Obcasio Software Honest Scam Review

Obcasio Software is new SCAM binary options autotrading software, and it’s definitely something to be trifled with. In all reality, while binary options may be quite a lucrative thing to be engaged in, investing money with the Obcasio software scam is like putting your hand in an alligator’s mouth and expecting it not to bite it off. The Obcasio app is nothing more than a sorry excuse for a scam that’s going to do everything in its power to rob you of all the money that you have ever accumulated. We are here to do the Obcasio software scam review and it is to help you save yourself from a life of poor misery. In this the Obcasio system review we’re going to tell you all about this fraudulent piece of trading software. Everything about it is a complete lie and we are determined to convince you of that fact. Keep reading our full and honest the Obcasio software review to find out everything you need to know about it because it might just save your bank account from hitting a balance of zero.

How Does The Obcasio Trading System Work?

We are shown quite a long presentation video that was supposed to give us all of the ins and outs about Obcasio trading software, but if you pay close attention, you will realize that you are actually given nothing of value throughout the whole thing. One of the most important things to consider when you are dealing with a piece of trading software that handles all of your money is how it actually works.
Well, the Obcasio presentation video in official registrations website claims that an expert group of programmers and financial gurus is behind a super-secret algorithm which makes this app do its magic. The big problem we have is that’s the only thing we know. We are never actually told what this algorithm involves, how it works, what it trades in, or anything else. We really have not a single clue as to how The Obcasio program works, and that is not something that we are willing to bet our money on.

Who Is Behind The Obcasio Program?

We are told that a man by the name of Michael Watson is the CEO and the owner of The Obcasio software scam binary trading system. However we have a really hard time believing that. Michael Watson tells us that he used to be an all-star trader and a senior analyst at one of the largest investment banks in the whole world. Mind you, Michael Watson never has the decency to divulge the most important piece of information, which is of course what the name of that investment bank is?

Even though we weren’t told the name of this giant investment bank, we still figure that there might still be a chance that Michael Watson is a real man with a legitimate opportunity in the form of the Obcasio app. Yet we quickly figured out that Michael Watson is definitely not to be trusted. When a man is such a big shot, usually there would be a whole lot of search results related to him. There should be articles written about him and his company, he should have biographies all over the internet, and yes, he would probably have a bunch of social media accounts too.

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However the only results related to Michael Watson that were able to find were in relation with The Obcasio system trading program. Other than that we found absolutely nothing about him. The only thing that this leads us to believe is that Michael Watson is nothing more than a paid actor reading a script which he can barely get through, not to mention that his whole story about being a senior at some giant investment bank is also bogus.

Obcasio Trading Scam Review – Real User Testimonials?

When you go Obcasio.co official registrations sign up website, you will notice that there are a whole lot of the Obcasio user testimonials which seemingly go to the ends of the earth to try and convince us that this program is in fact the real deal, yet we aren’t so sure about that. All of the people in these testimonials say that the Obcasio software is the best binary options autotrader out there, that they have been using it for years and they have all used it to become millionaires. To be exact, these people say that they have been using Obcasio trading software since 2014 to make a huge killing in the binary options world. However when we dig a little deeper we notice something very peculiar. This peculiar fact is the Obcasio website was only registered something like 2 weeks ago.

So, how exactly can a ton of people have been making money using this software for the last 2 plus years when the program has only been up and running for a little over 2 weeks? The answer is obvious and it is that this whole thing is nothing but a trick. The user testimonials are completely fabricated and the only reason for their existence is to lure people into complacency in order to fork over their money.

The Obascio App – The False Promise Of Profits

During the presentation video we are told that The Obcasio system can generate over 14,000 dollars per week, or close to 800,000 dollars per year. We are even told that by some miracle this app can also work its magic over the weekend. Well we don’t know about you, but the last time we checked, trading markets are not open over the weekend, nor have they ever been. It is simply impossible for this app or any other trading application to function over the weekend. Moreover, even it did my some miracle work to generate cash over the weekend, it still couldn’t generate the amount which is promised. There is no trading application out there that can generate 2,000 dollars per day, and that is just a simple fact. Even the Best & Most Profitable binary options autotraders can only generate maximum up to $600-$800 per day, depending on investment per trade and market volatility. For more information email us: [email protected]

Obcasio Software Scam Review: CONCLUSION 

If you still think that there is a good reason to try investing in this junk software, then go ahead and test your luck. According to our subscribers you will lose your initial deposit money within 2-4 hours, be aware! 

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