Cash Loophole System 2016 Scam Review and Warning!

Official Website being Exposed:

The Cash Loophole program is brand new binary options trading SCAM made by Richard Sellars & Kevin Wright that we are here to review today and boy does it ever show some big signs of being a scheme. There are so many things about The Cash Loophole trading system that shoot giant red flags high up into the sky, and none of them would indicate that it is a profitable piece of programming. We are told that The Cash Loophole app can generate a ton of money for us and all we have to do is make a small investment and turn the program on, something which we highly doubt. There is also the fact that this scam trading software bears a pretty big resemblance to an old binary trading app which we personally have already busted as being a fraudulent scam. We’re going to talk about everything to do with The Cash Loophole app in this Cash Loophole 2016 report. The bottom line is that The Cash Loophole program is a complete scam which is not trusted, not legitimate or safe investment opportunity because it’s meant to steal your money and we want to make sure that you don’t lose all of your hard earned cash to this less than credible trading system.

How Does The Cash Loophole Work and Does It Work?

That’s actually a funny question to be asking when it comes to The Cash Loophole scam trading system, even funnier is the fact that we really have no idea how it works. Sure, in the presentation video in their official registrations signup website we are told that this autotrader exploits some kind of bug or loophole that exists in the binary trading world, but other than that we are never given a real explanation.


We are simply told that The Cash Loophole program functions by taking advantage of some kind of bug that has nobody has ever managed to fix. However we are never informed of what commodities or options this program actually trades in, nor are we told which signals it uses to trade, or what algorithm it uses to make these trades.
Essentially we don’t know a single thing as to the inner workings of this Loophole scam. What we do know for sure is that binary trading is a very serious thing and exploiting loopholes is a very serious and prosecutable offense. You can’t just take advantage of some loophole by using some kind of insider information that no one else knows about. That is highly illegal and could definitely land them in prison.

Remember Martha Stewart? Well, she went to prison for this exact same thing! We aren’t about to invest money in Cash Loophole app when we know that it is doing something illegal that could land us in boiling hot water. There is also the fact that we highly doubt that The Cash Loophole program is actually profitable, but even if it were, it would be making a profit through completely illegal means, something which we can definitely not support on any moral or legal basis.

The Cash Loophole Program – A Striking Resemblance

Another thing that we definitely need to discuss in terms of this new scam trading system is that it bears a striking resemblance to an old binary trading scam which we already busted as being fraudulent, one that went by the name of The Mockingbird Method. The Mockingbird Method actually looks exactly the same as The Cash Loophole app.
The user interface is the same, the estimated profits are the same, and the people representing it are also the same. In essence, The Cash Loophole is just a rebooted version of The Mockingbird Method scam and the people behind it just hoped that nobody would notice. Well we noticed, and based on how bad The Mockingbird Method was, we can’t possibly put our money on this race horse!

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The People Behind Cash Loophole Service

Something that we do know for sure about Cash Loophole app is that the people who claim to be the creators of it are complete frauds. The men who are supposedly behind this monumental scheme go by the names of Richard Sellers and Kevin Wright. The names themselves are inconspicuous enough, but that is where our trust ends.
What we are told about Richard Sellers is that he is the head chef of an Italian Restaurant in London, England, and we know even less about Kevin Right. Besides the fact that one of the brains behind this scheme is an Italian chef, we know literally nothing about these 2 fools. We are given no background info on them, something which we would really like when it comes to a program that handles our money.

We would really like these 2 gentleman to have some kind of background in the financial world and in binary options, plus it would probably be helpful if they knew a thing or 2 about computer programming and creating trading algorithms, but that does not seem to be the case at all. How can these online crooks expect us to invest money in their trading system when we are given so little info as to who is behind it? That is just the tip of the iceberg though, because what really troubles us is that we never get to see their faces.

During the whole presentation video we are only ever graced with voice over narration, something that is definitely not convincing. The guys behind the app are such crooks that they don’t even want to show their faces because they know that they will get into big legal trouble if their anonymity is ever destroyed.
Once again, we would never invest money in a trading system when we know for a fact that the people who are supposed to be representing it are nothing more than voice actors being paid a few small bucks to read a script that they probably don’t even understand.

The Cash Loophole Scam Review Conclusion

We never really touched on the profits and the ITM rate which The Cash Loophole trading system promises us, but they are so unrealistic that there is really no need for it. These crooks promise a virtually risk free app that will be able to generate several thousand dollars per day simply through the virtue of turning our computers on, what a joke! This new binary options scam is nothing more than a fake money generating scheme meant to empty our wallets and leave us with a sour taste in our mouths. Are you sick of all those fake money making schemes and software’s? We have some safe and tested alternatives: 

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