Samba Binary Options Scam Review – Legit?


Samba Binary Options software is yet another fraudulent BO trading service to become available to the public. We have no problem with BO or Forex trading systems, when they work at least. However, when we come across such a dangerous and malicious money stealing scheme such as this one, we have no choice but to bust it. The Samba Binary Options app claims that it can generate thousands of dollars per day. Even more ridiculous is the promise of being able to take in all of that cash without any risk to us, the user.

There are a lot of disturbing things that we found out about the Samba Binary Options trading app, way too many in fact. We could deal with it if there was only one small issue wrong with this app, but there is much more than one. We’re here doing a Samba Binary Options scam review and it is to warn you of the very real danger posed by the terrible trading system. We can guarantee you that this scam software is designed to rob you blind. It has the express intent of emptying your trading account and we are going to prove it right now.

How Does Samba Binary Options Software Work?

One of the most disturbing things about this bogus trading platform is that we are never informed of how it works. This is really scary if you think about it. These crooks expect us to invest our hard earned money with this software, yet they neglect to tell us how it actually works. We are told that Samba Binary Options software can generate thousands of dollars per day, 100% risk-free to the user.

However, how this is done, we are never informed of. This is definitely a huge problem. When we are investing our money with any kind of trading service such as this one, we want to know what trading strategies are involved, what algorithms are in place, and what trading methods are being followed. Simply telling us that Samba Binary Options works really fast and really well is not nearly good enough.

Whenever we see this kind of thing, a lack of explanation in terms of the inner workings of a trading app, it is our automatic suspicion that it does not actually execute trades at all. If it did place trades, and it did so well, then there would be no reason not to tell us how it functions.

Who Is In Charge Of The Samba Binary Options Scam?

That is yet another piece of information which we have been denied the rights to. Just like we want to know how Samba Binary Options software works, we also want to know who is in charge of it. We want to know whose hands our money is going to be touching before we invest any of it. This is just like you would not let somebody cook for you who has multiple food handling violations. It just does not make any sense. The fact of the matter is that we are never told who is in charge or who is running the show behind the scenes.

There is a little presentation video for Samba Binary Options scam software, but we are greeted by only a voice narrator. We have no idea what the name of the person or company in charge is. Heck, we aren’t even provided with any location or contact details. This is a massive issue in our eyes. We want to know who is the leader of it all is, because we don’t want our cash in the hands of a thief or some other kind of malicious criminal. Chances are that the people in charge here are total crooks, because the only reason to remain anonymous because they have something to hide from us.

Samba Binary Options Trading App – Ridiculous ITM Rates

Yet another obvious indication that Samba Binary Options software is a scam, is that the promised winning trade rate is very unrealistic and wholly unachievable. We are told that this trading program is 100% risk-free to the user. This would mean that every single trade it ever places would be a winner. Or in other words, Samba Binary Options scam software claims that it never loses a single trade. This simply is not possible, not in any world or reality.

This software would have to be able to literally predict the future with 100% accuracy. No fortune teller in the world can do that, if you even believe in that kind of thing. This is just a cheap trick meant to lure in people, beginners, who have no idea how binary options trading really works. To repeat, risk is inherent in any trading market, and not even the best programs out there can eliminate all of it.

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Samba Binary Options Scam App – Shady Brokers

The other thing that is a glaring red flag here is that there is not a single reliable broker to be found. When you sign up with Samba Binary Options software, you have to deposit $250 ($500 if you are a U.S citizen), at which time you are automatically connected to a pre-selected broker. Well, guess what, those brokers are all scammers and their sole purpose is to take that deposit from you.

We did our research and we realized that all of the brokers involved here are not regulated or licensed to operate in any way, shape, or form. You can rest assured that these criminals will drain your trading account, and because of their location, there is not a single thing you will be able to do about it. Thinking of taking legal recourse for losing money with this scam? Think again because taking legal action against these guys is nearly impossible.


Samba Binary Options Scam Review Conclusion

At the end of the day, the only viable verdict we can come to is that Samba Binary Options software is a scam, a total rip off, a thieving enterprise meant to steal your money. Do yourself a favour and just stay away from this absolutely terrible and nonsensical trading app.


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