Maximus Edge AutoBot vs TAI Robotic

When it comes to binary options trading, having a good piece of software to help you trade is always very beneficial. Yes, you can trade in the ways that some others do, which is just with a broker, but having a great signals provider and trading platform is a great way to go. It makes life a lot easier because you get access to news, indicators, charting solutions, and a trading platform all in one. Today, we are here to do a Maximus Edge AutoBot vs TAI Robotic Indicator comparison. In case you did not know, the Maximus Edge AutoBot is also known as the Maximus Edge EA or Expert advisor. At the same time, the TAI Robotic Indicator is also often referred to as TAI Robotics.

Now, both of these binary options trading services are quite accurate and highly profitable at the same time. However, both of these systems are very different as well. They work in different ways, use different trading strategies, have different platform features, and much more. Yes, both of these BO systems are legitimate, they are not scams, and they can definitely help you make money, but there are some big key differences that you need to be aware of. We are here today to do a side by side comparison of some of the most important features and factors which contribute to the efficacy of each program. We want to help you find out which one these systems is best for you, plus which one is the best overall. Let’s not waste any more time and get right to it!

Maximus Edge AutoBot vs TAI Robotic – Automated vs EA

One of the really big differences between the Maximus Edge AutoBot and the TAI Robotic Indicator is that one is fully automated while the other is not. The TAI Robotic Indicator is a fully automated binary options trading system. This means that you can simply turn it on, select the settings of your choice, and let it do all of the work for you.

In other words, if you don’t feel like doing much work, or don’t know too much about trading with binary options, TAI Robotic is a good choice for you. It’s a great option for beginners who are just getting the hang of things and are going through a learning curve. It’s great for people who have day jobs and just don’t have much time to spare on BO trading. That being said, TAI Robotic Indicator, while being great for beginners, is not fantastic for advanced traders who have a good grip on binary options trading.

This is where the Maximus Edge Expert Advisor really excels. The Maximus Edge EA is an expert advisor. This means that it provides you with lots of signals, full charting solutions, and lots of financial news, but it does not automatically place trades for you. Yes, you can still select the indicators of your choosing, use the news that suits you best, and choose all other settings, but you must place the trades yourself.

At the end of the day, this gives you much more control over the way you trade, what signals to trade, how much risk you incur, and what your profit potential is like. We really like the fact that Max Edge allows for so much choice, especially when it comes to placing individual trades. When it comes to real life BO trading, we definitely Prefer Max Edge as it is much better suited for traders who want to make some serious cash and have lots of control over each and every single trade. In terms of the trading style in this Maximus Edge AutoBot vs TAI Robotic Indicator comparison, Max is the big winner.

Maximus Edge AutoBot vs TAI Robotic – What Can Be Traded?

When it comes to the assets that can be traded with each program, they are actually pretty similar. Both of these systems allow you to trade several different types of assets. This includes binary options, Forex, indices, commodities, and stocks as well. This is why we do really like both of these programs. However, the Maximus Edge AutoBot really excels because it provides you with many more binary options signals to utilize than the TAI Robotic Indicator.

For this reason, we do have to say that we prefer Max Edge. The fact that you get much more choice in terms of the number of each asset you can trade is a big deal. Yes, both allow you to trade the same types of assets, but Max Edge has much more choice to go with within each category of assets. We really like choice, which is why when it comes to the assets that can be traded, we definitely prefer Max Edge EA. In this Maximus Edge AutoBot vs TAI Robotic Indicator review, in terms of assets, Max is once again the winner.

Maximus Edge AutoBot vs TAI Robotic – The Selection Of Brokers

The next thing we need to take a close look at in this comparison is the selection of brokers available, plus changing brokers. So, the TAI Robotic Indicator is of course only connected to legitimate brokers. All of the brokers connected with this particular automated trading app are definitely licensed, regulated, and legally allowed to handle your money. They are totally reliable, credible, and legitimate, which is something that we do obviously appreciate.

When it comes to changing your broker, the problem with TAI Robotics is that you have to sign up for a new account to do so. If you are not happy with the broker you have, or just don’t want that particular broker, you will actually have to sign up for a new account with a new email address. This can be a pain in the butt and a problem for anybody who does not want to open up a new email account. That being said, we have personally made several withdrawals from our broker with TAI and there have been no issues. It takes on average of about 5 days to complete a withdrawal, which is not too bad at all.

The Maximus Edge AutoBot is a little different here. Yes, once again, all of the brokers associated with this particular manual BO trading system are fully licensed and regulated. They are the real deal, they are not scammers or con artists, and they won’t rip you off. The big difference is that with the Max Edge EA, you can switch brokers, but you don’t have to open a whole new account with the software itself. In fact, not only can you switch brokers with this fantastic system, but you can actually have multiple broker accounts at once.

