WinForexBot Scam Review – RELIABLE?!?


Forex trading is a great way to make money, but not with a scam program like the WinForexBot app. Of course, trading foreign currency pairs can be very lucrative, but also very risky if you don’t know what you are doing. Apparently, WinForexBot software is meant to help make Forex trading easy for anybody. It is supposedly able to help you generate thousands of dollars per day with minimal risk.

The crooks running the show make a bunch of bold claims that are nothing more than downright lies. Everything about WinForexBot scam software is totally fabricated and very fraudulent. When you use a scam program like the WinForexBot trading system, you are sure to lose every last penny. Make no mistake about it. This program is just a pile of trash meant to trick you into handing over your money. The criminals behind the scenes might make this trading service seem like the real deal, but the truth is very far from the initial perception.

This software may look like a good investment opportunity upon first glance. Yet, when we did some more digging around, we quickly realised that WinForexBot scam software is malicious and dangerous. This is the WinForexBot scam review for 2017 and you definitely need to read it. Once you are done, you will understand why you need to stay away from this horrible cash grabbing scheme at all costs.

What Is WinForexBot Trading Software?

The really funny thing about WinForexBot software is that it is very clearly advertised as being a foreign exchange trading platform. It is supposed to trade Forex in order to generate a profit for you. Now, there is no problem inherent with this, well that would be true if it actually traded currency pairs. If you are unlucky enough to have signed up for this bogus program, you will notice something very interesting. WinForexBot scam software does not actually trade Forex at all, which is what its primary function should be.

Once you open your account, it becomes apparent that this program only allows you to trade binary options. So, why exactly the clowns running the show would try to fool us into thinking that this is a Forex trading service is absolutely beyond us. Binary Options trading is also a great method of making some money on the side. So, why don’t they just say that WinForexBot software is a BO trading platform from the get go? Why they do this is unclear to us, but what we can say is that this automatically destroys and legitimacy that this software may have had at one point in time.

WinForexBot Scam Software – An Unintelligible Website

What is really perplexing about the website,, is that half of it is written in English and the other half in Latin. Now, it is not uncommon for trading services to be in other languages. After all, there are hundreds and even thousands of languages on the face of planet earth. However, this does not explain why the Latin language is used.

People don’t speak Latin anymore. It is a language that has gone virtually extinct aside from being used by language enthusiasts and literary scholars. What reason these clowns could have for using Latin is totally beyond us. Our guess is that they wanted to sound fancy and smart, while also confusing people at the same time. The point is that we aren’t about to trust WinForexBot software when we can’t even make out half of the website!

Even worse almost is how half of the links of the website either don’t work or lead to some total crap that has nothing to do with BO or Forex trading. When you click on the sign-up button, it sends you to some random website that is all about WordPress, WordPress themes and templates, and about how to build a good website.

Don’t get us wrong. This might be important if you are building a website, but it has nothing to do with WinForexBot software. The bottom line is that these guys clearly did not invest much cash in their site, they didn’t take their time making it, and they linked to some really weird stuff. Either way, these guys are clearly crooks and you need to stay away from this terrible trading system at all costs.

WinForexBot Trading Software – WHO IS BEHIND IT?

This is always a very important question that needs answering no matter what the program we are analysing is. We want to know who created it, who administers it, and who regulates it. We need clear and truthful answers to all of those questions if we are ever expected to make an investment with WinForexBot software. The unfortunate reality is that we are never provided with any reliable explanation as to who is in charge of it all. As far as we can tell, this trading service is definitely not regulated or licensed in any way, shape, or form.

Moreover, we are never provided with the name of a person or company who created WinForexBot software or who runs it. Furthermore, we are never given any contact info, nor are we provided with an address or even an approximate location of the headquarters. The point we are making here is that we have zero clue as to who is running the show. In other words, when your money goes missing, we won’t be able to tell you where to go to get it back.

These clowns know exactly what they are doing. They are hiding in the shadows because they know darn well that their actions are illegal. WinForexBot scam software is fraudulent and meant to commit theft and fraud. The guys behind the scenes undoubtedly know this, so to avoid prosecution and prison time, they are choosing to remain anonymous.

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WinForexBot Scam Review – Conclusion

At the end of the day, the only conclusion that we can come to is that the WinForexBot app is a total scam and rip off. It has the express intent of stealing your money and its purpose is very clear. This program is here to rob you blind. Do yourself a favour and just stay as far away from it as you possibly can!

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