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The Satellite Trader Trading System is a fairly new binary trading program to be released onto the market, yet not quite as new as you may think. Satellite Trader App is actually a re-vamped version of an old scam that we already covered, one that went by the name of The GPS Trader, a scam that we already busted a while back.
The funny thing that makes us laugh is that Satellite Trader scam does not even look much different than The GPS Trader and in fact it is pretty much the same. The Satellite Trader Trading Software is nothing more than a money making scheme and that is what we are here to prove.

This is The Satellite Trader Scam review for 2016 and in this report we found a whole lot of evidence which indicates that this trading software is definitely not the best binary options autotrader in the world today. Keep reading our Satellite Trader system review to find out everything you need to know about this joke of a program.

How Does The Satellite Trader App Work?

This scam automated trading software is an interesting trading program in the sense that it claims to be able to generate close to 1,000 dollars per hour without ever really explaining how it works? Sure, the presentation video gives us some long winded and convoluted explanation about some kind of super algorithm that uses super-fast satellites to make trades.
The people in the presentation video say that Satellite Trader app uses some kind of insider information combined with satellites and servers that work faster than anything else in the world.
These online crooks tell us that their satellites are so fast that they can register the binary trades made in the whole world, and at the same time analyze market trends, in order to execute extremely successful trades. Well, what a load of bologna, especially this whole guarantee of being able to accurately predict 100 percent of the trades it is going to make.

Our Problems With How The Satellite Trader Program Works

Based on the convoluted explanation which we talked about above, it is more than safe to assume that this trading software does not really work, and if it does work, it is highly illegal to use. First of all, how do a bunch of scam artists get their hands on these extremely fast satellites and servers? That kind of technology is reserved for the C.I.A, N.A.S.A, and super rich movie villains that can afford to launch their own satellites into space.
We seriously doubt that the criminals behind The Satellite Trader software were actually able to get their hands onto some state of the art satellites that can accurately predict trades, not to mention that they would also have had to develop software and algorithms that would work faster than any other program in the world.
If the 2 bit hacks from this service could get their hands on this kind of sophisticated computer programming, why don’t the pros at Wall Street have this tech? Once again it seems highly unlikely that this little start up could muster the kind of money or ingenuity it would take to get this done.

Copy Buffett Software (Most Reliable Signals Service)

Now, assuming that the people behind Satellite Trader system could actually get their hands on this stuff, what they would be doing would be highly illegal because they would be using information that no one else has to make trades. Using insider information to make trades is highly illegal and can definitely land you in prison! We don’t know about you, but we’re not going to invest in something that has as many unanswered questions as Satellite Trader scam program.

Richard Heffner

The person we are told is the CEO and creator of The Satellite Trader system goes by the name of Richard Heffner, something which we quite quickly discovered to be a lie. He says that he is some kind of old school trading expert that has a ton of knowledge in terms of the binary options world and actually own some trading companies, which he claims is how he funded The Satellite Trader app.
However we could not just take Richard Heffner at face value, which is why we decided to do some snooping around. Richard Heffner is definitely not his name and we know that because we looked him up. We found the actor who is portraying Richard on several actor for hire websites and he goes by different names all of the time. The fact of the matter is that he is a paid actor being paid a few measly bucks to read a terribly written script which he probably does not even know the meaning of.

Richard & Other Apps

Another thing which we definitely must address is how Satellite Trader system looks exactly like several other binary trading applications that we have seen. Most notably, The Satellite Trader looks identical to The GPS Trader.
Literally everything about it is the same down to the finest detail. The script which the actor is reading is the same, the details on the webpage are the same, even the user interface is the same.
There is also the fact that Satellite Trader program looks exactly the same as The Safeguard Trader and The Terabit Trading App too. At the end of the day, this Satellite Trader system review discovered that it is just a newer version of various other scams that we already busted a long time ago.

Satellite Trader Scam Review Conclusion

We didn’t even really cover the profits that are promised by Satellite Trader program. Do we really need to point out that generating 20 thousand dollars per day is simply impossible? Anyway, The Satellite Trader app is clearly a scam and we have given you more than enough evidence to prove that. Everything about this fake and bogus trading program is a complete lie, down to the very last detail. Don’t invest money in this hunk of junk because you will surely regret it.

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