Mobile Money Pages – IS IT A SCAM?

Mobile Money Pages may not have anything to do with binary options, but it is still a huge scam. This so called marketing educational tool is a scam of epic proportions, almost to the point of being a total joke. For this reason, we decided to do a Mobile Money Pages scam review. It is so dangerous that we need to inform you about it right now. Andrew Davidson is the total con artist that wrote this E-book, a guy whom we trust as little as a submarine made of cardboard. We have no reason to trust this Andrew guy, and as you will find out, neither do you.

Mobile Money Pages is supposed to be some kind of tool that teaches us how to make money from home. It is supposed to verse us in the world of online marketing and making money simply through building web pages. Rest assured that you are better off buying a book that is full of blank pages. For God’s sake, you could get better marketing education while training to flip burgers for McDonald’s. This is an absolutely preposterous training tool and you are better off buying a book with 300 blank pages.


The Man Behind Mobile Money Pages – “Andrew Davidson”

We are lead to believe that a man by the name of Andrew Davidson is the author of this completely terrible book. Right off the bat, when reading the first few pages of the book, it becomes apparent that the author has zero idea of what the heck he is talking about. This leaves us wondering what exactly his credentials are, so we decided to do some research on him. Well, as far as we can tell, this Davidson character does not really exist. Or to be fair, that is probably his pen name, not his real name.

We could not find any concrete evidence that this Andrew Davidson persona exists in real life. Moreover, we could not find out what his credentials are, if he has any at all. It seems as though he is nothing more than a fictitious character, made up to sound fancy and smart, with the express intent of selling you a useless book filled with total and utter nonsense. This guy has no education, he does not use his real name, and he is definitely not qualified to write a book like this!

Mobile Money Pages – The Unrealistic Cost

Something else that indicates that this is a scam, even before we read it, is the absurd cost of the book. Real educational tools that have really valuable content are not going to cost $40 and that is a fact. A good tutorial or educational tool that teaches you the ins and outs of marketing, and how to make close to $600 a day from your computer, is not going to be that cheap. The only reason why Mobile Money Pages only costs forty bucks is that there is nothing of value contained in it. There are seminars, books, and other materials of this sort which go for several hundred dollars.

You can be sure that if a book like this one were to contain real secrets that will lead you to make big profits, it would cost a whole lot more. People might think that the price is reasonable, but good things never come cheap. You know what they say, you get what you pay for. Seeing as how this fraudulent book costs next to nothing, we are betting our bottom dollar that the educational value is just as low as the price itself.


Mobile Money Pages – Nothing Of Importance

For a book that promises to teach us how to engage in effective website building and online marketing, this book sure does very little of either of those. The whole book is filled with totally convoluted explanations about nothing at all. From front to back, this whole thing is nothing but the ramblings of someone who doesn’t have a clue about what the internet is or how it works. Reading this book for marketing purposes is like reading Harry Potter to learn about world history.

This book has less value than a two cent toy made in some backwoods Chinese factory and that is the truth. Nothing in this crappy book makes sense, and what does make some sense, only applied to real life maybe 10 years ago. This world has changed a lot, something which Mobile Money Pages does not seem to understand.

Mobile Money Pages – SEO & Marketing?

You probably know what SEO is, or if you don’t, it stands for search engine optimisation. In short, it is a way of wording your content in a certain way, and including specific keywords, so that Google and other search engines will rank you at the top of the search results. SEO is how you get website traffic. The problem with this less than stellar book is that it teaches you nothing about SEO or how to use it effectively. Literally, the most important thing in terms of getting traffic and making sales is pretty much left out altogether.

Sure, we are told what SEO is, but unfortunately, it never informs us of how to utilise it! What is also pretty ridiculous is that the crooks behind this book tell us that their methods will let us make over $600 per day, just by sitting at home. This may be true if it actually gave us some good knowledge, but obviously, that is not the case. Seriously, this book teaches us to spin articles, or in other words, to rip them off, steal content, and make it our own. Moreover, all of the marketing tactics discussed in this book are from 1990 and the early 2000s. What was once considered useful is now totally outdated, which is exactly what Mobile Money Pages is.


Mobile Money Pages Scam – Conclusion

The bottom line is that Mobile Money Pages is totally useless, it gives us bad info, and raises our hopes to levels where they should never be. This is a total scam, so do us all a favour and just keep away from it!

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