BinBot Pro VS TAI Robotic Indicator Review

When it comes to binary options trading services, you obviously want to use the very best there is to offer. That is exactly why we are here today, to compare two of the most profitable trading programs out there. This is the BinBot Pro vs TAI Robotic Indicator review and we are here to get to the bottom of things. It is no secret that trading in binary options or Forex can be very profitable. If you have the right program, like one of these two, you can definitely generate a whole lot of extra income.

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However, the problem is that you need to select the program that works best for you. Yes, you will notice in this BinBot Pro vs TAI Robotic Indicator review that both programs are awesome, but both cannot be the same. You clearly do not want to waste time using two system at once, nor do you want to use the less profitable one.

We are here to do a BinBot Pro vs TAI Robotic Indicator review and we are going to compare the most essential features and aspects of each. Things like trading modes, strategies, brokers, profitability, ease of use, and where the respective programs can be used are all things which we are going to cover today. If you want to find out which program is the best for you to use on a daily basis, just keep reading and you will know soon enough.

BinBot Pro vs TAI Robotic Indicator – The Strategies Involved

One of the most important things to look out for with any BO trading platform is what trading strategies are in place. These are the specific ways of determining which signals have the most profit potential, and at the end of the day go a long way in dictating the ITM rate (winning trade rate) and overall profit margin of the program in question.

The BinBot Pro  Software Strategy

BinBot Pro software is indeed a very high-performance program. It works pretty well thanks to all of the different trading strategies that it employs. The really neat part about BinBot Pro software is that it is not like a usual trading system in the sense that it uses many different trading strategies separately. There are various strategies that can be used, but one big problem that we see is that they are all separate strategies. They are not used in combination, which is something that we usually look out for.

There are actually 3 different trading packages included here, the gold package, the silver package, and the bronze package. The bronze package uses 2 different strategies, and respectively they can provide you with returns on your investment of 60% and 70%. The silver trading package uses 2 different strategies that can provide you with returns on your investment of 110% and 120%, respectively. The gold package uses one really great trading strategy that can provide you with up to 150% ROI. This is indeed quite impressive, but when compared to the TAI Robotic Indicator app, not impressive enough.

The TAI Robotic Indicator Software Strategy

The TAI Robotic Indicator app takes things to a whole new level when it comes to the way that it executes trades. This program uses the same technology as is used to steer self-driving cars. In other words, it uses a highly advanced form of artificial intelligence to make trading decisions. This AI is instilled with virtually every single trading strategy known to mankind, and they work in unison to provide you with some of the best possible trading results.

.Unlike BinBot Pro software that only uses one strategy at a time, TAI Robotic Indicator software uses all of them in combination, plus there are just a whole lot more of them. The fact that this program combines so many different strategies into one makes it much more accurate and profitable. Simply put, two heads are better than one, or in this case, hundreds of strategies working together are better than one operating solo. When it comes to the trading strategy used by TAI Robotic Indicator software, it is top of the line and is yet to be rivalled by any other program.

BinBot Pro vs TAI Robotic Indicator – Ways To Trade

Another useful point of comparison has to do with which ways you can use the program in question to make trades. This is often the deciding factor in how easy and user-friendly a trading service is. So, when it comes to BinBot Pro vs TAI Robotic Indicator, which one is more user-friendly?

BinBot Pro App

The BinBot Pro app is both a fully automated and semi-automated trading platform. There is nothing wrong with this and is in fact pretty standard. Most trading services out there follow this standard setup. There is a fully automated mode, which means that the system executes all trades on your behalf automatically. There is no need for you to sit at your computer or make any decisions when using this mode, which makes it more than ideal for beginners. BinBot Pro trading software also has a semi-automated feature. The semi-automated feature requires you to have a more intimate knowledge of trading because you have to decide which trades to execute. This is useful for people who know what they are doing, at least to a certain extent.

TAI Robotic Indicator App

This app also has a fully automated and semi-automated mode. Once again, the fully automated mode is ideal for beginner traders who just want to make some extra money on the side. The semi-automated mode is awesome for people who have an in-depth understanding of how binary options and Forex trading works. As you can see, TAI Robotic Indicator trading software is ideal for everybody. However, there is more to this program than meets the eye. This particular software has a third trading mode which BinBot Pro trading software does not include.

This is the social trading mode. Social trading involves using the results of other to make your own trades. The trades made by other users of the program are registered and you can see them. The most profitable results and trades are then shown to you, so you can effectively copy the best trades made in real time. Not only is this awesome for beginners, but it works well for more advanced users too. This option of using social trading is something that sets this app apart from the rest, especially BinBot.

BinBot Pro vs TAI Robotic Indicator – The Brokers

Another valuable point of comparison is which brokers each of the programs uses. The brokers are very important because they are the ones who handle your money. So, you need to make sure that the trading system you use has good brokers.

BinBot Pro software does use licensed and regulated brokers, so there is no problem there. They are all legit, trustworthy, and are not going to simply drain your trading account. The problem with BinBot Pro trading software is that it only allows you to sign up for one single broker.

On the other hand, TAI Robotic Indicator trading software allows you to sign up with multiple brokers in case you are not happy with one of them. Of course, all of the brokers used by TAI are also licensed and regulated. Both of these programs use great brokers, but the fact that you get more of a choice with TAI is what we really like.


BinBot Pro vs TAI Robotic Indicator – Where Can It be Used?

Yet another important aspect of any trading program is where it can actually be used to make trades. Some programs don’t work in certain countries, which is, of course, an issue if you live there.

TAI Robotic Indicator software is a great program no doubt, but it has one major flaw, or drawback if you will. That flaw is that it is not allowed to be used, nor will it even work, in Canada or the U.S.A. On the other hand, BinBot Pro Software actually works in both of those countries. So, if you live in Canada or in America, you will have no choice but to use BinBot as opposed to the Robotic Indicator.

US & CANADA Binary Options Autotrader

BinBot Pro vs TAI Robotic Indicator – How Much Money Can It Generate?

This is by far the most important part of our comparison because after all, the point of these programs is to make money. Well, to keep things nice and simple, BinBot Pro software allowed us to generate a maximum of $500 per day with a $250 investment. THis is good, but not great. TAI Robotic Indicator software on the other hand, with the same $250 investment, allowed us to generate as much as $900 on any given day.

BinBot Pro vs TAI Robotic Indicator Review – Conclusion

At the end of the day, the only real reason we would see to use BinBot Pro software would be because you live in the U.S.A or in Canada. However, in terms of ease of use, the trading strategies, brokers, and overall profitability, the TAI Robotic Indicator App is the clear winner. It is superior in pretty much every way possible.


If you would like to trade in BO or Forex and want to use a good program, you can try using TAI Robotic Indicator. This is a relatively new trading service that has been extensively tested by the group of experts here at Binary Options Army. TAI Robotic Indicator Software can help you generate over $800 per day with ITM rates anywhere between 82% and 89%.


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