BinBot Pro Review – The Real Deal?


Binary options and Forex trading is definitely a good money making opportunity for anyone involved, especially if you know what you are doing. To help you make a profit, a new program has just been released, and it is called BinBot Pro software. Now, we are here to do a BinBot Pro scam review but to be honest, the results are somewhat inconclusive. There are a few pretty positive signs which would indicate that this trading program is, in fact, the real deal.

However, there are also a few signs which don’t exactly look all that promising. At this point in time, we are not all that sure if the BinBot Pro app is the real deal or not. So, the best we can do right now is to do an unbiased and totally fair review on it. We simply want to examine this trading service and all of its components. There are a few different important things to talk about here, so let’s not waste any more time and get right to it.

What Is BinBot Pro Trading Software?

In layman’s terms, the BinBot Pro trading system is a new binary options and Forex automated trading system. It uses various complex strategies, indicators, and underlying algorithms to execute potentially profitable trades. It can trade things like binary options, foreign exchange currency pairs, stocks, and a few other things too. BinBot Pro software is said to have a fairly high ITM rate for the most part, anywhere between 78% and 90%, and daily profits ranging anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand bucks. We can’t just yet say for sure how effective this program is, but there are a couple of positive signs. On a side note, this is both a fully automated trading system and a semi-automated one, with the choice to switch between both modes.


Where Does BinBot Pro Software Operate?

Something that is very impressive about this particular piece of software is that it is actually allowed to operate in virtually any country in the world. This may not sound like a big bonus, but if you are a resident of certain countries, it is definitely an advantage for you. You see, countries like Canada and the U.S.A have recently been cracking down on binary options scams, which is why they have, for the most part, outlawed more or less all forms of trading programs. The big difference is that BinBot Pro software is actually licensed and totally allowed to operate in both the U.S.A and Canada. Now, we can’t really say if there is anything shady going on here, or if this program has managed to find some kind of legal loophole, but if it does actually work in those countries, it would be extremely impressive no doubt.

How Does BinBot Pro Trading System Work?

The interesting part about BinBot Pro trading software is that it actually works in many different ways to execute potentially profitable trades. What we mean by this is that this software comes with various different options which let you choose your own trading strategy and the specific bot to use. Now, this can be a good thing, but it may also be a bad thing. Reliable trading bots usually use one or two coherent strategies and algorithms which are proven to be effective. We are not 100% sure about BinBot Pro software because it simply piles on various strategies and promises big results. For any newbie, choosing the right trading bot and strategy may be a little difficult.

BinBot Pro Program – Different Ways of Trading

We already mentioned that BinBot Pro software has different trading bots for you to select from. So, what are these different options? Well, there is a gold, silver, and bronze bots which you can select from. The first trading bot for you to select from is called BinBot Pro Gold, which is the best package. Now, this package costs the most to use, it requires a larger investment, but the chances of making a big profit are also very high. This gold bot apparently uses some kind of sophisticated Neuroscanner V3.0, which is said to be able to generate up to 150% return on investments.

The second package is the silver package, which costs a little less than the gold package, requires a smaller investment, but also has a slightly lower return rate. There are two trading strategies that you can choose from here and they include the Bolly Band Bound and Bullish Intervention strategy. Respectively, these are said to have returns of 110% and 120%.

The third and final trading bot option to go with is the bronze package. The bronze package includes 3 different trading strategies. These strategies include the Strong US v2, Bladerunner, and Rising East v1.2. Respectively, these are said to give you returns of 70%, 65%, and 60%. Now, the thing to remember here is that the bronze package costs less and requires the smallest investment, but it also has the lowest returns.

In terms of how reliable all of this information is, we aren’t exactly too sure. It requires some further research no doubt. What can definitely be said is that returns of 150% are somewhat unlikely, but you never know. These guys might have actually created an awesome trading program in BinBot Pro that really does work the way they say it does.

BinBot Pro Software – Some Other Important Info

Some things that do need to be noted are that we have no idea who is behind BinBot Pro software. As far as we can tell, from the info we have gathered, we are never given the name of a person or company who is supposed to be responsible for the creation of BinBot Pro. In terms of security and the brokers used, as far as we can tell, the program is secure and is not meant to rip you off. That being said, we are hesitant to recommend this trading system.


BinBot Pro Scam Review Conclusion

The bottom line about BinBot Pro software is that it requires further research for us to come to a solid conclusion about it. There are just way too many unanswered variables at this point to reach a solid conclusion about it. It may indeed be good software, but the evidence at this point is not strong enough either way.


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