CryptoTrader Scam Review – RIP OFF?!?


CryptoTrader software is a brand new piece of trading technology that you need to be aware of. No, it’s not like you need to know about it because it is the next big trading opportunity. In fact, the truth is quite the opposite from what the crooks behind CryptoTrader scam software would have you believe. Making money in the world of Forex, binary options, or even Bitcoin can be very difficult. For this reason, many people use fully or semi-automated trading robots, which can indeed to a decent job at generating cash.

However, this is only true on very rare occasions. Most of the time, you get total rip off programs like the CryptoTrader program. Sure, this trading system may seem like a good option at first, but once you really look into the details, you will notice that it is just one big scheme.




We are confronted by some big egg-head looking guy that is clearly a scapegoat for the real crooks behind CryptoTrader trading software. He goes on to spin us this ridiculous tale about his own childhood that has zero bearing on the proceedings. He even claims that this crappy software can generate over $5,000 per day. Anyway, the point is that you need to read our CryptoTrader scam review. There are many dangerous elements of this program that you need to be aware of. So, let’s not waste any more time and continue on with our CryptoTrader report for 2017.


CryptoTrader Trading System – Fake Creation Date

The very first thing that came to light about this horrible trading service has to do with the creation date. We know for a fact that the creation date of this program is obviously falsified. The CryptoTrader app was only released a couple of days ago. This is also true for the inception of the website and any videos pertaining to it. In other words, this program really is brand new. Now, our problem here is in the first few seconds of the presentation video.

We are told that over the past six months close to 50 people have become millionaires using this program. Well, we did a simple domain registry check. The website,, has only been up for a few short days. In other words, the program has not been in use prior to last week, making it impossible for anyone to have used it for the last 6 months. These guys are nothing more than cold-blooded liars looking to screw you out of your hard-earned money. Don’t let claims to fame fool you when they are obvious deceptions.





CryptoTrader Scam Software – David Richmond

Another big red flag that reared its ugly head has to do with the David Richmond Guy. Long story short, this guy is clearly not related to CryptoTrader software in any way, shape, or form. Besides the fact that he looks like an overgrown egg with an unkempt beard, he can barely read his script without stumbling and mumbling. This clown gives us some long-winded and highly convoluted background story that doesn’t make an iota of sense.

We heard something about him, his dad, and his uncle being up at an isolated cabin reading history books. Then, in the next sentence, this David guy has somehow created his new trading program that can generate millions in just a few months. We are just confused because we don’t know how exactly a trip to a hunting cabin relates to creating the new best trading software in the world. The point we are making is that they just let Mr Richmond talk on about nonsense for no real reason, plus there is clearly no correlation from one sentence to the next.



We suppose that this is all beside the point that David Richmond is clearly a paid actor. Painfully obvious is the fact that this guy could barely read a picture book, let alone explain and create a bunch of high powered trading algorithms. We found his profile on various actor for hire sites, so we know that he is not the real deal. David is just the guy being used to cover up the true identities of the actual criminals behind this less than stellar trading app. HE IS A SCAPEGOAT!


CryptoTrader Scam Software - $5,000 PER DAY???

Perhaps the biggest indication that CryptoTrader software is truly a scam, has to do with the outlandish claim of being able to rake in over 5K per day. We don’t want to get too deep into things here, but making this bold claim is nothing but a downright lie. In the video, the phoney presenter claims that virtually all risk is eliminated from trading when using this “awesome software”. The bottom line is that both of those promises are wholly and totally unachievable.

It is not possible to eliminate all risk from trading, not in the least, nor is it possible to make over one thousand bucks per day with BO trading software. With a minimal investment, the best trading services can reach accuracy rates of 88% and daily profits of around $800, but no more. The boldfaced lie of making you a millionaire in under 1 year is despicable. Don’t fall for these tricks because they will cost you everything that you have.



CryptoTrader Software – Other Red Flags

We also realised that CryptoTrader scam software does not use reliable brokers. They only utilise brokers that are unlicensed and unregulated, making it very easy for them to steal your money. Moreover, we are also never given an explanation in terms of the inner workings of this software. All we are ever told is that some high calibre trading strategies and big time algorithms are in play. This is not nearly good enough for us to trust it and invest our life savings with this money-losing piece of junk.





CryptoTrader Scam Review Conclusion

At the end of the day, the only real conclusion we can come to is that CryptoTrader software is one big rip off. Absolutely every last thing about it screams SCAM! Nothing is legitimate, the info is unreliable, the “creator” is untrustworthy, and the program itself is definitely not profitable in the least. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND STAY AWAY FROM THIS GIANT CASH GRABBING SCHEME!



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