Wall Street Focus Group and Cobra 5 Software Scam Review

Official Scam Website: Wallstreetfocusgroup.com.

Wall Street Focus Group and the Cobra 5 Trading Software is a fairly new SCAM trading system to hit the market, or to be exact, it is a new version of the old Cobra 5 scam application. The Cobra 5 program is presented to us by a man named David Lombardi and is apparently a part of his business known as the Wall Street Focus Group, which can be found at Wallstreetfocusgroup.com. We are told that The Cobra 5 app is apparently some kind of miracle trading software that will make us filthy rich in no time at all, however we have some serious doubts about this. We couldn’t find very much information on anything to do with this scam.

We came ups short on a number of fronts, however one are which we did not come up short in was recognizing that this new version of the Wall Street Focus Group trading system is a complete scam, especially because we already busted the previous version as being a complete scheme. Keep reading this Wall Street Focus Group aka Cobra 5 Scam review for 2016 because we will tell you everything that you need to know about this scam to stay away from it, and hopefully boycott it to the point where nobody uses it and it shuts down once and for all.

The Men Behind Wall Street Focus Group App

Perhaps the most important thing to talk about is who is actually behind The new Cobra 5 trading system. You might want to sit down for this because what we have to say might just knock you off of your feet. We are told that the brains behind Wall Street Focus Group Cobra 5 trading software are named Jimmy Russo and David Lombardi, but who are these guys actually.
To begin, we are told that David Lombardi is a presentation specialist who has behind many recent big releases and presentations. Most notably he claims to be the presenter of things such as Pokemon Go, Snickers, and a few other high profile companies and apps. Well, would it surprise you to find out that David Lombardi does indeed have no association with any of those apps or companies which we just listed? A quick search turned up absolutely no results on David Lombardi, none except for those in relation with The Wall Street Focus Group app, but none with Pokemon or Snickers. This guy is a liar and probably isn’t even a real person to begin with.

Let’s move on to Jimmy Russo, a man who claims to be a senior chief analyst at Nasdaq.com, you know, one of the biggest grossing stock market companies in the market today. Well, once again ,we found absolutely no results which would indicate that jimmy Russo is in any way associated with Nasdaq, and he surely is not one of the senior employees there. This guy is a fraud just like David Lombardi.
Moreover, when we did some more searching, we reaslised that not only are these guys not associated with the companies which they claim to be a part of, but they aren’t even real people at all. Both of these guys have absolutely no search results outside of Wall Street Focus Group app. They have no social media presence, no biographies, nothing.
In all reality, both David and Jimmy are nothing more than paid actors who have been hired to read a terrible script on behalf of the crooks who are really behind Wall Street Focus Group trading system. Would you ever trust your hard earned cash with an app where the people behind it choose to stay anonymous? We sure wouldn’t!

How Does Wall Street Focus Group aka Cobra 5 App Work?

The short answer to this question is that we have no idea how The Cobra 5 app actually works. We are never given any kind of reasonable explanation as to the inner workings of this faulty piece of trading software. We are never told what it trades in, what software it uses to make trades, or how it executes any kinds of trades at all. To make a long story short, we would never invest our money with a program when we don’t have a clue as to how it works. The fact that these crooks try to get us to invest money without offering a decent explanation in terms of how it works is completely ridiculous!

The False Promises of The Cobra 5 Scam

Something else that definitely needs to be addressed when it comes to this not so credible piece of binary trading software is the multitude of claims to fame which they make. First off, we are told that The Cobra 5 software can generate up to 800 dollars per day. That claim in itself is not that absurd because that is what Real Trading Apps can generate, but the problem we have is that there is absolutely no proof that The Cobra 5 trading software can do that. We want to see solid proof before we invest any money! Moreover, we are also told that The Cobra 5 app has an ITM rate of 84 percent, meaning that only 16 percent of the trades it makes are losing trades. Once again that claim is not overly absurd, but we are also once again given absolutely no proof that it’s true.

75 New Users Spots Left ?

Something else that is a clear marketing scam is the claim that there are only 75 spots for people to take advantage of, and once those spots are closed no one else will be able to use Wall Street Focus Group app. This is just a cheap marketing trick, because the Wall Street Focus Group autotrader website features a counter, one which is supposed to display how many spots are still available. However you can go back to the website day after day and those spots never decrease from the initial amount of 75. So, either the ticker is broken or the whole 75 spots thing is just a trick meant to get people to invest their money and think that they need to do so before time runs out.

Wall Street Focus Group aka Cobra 5 Scam Review Conclusion

There is not one good reason to invest money in Cobra 5 by Wall Street Focus Group. The people behind it are frauds, the promises they make are even more fraudulent, and we have no idea how Wall Street Focus Group trading system actually works, plus the fact that it’s just a rebooted version of their old scam. Do yourself a favor and stay away from this monumental scheme because it will end up costing you a whole lot of money. Furthermore if you are looking for safe and profitable binary options autorader then watch our latest video about SnapCash Binary and Copy Buffett Software below. SnapCash Binary has been fully tested by our experts team and we are confident to say that it can generate close to 84% ITM win rate lately. SnapCash Binary is excellent for those with busy lifestyle because is has Full Autotrading Feature meaning that all trades will be placed and executed automatically for you. This means that you don’t have to watch the news or analyse the graphs in order to trade and generate profits.

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On the other hand “Copy Buffett Software” was released on February this year and up until today it provides very accurate manual signals with over 81% ITM accuracy winning rate. 

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