Dream Profits Scam Review – DANGEROUS?

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Matthew Warner is the con artist who brings us the Dream Profits Scam, a total rip off you need to stay away from. We are told that this Matt guy is some multi-millionaire trading genius who happened to create a program for our benefit. That already sounds way too altruistic to us. Rich people are never that friendly or generous with their money. It is not a secret that trading in Forex or binary options can be extremely lucrative. And yes, there are really reliable and profitable trading programs out there.

However, Dream Profits scam software seems to be the furthest from anything that we would consider to be honest or trustworthy. There are so many bold claims made, ones that are clearly untrue and unachievable, that we have no choice but to label Dream Profits trading software as being a scam. These guys make some huge promises in the hopes of luring you into forking over your hard earned money, none of which are true in the least. You definitely need to read our Dream Profits report for 2017. You absolutely need to know exactly just how dangerous this scheme is to you and your loved ones.

Dream Profits Scam Software – Matthew Warner

The first red flag we discovered which clearly indicates that a scheme is afoot, has to do with this Matt Warner character. He is presented to us as being this 49-year-old multi-millionaire. Apparently, we are supposed to believe that he made all of his money in the world of binary options. He even makes some passing remarks about owning a huge investment firm. He goes on to tell us that he created Dream Profits software in order to help us make a profit because he is just such a nice guy.

For such a rich and famous person, there sure is little info available about him online. Besides the fact that he never tells us the name of his investment company, we were unable to find a single piece of reliable evidence about him. There are no search results, no biographical info, and no social media profiles either. In reality, this man only exists as a phoney paid actor, a scapegoat meant to keep the real people behind this pile of junk safe from criminal prosecution.

We know for a fact that Matt is not his real name. He is nothing more than a paid actor hired to conceal the true identities of the crooks behind Dream Profits. The only reason to hire this crappy actor is so that the true clowns behind this scheme can stay hidden in the shadows of anonymity and steer clear of being locked up behind bars. We can’t possibly trust a trading program when we know for sure that the main man representing it is just a character, much like the Dwarf named Grumpy and that Snow White girl.

The Dream Profits App – Cheap Marketing Tricks

One of the clearest indications that Dream Profits software is a scam is the plethora of low down marketing tricks that are used. First off, there is some mention of getting $4,250 just for completing an online survey about the program. Apparently, we can immediately withdraw this money for use. The problem here is that not one person using Dream Profits software has been able to withdraw that money. This promise of free money for 3 minutes of your time is a just a downright boldfaced lie!

Another marketing ploy we discovered was the shtick about there only being 15 available spots before we have to pay some ridiculous fee for using Dream Profits scam software. Once again, this is obviously a trick. Every time you reload the Dream Profits website, the counter with the available spot always resets back to 15. The bottom line is that this scam is rife with tricks and lies meant to get you to hand over your money without thinking of the true consequences.

The Dream Profits App – 100% ITM RATE???

Perhaps the biggest sign that this pile of junk really is a scam, is the lie of it having a one hundred percent success rate. We are told that Dream Profits scam software can generate over five thousand dollars per day, every single day of the week. Even better is the “fact” that this program can win all of its trades, 100% of them. Of course, this is way too good to be true.

The bottom line is that there is not a single trading platform in the world that can generate that much money. Moreover, risk is an inherent market factor, and even the best trading programs out there cannot eliminate all risk. In other words, there is no way, even in a frozen over hell where chimpanzees have taken power, that any trading program could ever win all of its trades, let alone make $5,000 per day.

Oh, we also forgot to mention that markets are closed on weekends. Saturdays and Sundays are days where the markets are not open to trading, and therefore Dream Profits software cannot work on those days. In other words, everything told to us about Dream Profits scam software is untrue.

Dream Profits Software – Bad Strategies & Worse Brokers

Not like any of this really matters anymore, especially after everything we have already said, but it is important none the less. The point is that this software claims to use sophisticated and groundbreaking trading strategies when that is anything but the case. At the same time, Dream Profits software is rigged with shady brokers. Reliable brokers are here to help you make money, but that is surely not so with this garbage heap of a trading platform. It only uses shifty brokers that have the intent of stealing your money.


Dream Profits Scam Review – Conclusion

There is only one conclusion that we can come to here. That realisation is that Dream Profits software is one of the most dangerous scams we have seen in years. Do yourself a giant favour and just stay away from this completely terrible trading system.

We do have a good trading program that you can use if you are serious about Forex or Binary Options trading. It is called TAI Robotic Indicator and it is a great trading system. Our experts have tested TAI ROBOTIC INDICATOR extensively and ruled it to be one of the very best programs out there. Depending on market volatility, you can earn up to $800 per day with average ITM rates of 82% – 89%.


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To date, we have settled close to 2,000 trading disputes and we will not stop until we put every last scam out of business! If you have been cheated out of money or scammed by any fraudulent trading service, we encourage you to reach out to our complaint centre for free help. If you need help, we will provide it for you!

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