Copy My Cashflow Scam Review – Legit??


Copy My Cashflow software is a brand new trading scheme that is hell bent on ripping you off. The binary options industry is a very tricky one and making actual money can indeed be quite the challenge. Trading services such as the Copy My Cashflow app are supposed to help make things easier. It is said that this particular program can generate up to $1,000 per day, every single day without fail. Apparently, it is supposed to be some really high powered and sophisticated trading service.

There are many bold claims made by the people running the show, claims which in all reality cannot possibly be true. We did a whole lot of digging around and the evidence we found points in all of the wrong directions. Copy My Cashflow scam software is a very dangerous and malicious platform. While you may think that it is designed to help you make a profit, it is actually intended to make a profit at your expense. We are here doing a Copy My Cashflow scam review and you absolutely need to hear what we have to say.

What Is Copy My Cashflow Trading Software?

The real problem with answering this question is that nothing on the website, or even in the presentation video, is very clear. From what we can gather, this is a binary options and Forex trading service. It is apparently a fully automated system that will place trades on our behalf and make money for us. Copy My Cashflow software is said to be one of the most advanced systems to date and can generate one thousand dollars per day, one hundred percent risk-free. Now, we think that it is a binary options program, because what else could it be? The issue is that the info is so lacking that even just coming to a conclusion as to what this program is, is quite difficult. The only real piece of info we are provided with is that it is an online trading system.

How Does Copy My Cashflow Trading Software Work?

That is another question that we have a lot of trouble answering with a comprehensive response. This is not due to a lack of research or digging around, but because the people behind Copy My Cashflow software never actually inform us. A binary options trading system needs to utilize great overlaying and underlying trading algorithms, trading strategies, and methods.

We want to know how the system which we are putting our money into works to make trades. Not once are we told exactly how this program works, how it picks signals, how it executes trades or anything else of importance for that matter. Heck, we aren’t even told what this program really trades in!

If we don’t know what a program like Copy My Cashflow scam software does, we can’t possibly be expected to invest any money into it. It is our suspicion that this pile of trash that comes in the form of computer engineering does not actually do anything at all. If it did function properly, we would be told how it functions. It is highly likely that the program only steals your money without ever making a single trade.

Who Is Running The Copy My Cashflow Program?

We honestly don’t have a clue in hell about who is in charge here. During the presentation video, we are greeted by a voice narrator who calls himself Josh. Well, if you know anything about us, you know that we hate narrators with a passion, especially when we don’t get to see their face or don’t have any contact details. It always sends a clear message to us when narration is being used as opposed to a real physical person talking, someone that we can see talking with our own eyes.

That message is that we cannot be trusted, we want to steal your money, and so we don’t go to prison, we are using this scapegoat narrator whom we named Josh to keep us hidden from you. These crooks know darn well that what they are doing is illegal in many different ways. They are committing theft and fraud. They don’t want to end up getting into any legal trouble so they choose to stay anonymous. This is a huge red flag and an obvious telltale sign that Copy My Cashflow software is a total scam.

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Copy My Cashflow – Profits & ITM Rate

One of the most ridiculous and ludicrous claims made by the criminals running this show is that Copy My Cashflow software is 100% risk-free. In other words, this would mean that it can make trades with no risk of losing any of your investment. All trades are always winners! Sounds good right? Well, anything that sounds too good to be true always is, which is exactly the case here. It is simply impossible for any single trading app to be able to accurately predict price directions one hundred percent of the time.

People might believe in palm reading and fortune telling, but even if there are people out there who can tell you when you will die because of the way the lines in the palm of your hand look, it is unfortunately not something that BO trading programs have mastered. As for the bold faced lie about being able to generate over $1,000 seven days per week, well that is obviously bogus. The best trading services out there can muster around $800 per day at most, and only on weekdays. Saying that Copy My Cashflow software can make money seven days per week is really dumb because anybody with even half a brain knows that markets are closed on the weekend! There is also the fact that there is no reliable broker in sight.


Copy My Cashflow Scam Review – Conclusion

At the end of the day, the only viable and reasonable verdict that we can possibly come to is that Copy My Cashflow trading software is an epic scam and monumental ripoff. There is not a snowball’s chance in hell that you will ever make any kind of profit with this so called trading service!


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