This is something that we absolutely love about this program. The fact that you can open multiple brokers accounts with Maximus Edge EA is a huge advantage for any big-time trader. We personally have a couple of different brokers connected. In terms of making withdrawals, we were impressed how it only took 3 days to complete them. We have done a couple of withdrawals with this system, none of which have taken more than 3 days to complete. This is a really impressive feature of this program that we absolutely appreciate. In this Maximus Edge AutoBot vs TAI Robotic Indicator review, because it is so easy to switch brokers and have more than one at once, Max is yet again the winner of this round.


Maximus Edge AutoBot vs TAI Robotic – Indicators & Charting

Yet another valuable point of comparison here is what kind of indicators, technical analysis tools, fundamental analysis tools, and charting options are available with each program. This is one of the places where the Max Edge AutoBot really excels past all other trading systems that we have encountered thus far. The Maximus Edge EA provides you with a 100% full charting solution, which is something that we have never seen before with any kind of trading program. This is really useful for a manual trading program because it allows you to do tons of research and lots of analysis in order to execute highly accurate and profitable trades.

You get access to literally hundreds of fundamental and technical analysis tools. In other words, if there is a type of chart, graph, or indicator out there, you can rest assured that the Max Edge AutoBot includes it. You can choose from many different graph types like candlestick, plot, line, and many other graphs. The fact that you get to utilize indicators like RSI, RVI, Stochastics, MACD, and hundreds of others allows you to make highly informed trading decisions. This means that your risk of losing your money is very low, and on the other hand, your potential to make a profit is very high.

This is all very different from the TAI Robotic Indicator which does not provide you with a very comprehensive charting solution, or barely any charting for that matter. Since the program is fully automated, it only uses a few specific indicators to automatically make trades. However, it only incorporates a few indicators. They are reliable indicators, but there are not very many of them.

When it comes to indicators, the more of them you have the better because when multiple ones work together to signal a specific trade, your profit potential is very high. The charts on the TAI Robotic Indicator are pretty much useless. You are only shown info on a line graph in relation to specific binary options signals. The graphs on this system are hard to read and don’t make too much sense. Making informed trading decisions with TAI Robotics is not really doable. Thanks to having a full charting solution, this round of the Maximus Edge AutoBot vs TAI Robotic Indicator comparison goes to Max once again.

Maximus Edge AutoBot vs TAI Robotic – ITM Rates & Profit Potential

The whole point of binary options trading is obviously to put money in your pocket. So, it only makes sense that we compare how well each program works to make a profit, how good the accuracy rates are, and how much money we can actually make with both of them. Let’s start out by looking at the TAI Robotic Indicator. With this fully automated trading platform, we were able to do pretty well. We have been using it ever since it was first released a few months ago and we really could not be any happier with the overall results.

With TAI Robotics we were able to achieve ITM rates as high as 85%, but in all reality, the average accuracy rate for trades is around 80%. This ITM or accuracy rate is not too bad at all, and is, in fact, better than most other systems out there. Winning 8 out of every 10 trades placed is not too shabby indeed. When it comes to making a profit, this system was able to provide us with around $750 per day with a small $250 investment. In other words, the ROI or return on investment for TAI is at around 300%. This is nothing to complain about, so if you want to use a fully automated trading system with good results, TAI Robotics is definitely a fantastic option to consider.

With all of those good things that we just said about TAI, we have even more great things to mention about the Maximus Edge Expert Advisor. Simply put, yes TAI is quite profitable and accurate, but not nearly as good as Max Edge. We have been using Max Edge since its initial release around 3 weeks ago and the trading results have been absolutely phenomenal to say the least.

When we choose the appropriate settings and do our homework about specific signal pairs, we are able to achieve ITM rates as high as 90%. This means that every 9 out of 10 trades executed are profitable, or about 10% better than TAI. On that same note, with Max Edge EA, we are able to make around $1,000 to $1,250 per day on a small investment of $250. So, the ROI for this trading app is between 400% and 500%, with 450% being the average. Simply put, Max Edge has a lower risk factor and a higher profit potential than TAI, making Max Edge the overall winner. The winner in this round of the Maximus Edge AutoBot vs TAI Robotic Indicator comparison is obviously Max Edge.

Maximus Edge AutoBot vs TAI Robotic – Conclusion


At the end of the day, while both the TAI Robotic Indicator and the Maximus Edge AutoBot are fantastic programs in their own right, we definitely prefer Max Edge. Simply put, it’s the much better solution for traders who want control over trades, who want a full charting solution, who want to be able to use more than one broker, and who want to make more money. The bottom line is that Max Edge EA is much more profitable on a trade per trade basis, which is undoubtedly the deciding factor.




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