FinTecBot Scam Review – Is It Dangerous?


FinTecBot software is yet another malignant scam that will cost you everything you have. The anonymous creators of this terrible software are going to rip you off. That is a promise. For anyone who knows a thing or two about binary options, you know just how horrible some of these scheming programs can be. Sure, if you know what you are doing, or if you have a great auto-trader, you can be very successful in the lucrative world of BO. However, you are never going to make a single cent using FinTecBot scam software.

There is absolutely nothing new about this cash grabbing criminal venture, but that doesn’t mean it can’t inflict some very serious damage. There is a good reason to be doing a FinTecBot scam review and it is because you need to be informed of certain things. There are very many harmful aspects of this program that you definitely need to be aware of before you make a decision here. In this FinTecBot report for 2017, we are going to reveal exactly why this program is as bad as everyone says it is!

How Does FinTecBot Trading Software Work?

We do have to praise this pile of junk for their efforts in attempting to convince people that their software really does work. During the low-grade presentation video for FinTecBot scam software which we are shown, we are told that it uses a trading strategy called “Strike Rate Based Signals”.

For somebody that has never traded binary options before this may sound like a viable trading strategy. If you have never done your research and are not too familiar with the various trading methods, “Strike Rate Based Signals” might actually seem like the real deal. However, do not be fooled by four fancy words strung together to sound nice.

That strategy means nothing at all. It does not exist now, in the future, nor has it ever been used. It is a totally made up and fabricated trading strategy. For this reason, we have no choice but to rule the FinTecBot app as being a total scam.

If the trading strategy is totally fake, then chances are that this program never actually makes trades anyway. Our sincerest belief is that FinTecBot scam software is an empty shell that looks nice on the outside, but does nothing but rob you blind from the inside out. It has the express intent of stealing your money, and if you sign up with it, it will do just that!

Who Is Behind FinTecBot Scam Software?

Another clear indication that the FinTecBot trading app is a total rip off, is that we have no clue who is behind it. In the overly cartoonish and obviously low budget presentation video, we are only ever greeted by faceless voice narrators. Right off the bat, this is a huge problem. We are not about to trust our money and invest it with a service when we have no idea who is behind it. There is no chance in hell!

We are never informed of a company name, the name of a person, or anything else which would tell us who or what FinTecBot scam software is associated with. It is a program where the owners and creators hide in the shadows of anonymity.

There is only one good reason for this. The crooks behind this cash grab know darn well that their actions are totally fraudulent and highly illegal. They just don’t want their true identities being discovered because they know that they would land behind prison bars faster than they can drain your trading account.

FinTecBot Trading System – Spamming & Scamming Brokers

Yet another brightly coloured red flag which indicates the real danger posed by this program comes in the form of the absolutely malicious brokers involved here. First of all, we have gotten tonnes of complaints from people who have been being spammed hardcore by the service and the brokers. You can, in fact, sign up for a little demo account, the problem being that you will be viciously harassed. You will receive a bunch of calls and emails every single day trying to get you to join the cult, sign over your savings, and be content with an empty bank account.

Even worse is if you complete the full sign up process because that is when the brokers really dig their claws into your flesh. It costs $250 to sign up with a FinTecBot broker, which comes in the form of a minimum deposit. Don’t be tricked though, because this deposit goes straight into the pockets of the criminal brokers, not into your trading account. These brokers want access to your personal and banking info. The obvious reason for this is because they want to steal your identity and every last penny in your savings account. These guys have no qualms robbing you blind, so be careful and stay far away from the FinTecBot scam program.



FinTecBot User Testimonials – Totally Fabricated!

The final thing about FinTecBot scam software that undoubtedly needs to be mentioned has to do with their page of user reviews and testimonials. At first glance, the testimonials seem real enough, but that is where it ends. We recently did a review on the CFDSociety, which was another binary options and Forex scam hell bent on screwing you over.

Well, we noticed that the user testimonials for CFDSociety are completely identical to those for FinTecBot trading software. The user testimonials for both of these scams were written by the same fictitious personalities and they say the exact same things, down to the punctuation and spelling of a 6-year-old child. There is absolutely no reason to trust this horrible piece of software engineering!

FinTecBot Scam Review Conclusion

The final verdict and our absolute judgment is that FinTecBot software is nothing more than a scam meant to leave you high and dry. There is not a single reliable, credible, or trustworthy aspect of FinTecBot scam software. Do yourself a massive favour and just forget that this trash heap of a trading platform even exists!

We do have a good trading program that you can use if you are serious about Forex or Binary Options trading. It is called TAI Robotic Indicator and it is a great trading system. Our experts have tested TAI ROBOTIC INDICATOR extensively and ruled it to be one of the very best programs out there. Depending on market volatility, you can earn up to $800 per day with average ITM rates of 82% – 89%.


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To date, we have settled close to 2,000 trading disputes and we will not stop until we put every last scam out of business! If you have been cheated out of money or scammed by any fraudulent trading service, we encourage you to reach out to our complaint centre for free help. If you need help, we will provide it for you!

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