BinBot Pro Scam Review – PROFITABLE??


BinBot Pro software is a brand new binary options trading application, one that actually appears to work. We already did one BinBot Pro scam review, where our conclusion was inconclusive in terms of its reliability, honesty, and profit potential. However, since then we have done a lot more digging around and the signs are actually quite positive. BinBot Pro trading software actually seems to be the real deal.

At first, we were not too sure about this particular software, as there are lots of scams around. We were missing a bunch of evidence and information about this program, which meant that we could not fully endorse it yet. Now is different though, because we have found a lot of info about this program which points in the right direction. In all reality, from what we have gathered, the BinBot Pro app is indeed a good trading platform to select. There are indeed some very impressive features of this trading platform which we really do like. So, let us get on with our BinBot Pro report for 2017 so you can find out all about it.

What Is BinBot Pro Software?

Simply put, this is a totally fully automated trading program. It is both a fully automated and semi-automated program which can be used to trade Forex, binary options, and a few other things like stocks and commodities too. people have been praising it for its awesome ability to generate cash in a reliable and safe manner. What is quite intriguing about BinBot Pro software is that it operates in many different ways and allows you to choose between a plethora of trading strategies in order to make your money.

How Does The BinBot Pro App Work?

Like we just mentioned, this fabulous new trading program works in a variety of different ways depending on the package you have. Usually, when we look at scams, they just say something about sophisticated methods and advanced algorithms. However, this software actually gives us a real explanation of how it works, which is definitely a great sign. We love the fact that BinBot Pro trading software allows you to choose between various trading methods and strategies. Choice is always a great thing in our eyes.

BinBot Pro Software – IT WORKS IN USA & CANADA!

Without a shadow of a doubt, the very best part about BinBot Pro trading software is that it is allowed to operate in both Canada and The United States of America. This may not sound like a big deal, but for anyone involved with binary options, you know just how vital this is. As of this point in time, there is not a single other fully automated or semi-automated binary options trading service that is allowed to operate in the U.S or Canada.

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For some reason, through some miraculous loophole, BinBot Pro trading software is totally licensed and completely legal to operate and be utilized by you if you reside in either of those countries. This means that people in Canada and the U.S.A can finally trade binary options with a platform.

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The Different Trading Strategies Of BinBot Pro Software

Perhaps the best part about this trading app is that it lets you select from various packages to trade with. Now, what you do need to be aware of is that the three packages do cost a different amount to use. There is a bronze, silver, and gold trading package, each of which yields different results, but also cost more or less to use. This is not necessarily a bad thing because the more expensive packages do tend to yield better results for you. Let’s talk about these trading packages.

BinBot Pro Bronze 

his first package is the least expensive one for you to sign up for and is therefore also the least profitable. However, there is also a slightly lower risk involved. This third best package used three different trading algorithms, those being Strong US V2, Bladerunner, and Rising East V1.2. Respectively, these strategies are shown to have a 70%, 65%, and 60% return on your investment. While this may not seem like a whole lot, if you invest $100, you can still make up to $70 on it.

BinBot Pro Silver

This is the second best trading package you can choose from. It is little more expensive than the bronze package, but it does also have the ability to provide you with better results. The two strategies used here are the Bullish Intervention and Bolly Band Bound strategies. Respectively these are shown to provide you with returns of 110% and 120%. So, if you invest one hundred dollars, you have the ability to make back one hundred and twenty dollars.

BinBot Gold 

The best and most profitable trading package is the gold one, which is the best one to use, but also the most expensive. However, it does, of course, have the biggest potential to make a serious profit for you. This package uses one specific and exclusive high-powered trading method algorithm known as the Neuroscanner V3.0. This amazing method has the ability to provide you with up to a 150% return on your investment.

BinBot Pro Trading System – Real Results

We have been in contact with quite a few other people, except for ourselves, who have used this program, and the results have been very good. From what people have told us, most have been able to generate anywhere from $100 to $800 on a daily basis when using this software. Now, this does depend on the package you trade with, but the bottom line is that it is indeed profitable.

BinBot Pro Software Conclusion


The bottom line is that we now have enough evidence to come to a solid conclusion about BinBot Pro. The conclusion is definitely a good one. We here at Binary Options Army fully support and stand behind this trading service.

IMPORTANT: If you have any questions, issues or you experience any problems please email us and we will be glad to assist you. Our contact customer support email is: bin[email protected] If you register with this service from our website then you will always have our full free support in case you run into any issues or problems. Remember that you are not alone, with us you will always be safe!

To date, we have settled close to 2,000 trading disputes and we will not stop until we put every last scam out of business! If you have been cheated out of money or scammed by any fraudulent trading service, we encourage you to reach out to our complaint centre for free help. If you need help, we will provide it for you!

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