Nuvo Finance Versus Lexington Code – Comparison Review

The binary options world is a harsh place and making a dollar is easier said than done, but not if you have the right automated trading robot. It’s very rare that we find a good binary options bot, but it’s even rarer to find two of them which are both reputable and profitable. Well, we’ve recently covered two different awesome trading systems, those being The Lexington Code program and Nuvo Finance software. This is the Nuvo Finance Versus Lexington Code comparison review.

Both of these trading programs have been proven to work, proven to be reliable, and proven to not outright steal your money. The question we are here to answer is which of the two programs is better, Lexington Code or Nuvo Finance? We’re going to look at a few key aspects of each of the programs and come to a conclusion in terms of which one is the best to use. Let’s keep this short and sweet so you can choose the right trading program for you and get right to generating a great income.



The Basics – The Similarities

The first thing to do here is to get all of the irrelevant factors out of the way. Sure, when comparing a trading program, we have to look at things like the people behind the respective programs, the brokers, and the general presentation, but those things are not nearly as important as the actual results you get from the program, as well as how easy it is to use.

To get the small things out of the way, The Lexington Code and Nuvo Finance software are tied when it comes to the legitimacy and credibility of the people behind it. Both of the creators of each program check out to be real people, not just fake personalities, and their credentials check out too. Since both programs have real and reliable creators, we can’t really make a comparison based on that aspect.

Moreover, both of these programs use more than reliable brokers. Lexington Code and Nuvo Finance both use brokers that are based in well regulated countries, they have great reviews from around the world, and they both do a good job at handling your money.

Finally, both of these programs have fairly high budget and very well put together presentation videos. Based on the presentations alone, both are good programs. In reality, both programs are good, and as you can see, the brokers, presentation, and the people behind the programs check out without question.

However we can’t do a good comparison based on the similarities between the programs because that is useless. We need to talk about the important differences between the two, mainly how easy to use the programs are and what the profits are like. Let’s get to the meat and potatoes and talk about which program is really the best one.


Lexington Code VS Nuvo Finance – The Trading Method

Perhaps the most important thing to analyze when doing a comparison of trading programs is how they actually function to make money. What does the algorithm do and what strategies are used are factors that go a long way in determining how well the program itself actually works to generate cash for you.

Lexington Code

The Lexington Code trading system uses a pretty old school method of trading, but it is one that has been proven to work very well time and time again. Lexington Code uses the strategy of diversification, which has been used by trading experts and investors from around the world for a very long time, especially in the stock markets. Diversification in this case means that Lexington Code makes a very large number of small investments with different signals, as opposed to just making one or a few big investments.

Diversification is a proven trading strategy because it is shown to minimize risk and reduce the chances of losing your money. Sure, you might lose a couple small trades, but you have made so many, that most of them are bound to win, especially because of the advanced selection method that Lexington Code employs. The Lexington Code’s trading system is pretty solid indeed, but we aren’t sure if it can measure up to Nuvo Finance’s trading method.

Nuvo Finance 

Nuvo Finance software uses a very highly advanced selection method to decide which signals are the best choices to invest in, those which will end up being the most profitable. While the Lexington Code program uses the proven strategy of diversification, Nuvo Finance uses several different strategies in tandem to choose the most profitable investments to execute.

Nuvo Finance uses a wide array of trading strategies which individually analyze market conditions and various trading signals independently. The preliminary results from all trading strategies are then analyzed and combined into one comprehensive analysis. The signals which are shown to be the most profitable by the highest number of individual strategies are the ones which are ultimately executed.

Trading Strategy Winner – Nuvo Finance

While both trading systems do employ pretty solid strategies, the Lexington Code’s diversification strategy still comes with a pretty high risk factor. Diversification is not a bad strategy, but if your luck is really bad on a certain day, many small trades may be lost. On the other hand, Nuvo Finance’s algorithm does a fantastic job at selecting profitable trades thanks to employing a diverse array of strategies at once.

User Friendliness – Lexington Versus Nuvo

Another important thing that always needs to be considered when comparing profitable binary options trading platforms is how easy they are to use. The easier they are to use, the faster you can make money, and the less you actually have to know about trading in the binary options world to make a profit.

Lexington Code 

The Lexington Code is pretty straightforward trading platform to use. It is very easy to sign up for, and using it is almost as easy. Lexington Code does have a fully automated mode for beginners, and it has a manual mode for people who know a thing or two about binary options.

This is pretty neat because it makes it extremely easy for beginners to use, but it is also advanced enough, if need be, for expert traders to choose their own way and execute their own trades. However what needs to be said is that the manual mode and all of the extra options may be a little confusing for some people, and in our opinion, for simple binary trading, all of the extras are just unnecessary.

Nuvo Finance 

The user friendliness of Nuvo Finance software is simply exceptional. First of all, signing up for your own account is done in just a few minutes. Moreover Nuvo Finance is a fully automated trading platform that does all of the work for you, and thanks to its advanced algorithm, it works really well.

Nuvo Finance is so smart that it literally does everything for you, and the fully automated mode virtually eliminates the need to actually understand binary trading, which is ideal if you just want to make a quick profit. Moreover, Nuvo Finance does come with various step by step tutorials on how to use the platform, plus it also comes with a very large variety of instructional materials which will teach you everything about binary options trading, if you so choose.

User Friendliness Winner – Nuvo Finance

When it comes to user friendliness, we have to say that Nuvo Finance is the clear winner. Yes, the Lexington Code has a manual mode for a more intense trading session and to give you more choice, but in our books that does not equate to user friendliness. With Nuvo Finance software you get tutorials, instructions, and in all reality you don’t even need them. The Nuvo Finance trading system is fully automated, it has a reliable algorithm, and is very easy to use, more so than The Lexington Code trading system by far.

The Profits Made – Lexington Code VS Nuvo Finance

In all reality the most important part of any trading program is the result which it brings you, or in other words, how much money it can generate for you on a daily basis.

Lexington Code 

The Lexington Code is pretty profitable and it does serve to put money in our accounts. There is no doubt of that at all. We have dug around far and wide to gather the Lexington Code’s results from traders around the world, and the signs are pretty good indeed. We weren’t about take other people’s word for it though, so we decided to test The Lexington Code program for ourselves.

At first we were able to make around 600 dollars per day with it, but profits slowly trickled off, and at this point the amount of money generated on a daily basis rests somewhere between 200 and 300 dollars per day. This is not bad at all, and we surely are not going to complain about an extra couple hundred bucks per day, yet the results do not seem to be quite as good as the other program we are talking about here.

Nuvo Finance 

Nuvo Finance has treated us very well over the last couple weeks and our trading account speaks to that matter very much. Not only have the results from traders around the world been exceptional, but our experience has been no less so. Since we first started using Nuvo Finance software we have been able to generate a steady income between 400 and 500 dollars per day. While the maximum profits we have made with Nuvo Finance have not exceeded the maximum generated by the Lexington Code program, the average profits are still much higher.

Profits Winner – Nuvo Finance

The bottom line is that Nuvo Finance software was able to generate a higher median income than the Lexington Code program. At the end of two weeks of using both programs, our results with Nuvo Finance were simply better than those with the Lexington Code.

Nuvo Finance Versus Lexington Code – Big Winner – NUVO FINANCE!

When it comes down to it, Nuvo Finance is by far the better program for a variety of reasons. Nuvo Finance software is very easy to use for everybody, its trading strategy is better than that of the Lexington Code, and the most important of all, Nuvo Finance software comes with the higher profits.


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