Daily Binary Profits V.7 Unbiased Scam Review


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When it comes to binary options autotraders, the Daily Binary Profits V.7 program has to be one of the most flawed and shadiest scams that we have seen in a very long time. Just like with all of the other horrible options scams out there, Daily Binary Profits V.7 software makes some really bold claims to fame and fortune, but where they lack our support is with the delivery of those promises.

Sure, binary options can be a great way to generate an income, but not if you have one of the most unreliable and fraudulent programs out there, a program like Daily Binary Profits V.7 software. Usually these scams look at least partially believable at first glance, but that is not even the case with Daily Binary Profits V.7. This is the Daily Binary Profits V.7 scam review and we are here to tell you why you should stay away from this purely bogus trading platform at all costs.


How Does Daily Binary Profits V.7 Software Work?

The simple fact of the matter is that we really don’t know whether or not this program works, what it does, or if it actually does anything at all. The information provided to us is so limited that coming to a conclusion is very hard, and what little info is given to us just does not seem to make any sense at all.

A lack of information regarding the inner workings of Daily Binary Profits V.7 software is a very bad sign because if the creators can’t tell us how it works or what it does, then how are we supposed to be expected to believe that it really does work. We are never told how the algorithms work to produce accurate signal info, how or where Daily Binary Profits V.7 software gathers its info, what strategies it uses to make judgement calls, or anything else for that matter.

One of the only things that we are told about the Daily Binary Profits V.7 app is that it specializes in 60 second trading. This is a type of binary trading where each trade only takes 60 seconds from start to finish. Well, in the presentation video we see the anonymous creator perform 2 trades in 60 seconds, and it takes roughly 30 seconds to execute a trade.

Now, taking 30 seconds to execute a 60 second trade means that the signal information you are using is already 30 seconds old, a substantial amount of time when it comes to a 60 second trade. In other words, even if this program does indeed execute trades, it means using old and inaccurate signals, and ultimately it means that Daily Binary Profits V.7 software will lose your trades. At the end of the day there just is not enough good intel to make Daily Binary Profits V.7 software seem reliable in the least.


The Daily Binary Profits V.7 Trading System – What Profits?

Something that threw a wrench into our gears was when during the presentation video we are told that Daily Binary Profits V.7 software will have us taking in anywhere from 160 to 260 bucks per day. What we mean to say is that a profit of $260 per day is not unreasonable at all. Most reliable binary options autotraders can actually generate up to 800 or even 900 bucks a day, so $260 per day does not seem like a lie, well at first anyway.

Where the story behind Daily Binary Profits V.7 software gets sticky is when we are also told that it can generate up to $7,000 dollars per week. Now, we will admit, we aren’t mathematicians, but we still can count. Markets are open 5 days per week, and a daily profit of $260 would equal $1,300 per week. So, where does the $7,000 come from?

Either these losers can’t do math at all, in which case you definitely don’t want to trust them with your money, or they are dubious criminals trying to fool simple minded people into investing their hard earned money. Whatever the case may be, the huge inconsistencies in the Daily Binary Profits V.7 story make us very doubtful that it is anything more than a total scam.

Let’s not forget to mention that Daily Binary Profits V.7 software claims to have a 92% ITM rate, a rate which is completely impossible for any automated signal software to achieve. All in all, we just can’t trust this steaming pile of bull.


I Have To Download The Daily Binary Profits V.7 App?

For us one of the most shocking things about Daily Binary Profits V.7 software is that it is one of the only binary trading apps that needs to be downloaded. The vast majority of autotraders nowadays operate on an online server, yet this one needs to be downloaded. Not only does this waste space on your computer’s storage, but it also puts you at huge risk.

Anything that can be downloaded, especially something like Daily Binary Profits V.7 software that is inevitably going to ask you for personal and banking info, is very risky for you. It could come with a whole host of malware and viruses which may steal all of your information and may very well clean your bank account out, steal your identity, and wreak havoc on your life.

The Crooks Behind Daily Binary Profits V.7 Trading Software

Yet another thing that shows us just how not credible and completely fraudulent Daily Binary Profits V.7 software is, is how we are never told who is behind it. The presenter in the video never shows his face and doesn’t even offer up a fictitious name.

We have no clue who is running the show here, no clue who made the program, who is running it, or anything else. Being completely in the dark about who is behind this scheme is something that we as professional traders simply cannot accept and it is something that you should not accept either.

One thing that we do know is that the Daily Binary Profits V.7 app is endorsed by user testimonials, fake user testimonials written by scammers portraying happy customers. You just can’t trust this malignant group of thieves!

Daily Binary Profits V.7 Scam Review Conclusion

There is only one sound judgement call to be made here, and that is that Daily Binary Profits V.7 software is a total rip off. There is nothing which would indicate otherwise. We know that they fudged the numbers in regards to profits, we don’t know how the app works, and we don’t know who is behind it, each of which would be a deal breaker on their own, but together they form a sign that says DANGER, STAY AWAY FROM THIS SCAM!

If you would like to engage in binary options trading and need a good platform, you may want to try The Nuvo Finance App or The Lexington Code. Both of these autotraders are reliable and credible, they have an ITM rate of around 85%, they can generate around $800 per day, and both have been tested and proven to work by our expert team of traders.



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