30 Day Challenge Scam Review – The Real Deal?

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Joey Altair is the crook behind the 30 Day Challenge trading system and he is going to rip you off. This is indeed a very intriguing binary options trading program to consider using. However, upon further investigation, it is revealed to us that it is a thieving scheme. The 30 Day Challenge program promises that we can make at least thirty thousand dollars every single month. We are also told that this binary options trading software has a ridiculously high winning trade percentage.

Even more suspicious is how this Joey guy promises to pay us no less than one thousand dollars if we somehow fail to generate 30K with this software. There are so many shady things going on here that we had no choice but to do a 30 Day Challenge scam review. The bottom line is that there are way too many aspects of this bogus trading software that are just way too good to be true. You definitely need to read our 30 Day Challenge report for 2017 because there are some very dangerous things that you absolutely need to be aware of.

30 Day Challenge – Cheap Marketing Tricks

One of the biggest red flags that we notice right from the get go is that 30 Day Challenge scam software uses a great many sales ploys to falsely lure people in. The first one of these low down tricks is how we are told that only 25 people can use this software during this initial phase. These 25 people will get to use this horrible trading program for free and keep all of the profits. We are then kindly informed that everyone else after those first 25 people will have to pay a substantial fee in order to use 30 Day Challenge software.

Well, this is obviously a trick. If you go the website, you will realise that the ticker which counts how many spots are available never actually goes down. Seemingly, either nobody has signed up yet, the ticker is broken, or most likely, there are not a limited amount of spots at all. This is just a way to get people to ignore their inhibitions and instincts, rush to sign up, and fork over as much money as possible without considering the consequences.

Yet another dirty illusion used by the criminals behind the 30 Day Challenge trading program is that of the $1,000 promise. Apparently, the phoney presenter guarantees to us that if we do not make 30 grand in one month he will personally give us a thousand bucks. The reality is that if you look at the fine print in the tricky contract, nowhere are you guaranteed that one thousand dollars, and in fact quite the opposite is stated. Once again, if you do not make the $30,000, nobody is going to give you free money and that is a guarantee. After all, the whole point of this scam is to rob your money, not to give you cash.

30 Day Challenge – Is Joey Altair The Real Deal?

Something else that we noticed about this 30 Day Challenge scam is that he is without a doubt, not the real thing. During the presentation video, he tells us that he is a long-time financial trader with tonnes of education, plus he claims to also be an entrepreneur in the sense that he owned a little investment firm. Of course we had to do some kind of background check on this Altair fellow and what we found, or actually what we didn’t manage to find, was really disturbing.

The reality is that this Joey clown is just a stock photo stolen from an image database, one that is combined with some voice narration to try and lend him some legitimacy. Joey Altair does not exist, he has no social media profile or search results, he never tells us where he got his education, and he never tells us the name of the investment firm he owned. We know with absolute certainty that this man is simply a way for the real criminals to stay hidden in the shadows while the unceremoniously steal all of your hard earned money.

How Does 30 Day Challenge Software Work?

Well, we are told that this trading platform uses the Fibonacci sequence in order to find the most successful trades to execute on your behalf. Let’s keep things short and simple here. The Fibonacci method has been proven to not be a reliable trading strategy in the least. In fact, this algorithm is utilised specifically by scam programs like this one. If you observe what this sequence is all about, it is actually designed to lose your money. Now, the program does not actually lose your money per say. This is just a cheap cover to hide the fact that the scam brokers behind this software are draining your trading accounts.

30 Day Challenge – Profits?

Perhaps the most ridiculous thing that came to our attention about this fraudulent trading service is that the profits and the ITM rates guaranteed by it are anything but real. The slimeballs behind this program claim that 30 Day Challenge scam software has a strict 99.3% ITM rate. This would mean that less than one out of every hundred trades made will be losers. Now, of course, that would be fantastic, but also wholly impossible at the same time. It is simply impossible and one hundred percent unrealistic. Even the best of the best trading programs out there can’t muster that kind of trading accuracy. The claim of being able to generate 30K per month is therefore anything but legitimate.

30 Day Challenge Scam Review Conclusion

At the end of the day, the bottom line is that 30 Day Challenge is nothing but a giant cash grabbing scam. There is not a single trustworthy or legit aspect of this whole program. Everything is one big lie meant to get you to willingly hand over your money. Before you know it your whole investment will be disappeared.

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