Facebook Auto Trader Scam Review

The Facebook Auto Trader App might seem like the real deal at first, but is anything but that. While there are many great binary options and Forex trading platforms out there, Facebook Auto Trader software is definitely not one of them. Yes, this industry can be extremely profitable, but not when you are forced to use a pile of junk program like this one. It is said that you can generate thousands of dollars every single day using Facebook Auto Trader scam software. We definitely beg to differ with that claim.

Absolutely everything about this bogus sham is totally fabricated, nonsensical, and most of everything here is a downright lie. Pretty much anything said by these crooks is fake, untrue, and does not reflect reality in any way. We discovered a whole lot of telltale evidence that this is a scam. Lots of red flags came to our attention about this dangerous and extremely malicious software. We’re here doing a Facebook Auto Trader scam review and you need to hear every last word of it. Never should you invest with this horrible software because it will rip you off and leave you with an empty trading account.




Is Facebook Auto Trader Scam App Related To FB?

So, since the popular social media platform Facebook is included in the name of the program, we would assume that this software has some real and legit relation to the social media site itself. However, from the facts that we have unearthed, it is just not so. These guys are literally using the Facebook name to lend themselves an air of legitimacy. It is all one big trick meant to lure people into a sense of complacency.

During the presentation video, we are shown some pictures of Facebook posts concerning Facebook Auto Trader software as well as posts allegedly made by the software owners in regards to winning trades. However, when we searched around on Facebook, with a number of search combinations, we were wholly unable to find anything pertaining to Facebook Auto Trader scam software at all. The images seen in the presentation video are doctored to look like they came from FB.



In fact, using the FB name to create a sense of legitimacy is considered illegal. They are using someone else’s copyrighted name for their own benefit and surely are not paying FB for any privileges. This is all one big scam, where the clowns running the show are trying to make you feel comfy by giving their trading service a name that you are already familiar with. Don’t fall for these cheap and definitely illegal tricks!


Facebook Auto Trader Software – The Fake Team

Yet another suspicious aspect of Facebook Auto Trader software is that the whole team is completely fictitious. Nobody, actors or pictures, that we see on the website or the video is real in any way, shape, or form. They are all made up personalities meant to gain your trust before they rip every last penny out of your trading account.

The man who is supposedly in charge is allegedly named John Thompson. Listen to him for a few minutes and it becomes painfully apparent that this man has never heard of a binary option for the entirety of his life. It is glaringly obvious that he is reading a script and rather poorly at that.

We did some hardcore digging around and were unable to confirm his identity. This is not because he did a good job at keeping his online presence low, but because his identity has been fabricated. We found absolutely zero search results about MR Thompson, except for those in relation to this Facebook Auto Trader scam.

The same thing can be said for John’s team of expert employees, people whom we see in pictures on the official Facebook Auto Trader website. These people have really fancy job titles and based on their merits, seem like good fits for the job. The real issue here is that we are never told their names, nor given any contact info. All we ever see is a bunch of pictures, job titles, and little explanations on how well these people do their jobs.



Well, it should be no surprise that these people are not genuine either. We pasted their pictures into well-known image databases. The results were astounding. These are just images used to fill out a team profile. The problem is that we found that the same images used for the team members had already been used several times over for other marketing campaigns. Between the three people seen on the site, their images had been used for everything from toothpaste advertisements to testimonials from people who used penis enlarging pills!

Since the whole team is totally fake, we have no choice but to instantly rule this as being a complete and total scam!


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More Disturbing Facts About The Facebook Auto Trader Scam

There is a whole lot more about this thieving scheme that we have not mentioned yet, so let’s do that right now!

  • We are never explained to how the program works. There is no mention of any trading strategies or algorithms. When investing money with a trading program, we want to know how it works!
  • It is literally impossible to make over $800 per day with any BO trading program with minimal investment. Even the best programs out there can’t muster any more than that. Claiming that Facebook Auto Trader software can generate thousands of dollars per day is highly unrealistic and unachievable.
  • There is no reliable broker in sight. All brokers used here are unregulated and unlicensed. This gives them the power to steal your money without the possibility of legal recourse for you.




Facebook Auto Trader Scam Review Conclusion

The only verdict that we can possibly come to at this point is that Facebook Auto Trader is undoubtedly a scam. It is a burning trash heap meant to incinerate your money right in front of your face. Don’t trust this terrible trading platform because it will ruin your life!



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