too. As far as we are concerned, FinTech Profits software in all likelihood does nothing at all and is just as fictitious as the George character himself. Sure, we could try to explain to you what we are told by George in the presentation video, but then we would just be feeding you the same bull crap that he tried ramming down our own throats.

The explanation as to the inner workings of the FinTech Profits program is about as bad, convoluted, and confiusing as it gets, and we assume that is purposely so. George throws a great many big words at us, financial terms, acronyms, and a bunch of random facts, none of which have anything to do with the program itself or with binary trading in general. The presentation video does nothing but leave us with more questions than answers, mainly what is this crap? The only real assumption to be made here is that FinTech Profits software does not really make trades, but actually just empties your trading account the second you make a deposit.

Why would we ever invest money with a program like FinTech Profits software when we know for a fact that it can’t possibly do what it says, and for that matter, when we have no idea what it is supposed to do to begin with. This whole thing smells like a pile of horse crap left out to steam in the sun for a while.

The FinTech Profits App – Profits & ITM Rate

Another thing that just smells like an abandoned fish processing plant is the claim to fame made by FinTech Profits software. George, the completely phony presentor of this FinTech Profits scam, tells us that his awesome new program can generate a minimum of $550 per day, every day, without fail, and with no risk involved.

He claims that FinTech Profits software has a 99% winning trade rate with absolutely no risk involved at all. This is obviously impossible because even the best of the best trading programs can only muster an ITM rate of 85% at the most.

Not to mention that George’s math is clearly off. Being absolutely risk free would mean that FinTech Profits software would never make a losing trade, never, but he also tells us that it has a 99% accuracy rate, which means that it would lose 1 out of every 100 trades. So which one is it? These guys are horrible liars who feed us some very unrealistic expectations, and they do it when they can’t even count right. What a bunch of slimy crooks!

FinTech Profits Trading System Scam Review – Conclusion

If that evidence is not enough to convince you that FinTech Profits software is without a doubt the worst investment opportunity so far this year, maybe you should watch the horrible presentation video. Or better yet, you could invest money with it, lose it all, then blame us for not warning you about FinTech Profits software, the worst binary trader we’ve seen in ages. Oh wait, we did warn you! STAY AWAY FROM FINTECH PROFITS SOFTWARE!!!

If you would actually like to engage in binary trading and want to use a proven and reliable trading program, you could check out either Nuvo Finance or Penny Millionaire. Both of these trading programs have been tested by our team of experts, they are shown to have a minimum ITM rate of 85%, and they are highly profitable too. Under the right conditions both of these programs can generate somewhere around 800 bucks a day without a shadow of a doubt.



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