Liberty BTC System Scam Review


Cryptocurrency trading programs are often scams meant to steal your money and rip you off. As far as we can tell, the Liberty BTC System app is one of these scamming programs. Yes, cryptocurrencies are all the rage right now, as they rightfully should be. For example, a single Bitcoin is now worth close to $4,500, which is absolutely insane. This means that trading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin can be extremely lucrative.

However, this is obviously not true when a scam program like Liberty BTC System software is what you are using. We did a lot of research and digging around. The results were not very good at all, not in the least. When it comes down to it, this Bitcoin trading platform is ridiculous, ludicrous, totally illegitimate, and not profitable in the least. You need to read this Liberty BTC System scam review so you can be aware of the very real danger that this malicious program poses to you and your bank account.

Liberty BTC System Software – Shady Marketing Tactics

One of the biggest red flags about this system that came to our attention right away is that there are some really cheap and shady marketing tricks being used here. What we are talking about is the time counter at the top of the page which tells the user that there are only 15 minutes remaining to take advantage of this free offer.

Apparently, we only have 15 minutes to sign up for Liberty BTC System software for free, after which we will supposedly have to pay lots of money for the privilege of using it. We discovered that this is obviously bogus because whenever you refresh the website, the counter goes back up to 15. The fact that this timer resets every single time the page is refreshed is a very clear indication that this app is a scam. It’s a cheap marketing trick used to put pressure on us to sign up for the Liberty BTC System app before we really take a closer look at it. Don’t fall for this trick because it is not true.

Liberty BTC System Software – How Much $$$ Can I Make?

Yet another clear indication that this pile of garbage software is a scam is in relation to the alleged profit potential. During the presentation video, as well as on the website, we are told that this app can help us generate over $5,000 per day, every single day, simply by automatically trading Bitcoin. Have you ever heard of automated software that can rake in that kind of cash? We sure have not.

The bottom line is that on a small $250 investment, you can make a maximum of $1,000, which is a fraction of what the Liberty BTC System app claims to be able to pull in. This is a very clear sign that this is nothing more than a scam. Another thing related to this is that on the bottom of the website, in the FAQ section, it says that the profit potential of this app is totally unlimited. This is totally ridiculous in every way, shape, and form. It is not possible, realistic, or achievable.

Liberty BTC System Scam – Kyle Stanford, Head Of Operations

The next thing which came to our attention about this clearly fraudulent trading system has to do with this Kyle Stanford guy. First off, during the presentation video, all we ever get is voice narration. As soon as we see, or hear should we say, voice narration, it makes us very suspicious right off the bat.

The only reason to use a narrator instead of a real person is because it makes it much harder for us to confirm the identity of the speaker. Yes, you would think it is safe to assume that this Kyle Stanford guy is the one talking, but we really have no idea or way of confirmation. Realistically, it is probably not the same person talking. Moreover, we did some snooping around and we could not find a single reference to this Kyle Stanford character except those related to this Liberty BTC System scam. In other words, he is not at all related to this software, nor is he a real person.

Yes, technically speaking the picture is of a real person, but it is not Kyle. It’s just a stolen stock photo. So, this is actually an anonymous trading system. The only reason for a trading system to be anonymous is to hide the true identities of the criminals running the show. They know darn well that their program is illegal, so to avoid prosecution and prison time, they use a scapegoat to cover their butts.

Other Disturbing Things About Liberty BTC System Software

We found a bunch of other very disturbing facts about this software which would send anybody running for the hills.

  • The claim here is that Liberty BTC System software has a 99.8% accuracy rate. This would mean that virtually no trades are ever lost. This is simply impossible as even the best trading systems out there can’t muster those figures.
  • There is no viable trading strategy explained here. We are never informed of how this program actually works, which is a telltale sign that a scam is afoot.
  • There are absolutely no contact details for the Liberty BTC System app available. This is another surefire way of telling that this program is a thieving scam.
  • There are no reliable brokers in sight here. Since this system is anonymous, it is not connected with any regulated broker. The brokers that are connected are totally unregulated and unlicensed. In other words, what they are doing is illegal.



  • All of the user testimonials are completely fabricated and fake. They are not real testimonials or reviews, simply stolen stock images combined with a blurb written by the same scammers who are trying to sell you this garbage heap of an app.


Liberty BTC System Scam Review – Conclusion

At the end of the day, the only thing which we can call Liberty BTC System software is a scam. There are no two ways about it. The sole purpose and express intent of this thievery is to screw you over, take your money, and rip you off like no other program out there.

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