Spey Invest LTD Review – RELIABLE?!?


Spey Invest LTD is indeed a very confusing and nonsensical trading program. Here at Binary Options Army, we cover all kinds of scams, whether they be binary options focused, Forex related, or dealing with crypto currency too. Well, today we are going to be covering Spey Invest LTD software, a scam that can’t seem to make up its mind in terms of exactly what it trades.

This whole thing is very confusing, a point which we will elaborate on later down the road. The point is that regardless of whether this software works or not, which it definitely doesn’t, it is so jumbled that no one in their right mind would ever want to use it either way. These clowns clearly do not have their stuff together and it is painfully obvious.

We have received many complaints from people around the world who have already been scammed by this program. For this reason we are here doing a Spey Invest LTD scam review, to save you the trouble of going through the same horrific experience. Keep reading what we have to say because you do not want to miss out on any of the details!

Spey Invest LTD Software – What Is It?

It may seem obvious that this is a trading program which is supposed to help you make money, but if you take a look at it, it is actually painfully unclear exactly what it is supposed to do. During the short and useless presentation video, we are told that Spey Invest LTD scam software is intended to help you make money in the trading world. As far as we are concerned it is supposed to be an automated trading bot, but in what it trades is the real mystery.

Their little presentation flic does not reveal whether this program trades Forex, BO, crypto currency, or whatever else. Keep in mind that these kinds of programs, especially the legit ones, will never combine something like Bitcoin with BO signals in one piece of software.

On the Spey Invest LTD website, all of the imagery, for the most part, has to do with Binary Options and Forex, which would make perfect sense. However, the presentation video is filled with Bitcoin and crypto currency imagery. This is why it is all so confusing. If you ask us what exactly this trading platform trades in, it is unclear. They never really tell us and based off of their website, they do it all, which is very unrealistic, to say the least.

How Does Spey Invest LTD Generate $$$$?

Yet another good question that remains wholly unanswered has to do with how this program generates cash for us. It is not unanswered because we are lazy or don’t know how to do our jobs, but because the clowns running the show simply neglect to tell us. We have a strong feeling that we are never told how the program works because it actually doesn’t do anything at all. Remember people, this is a scam and it is meant to steal your money, not to help you make it.

When it comes to any trading program, we want to know exactly how it works to put money in our pockets. That means being aware of trading strategies, algorithms, and everything else that goes on behind the scenes. Without these answers, we cannot possibly be expected to make an investment with Spey Invest LTD scam software. Like we said, it is our suspicion that it never makes trades anyway, which would make sense considering the lack of explanation.



Daniil Solopov – The Spey Invest LTD Scammer

Another big red flag which indicates that a scam is afoot has to do with the alleged owner and creator of it all, Daniil Solopov. Forget the presentation video, because Daniil never shows his face in it, nor is it his voice doing the talking either. Where we do get to meet him is on the website, in the form of a little picture and a clearly fabricated blurb about him. It goes without saying that he looks like a doctored mix between Harry Potter and Matt Damon.

Wait, hey! It is a picture of Matt Damon in his early twenties. You know, that actor who played in The Departed and countless other blockbuster hits. He may not look quite the same because it is an old picture of him with glasses and a funky hair do, but if our eyes are not mistaken, it is definitely the multi-award winning world famous actor Matt Damon. WHAT A TOTAL JOKE! In other words, unless Matt is actually behind it all, which would be awesome no doubt, we have no idea who is running the show here and that is a huge problem for us, not to mention that they tried to fool us by using an old picture of a world renowned movie star.

Spey Invest LTD Scam Software & More Lies

We discovered even more fibs here, one of which being in relation to the brokers. The website claims that all of the brokers used by Spey Invest LTD trading software are regulated and licensed, but that is not true at all. Quite the opposite is the reality. All of the brokers here, the names of which you never get to find out until you have made a deposit, are one hundred percent unregulated and unlicensed. This means that they have the power to steal your money and there is nothing that you can ever do about it!


Spey Invest LTD Scam Review Conclusion

At the end of the day, the only real verdict that we can reach is that of SCAM! Spey Invest LTD software is an epic and monumental cash grabbing scheme. It is a thieving enterprise with the sole purpose and express intent of making your life a living hell by stealing any and all funds right out from under your nose. These crooks are dangerous and malicious criminals who would like nothing more than to drain your trading account of your investments.


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