The NASA Trader Project Scam Review


NASA Trader Project Software is just another giant fraudulent scam and we are going to prove it. This is a totally ludicrous binary options trading platform. We are actually expected to believe that this program can generate thousands of dollars per day using aeronautics and astronomy as a trading basis. This totally ridiculous trading program does not even have a name or company behind it. It is completely anonymous. Now, we don’t have any issues with using a reliable and profitable automated trading system.

However, when it comes to NASA Trader Project scam software, we definitely have more than just a couple of issues. This absolutely bogus trading service is perhaps one of the worst ones that we have seen in a very long time. There are so many negative aspects of the NASA Trader Project app that we need to warn you about. We are doing a NASA Trader Project scam review because this software is extremely dangerous and you need to be aware of that fact.

How Does NASA Trader Project Software Work?

One of the most bogus claims made by the crooks backing this software has to do with how it works to generate a profit. NASA Trader Project software provides us with such an unrealistic, nonsensical, and totally convoluted explanation that we don’t know whether to laugh or cry. We are fed some clearly horse crap story about how this program uses the same methods to make trades as NASA used to direct space travel.

In other words, aeronautics and astronomy are said to be used in order to predict future market movements. Do you know how ridiculous that is? You may as well be basing your trading decisions off of your astrology star symbol! This pile of garbage software claims to be able to tell the future of markets and the movements of goods by employing aeronautics. We are too sure if you are aware or not, but binary options trading and flying a rocket have absolutely nothing in common.

This explanation is totally useless, meaningless, and does not tell us a single thing about how NASA Trader Project software really works. We have the really strong feeling that this phoney trading system does in fact not really make trades at all. There are no real trading strategies or algorithms involved here. It is all just a sham meant to steal your money while retaining a certain air of legitimacy.  

Who Is Behind NASA Trader Project Scam Software?

One of the biggest red flags that came to our attention about this terrible trading software is that we actually have no idea who is running the show. The clown in the presentation video claims to be a binary options guru, a long time trader, and the owner of a small trading and investment firm. We are automatically suspicious of all of this because we are never given his name, the name of his company, the name of the company responsible for this software, or any contact details. The man in the video is obviously a paid actor because he can barely stumble through the crappy script he is provided with.

The bottom line is that we have zero clue who is in charge here and that is always a telltale sign that a scheme is afoot. A legitimate trading service that actually works would be proud to advertise the owners and they certainly would not hide their contact info. The only reason these guys are using paid actors and refusing to provide contact info is that they are criminals. They know for a fact that their actions are considered illegal and that they would land in jail. These crooks are using some paid actor as a scapegoat in order to remain hidden in the shadows and stay out of jail.

NASA Trader Project Scam Software – What Profits?

Yet another clear indication that NASA Trader Project software is a total rip off is that nobody has ever managed to make any money using it. The claim is that this scam can generate around $2,000 per day with a 94% success rate. So, first of all, even the best trading programs out there cannot do better than around $800 per day with an 88% ITM rate, but that is beside the main point. What is really important to note here is that not a single person using this software has ever gotten above a 44% winning trade rate.

In other words, you will lose all of your money through trades, not make any. What is interesting to note here is that we believe that the program doesn’t actually make trades. NASA Trader Project scam software is just an empty shell with fake losing trades. They are designed to lose, or at least to look like they are losing so that you are not suspicious when your money is gone. The truth and reality here is that there are not trades made. The money is simply stolen out of your account under the guise of lost trades.

The NASA Trader Project App – Scam Brokers

Yet another indication that NASA Trader Project trading software is a scam is that they do not use reliable brokers. These guys use the shadiest brokers around, all of which are unlicensed and unregulated. The reason they use these shifty brokers is because it allows the crooks behind this software to steal your money without any consequences. Don’t sign up for NASA Trader Project software and don’t provide your info to their shady brokers. It will cost you everything you have!


NASA Trader Project Scam Review Conclusion

At the end of the day, the bottom line is that NASA Trader Project software is just a huge cash grabbing scheme. Everything from start to end screams SCAM! There is not a single reliable or trustworthy aspect of this trading software. STAY AWAT FROM IT!

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