Triple Lock Profit System Scam Review


The Triple Lock Profit System is a brand new scam that hit the public just a couple of days ago. Its name may make it seem harmless enough, but the truth could not be any further from that. The reality is that the Triple Lock Profit System is a total rip off and is meant to take every penny that you have. We are told that this ridiculous program can generate up to $15,000 per day. Technically speaking, we are told that we will earn $5,000 just from testing the program out, plus it can rake in over $10,000 per day, every day of the week without fail.

If you don’t know too much about binary options, you probably do not know just how ridiculous that promise is. There is way more to it than that though. There are a ton of disturbing aspects that we uncovered about this ludicrous BO trading system. In all rights, this is a very dangerous, malicious, and absolutely horrible trading system. It is meant to screw you out of your hard earned money every chance it gets. We are here doing a Triple Lock Profit System scam review and it is to warn you about the dangers it poses.

The Man “In Charge” Of Triple Lock Profit System – William Maynard

There is a little presentation video for the Triple Lock Profit System and it is truly anything but convincing, not in the least. There is so much crap spewed out through the duration of the video that we don’t know where to begin. Well, a good place to start is with the so called owner and creator of it all, William Maynard.

During the video, we are shown a picture of a guy, in combination with some voice narration, and he is called William Maynard. He claims, or at least his voice does, that he is a long time BO and Forex trading expert. Apparently, he is an entrepreneur, a trading expert, and a long time financial analyst. Well, this is all just a big load of horse crap, and we can prove it.

You see, whenever we are confronted with static images and voice narration, we get suspicious really fast. This is because there is usually no way of confirming the identity of said person. However, we were able to confirm that it is all just a big load of nonsense. First off, we could not find any comprehensive search results related to William. He has no internet presence whatsoever, and that is a big issue. Second, the picture used in the presentation is a stolen stock image from a picture database. The same image of William has already been used for countless other sales and marketing advertisements and campaigns.

Whoever is in charge of Triple Lock Profit System, it is not this William character. He is a fictitious person, a made up and fabricated persona meant to gain legitimacy for this software and make it seem trustworthy. You can rest assured that you cannot trust the people behind Triple Lock Profit System, because the only reason for them to stay anonymous is because they know that their actions are illegal and would land them in prison if their real identities were ever discovered.

Triple Lock Profit System & Fake Testimonials

Another disturbing red flag about Triple Lock Profit System that we discovered has to do with the user testimonials on the website. Now, the user testimonials actually consist of real people talking, and we can see them in action so we know they are real. However, just because they are real people does not mean that they are genuine. The fact of the matter is that we found these guys on websites like, which is a site where you can hire actors to say anything you want for $5 or $10. The reality is that these people are being paid to leave testimonials and reviews, so they obviously are fabricated. Don’t believe what they say because not even their names are real.

Triple Lock Profit System & Unreal Profits

Another obvious indication that Triple Lock Profit System is a total scam, is that the profits promised to us are totally unreal, unrealistic, and totally unachievable. We are first told that we will get a free $5,000 just for testing out the beta version of this software. Well, this is obviously not true, because nobody is going to give you free money for anything, especially not for testing out a program, and especially not the ridiculous sum of $5,000.

Second, we are then told that Triple Lock Profit System can generate over $10,000 per day without fail. This is also a total lie. Even the best of the best trading systems out there can’t generate more than $1,000 per day, or a little more if you are lucky. However, Triple Lock Profit System claims to be able to make ten times as much as that. It just is not possible to achieve those kinds of profits with any BO trading service, especially not on a minimal investment of $250. That would mean that Triple Lock Profit System would be able to provide you with a 40X ROI every single day. What a load of nonsense!

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Triple Lock Profit System & Bad Brokers

The other thing that is worth mentioning in passing is that Triple Lock Profit System does not use reliable brokers. For that matter, the brokers used by this scam are not even regulated or licensed. This means that you can never take any legal action against them when your money inevitably goes missing. Their purpose is to steal your money from you, not to help you make it!



Triple Lock Profit System Scam Review Conclusion

The bottom line is that Triple Lock Profit System is undoubtedly a scam. There is not a single piece of evidence that would back up even the smallest claims made by these lying crooks. Don’t buy into their lies and tricks, because the only thing you will achieve if you do is the loss of any investment you make.


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