Fast Million Review – Scam Or Legit?


Fast Million Software is supposed to be a top of the line BO trading app that can earn millions of dollars every month. We have some pretty big doubts about that claim, which is why we are here doing a Fast Million scam review. Sure, making millions of dollars in the binary options world is possible with big investments and lots of time. However, when you are talking about small investments and just a couple of months, you definitely will not be making millions of dollars. This is especially true when a scam program like Fast Million trading software is involved.

This is a highly dangerous and malicious piece of computer engineering. Make no mistake about it. The Fast Million app is designed to trick you into investing your hard earned money so that the crooks running the show can steal it from you. There is nothing legitimate, reliable, or trustworthy about this software. Let’s get on with our review so we can warn you about the very real threat posed by this absolutely bogus software.

Fast Million App – Marketing Tricks

One of the very first things that we noticed when we visited the Fast Million website is that there is a ticker. This ticker tells the visitor that there is a total of 15,000 spots available with this program. After those spots are filled up, potential users will have to pay a hefty fee on a monthly basis to use this program. The ticker starts off with only 15 spots remaining available, and the longer you stay on the website, the lower the number of spots gets.

This is a very common pressure tactic used by marketers and salespeople around the world. The real issue is that while some of these “free spots” claims may be the real deal, it is certainly not the case here. We realized that whenever you refresh the website, the number of available spots resets back to the original number it was at when the site is first loaded. This is pure first-hand truth. It is a one hundred percent affirmation that this claim of limited spots is totally fake. There are not a limited amount of spots. It is just a way to force you into deciding to fork over your cash “before spots run out”. It just is not true. It’s nothing more than a boldfaced lie.

Fast Million Scam Software – False Endorsements

Yet another thing that came to our attention right away is the plethora of endorsements from famous world news outlets. Fast Million software, on the website, has endorsements from Forbes, CNN, BBC, and RT, all world renowned news agencies. This would, of course, be absolutely fantastic, and if it were true, would serve to cement the positive reputation of this BO trading program. However, we quickly discovered that none of these endorsements had ever taken place.

We went to all of the respective websites from BBC, CNN, RT, and Forbes, none of which had ever mentioned Fast Million scam software in any news piece in any form. None of these news outlets had even ever heard of this program. We talked to some of the writers and staff from each news station, and nobody had ever heard of these crooks. Once again, this is all just one big trick meant to lure us into the fold. This is actually illegal because they are sullying the names of these trusted news outlets! It’s called defamation!

The Fast Million App Owner - Nikolay Potanin

Nikolay Potanin is the supposed owner and creator of this program. He alleges to be the genius behind the whole operation. However, we know for a fact that he is nothing more than a low-grade actor being paid a few measly bucks to read a really low budget script. Listen to him talk for a bit because you will notice that he is clueless about the binary options industry.

He stumbles over his lines and makes zero sense for the entirety of the oh so boring and long winded presentation. The real problem is that we never get any contact info for him, so we have no idea where he is located and it leaves us with no way to confirm who he really is. Moreover, we were not able to find a single reliable search result about him online.

Aside from his relation to Fast Million scam software, this man is a ghost with no record of existence. Once again, this guy is a fraud, a scapegoat for the real crooks behind it all. The only reason he is there is to protect the identities of the actual scammers running the show, in order to keep them anonymous, hidden in the shadows, and out of their local prison.


The Fast Million App & Shady Brokers

The other thing, the other big red flag which serves to indicate that a scam is happening here, is in relation to the brokers. A big problem here is that we know that none of the brokers in involved here are reliable brokers. None of them have any regulation or licensing, which means that if they handle your money, they are doing so illegally. They are not allowed to do what they are doing, not in any way, shape or form. These brokers only have one purpose, to steal your money, to drain your trading account the minute you make a deposit!


Fast Million Scam Review Conclusion

At the end of the day, the bottom line is that Fast Million software is a total tip off. It is not meant to help you generate any money at all, especially not millions of the dollars as its name implies. It is full of lies, unrealistic claims, and dirty marketing tricks. What these criminals are doing is highly illegal. Heck, these clowns never even bother explaining any trading strategies or how the program works. This is an absolutely terrible trading system meant to take you for everything that you have.


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